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May 14th, 2005, 09:01 PM
I hope you like this story, I had the dream to give the idea for the story about 6 years ago, and I finally put it on paper about 3 years ago. This story is about 95% directly from my dream and 5% adding details in. I would like to issue a warning to our younger and more senstive readers this story is morbid even though I slightly edited it for this site, it contains violence, mild sexual context at times but nothing that goes into great detail. I belive that it falls with in the context of a pg-13 site. hope i was right and hope you like it.

The Road To Darkness Is a Short One
Dream 1

I find myself standing alone in the darkness of night, dressed in a heavy black velvet robe that is tied at the waist with a blood red rope. My head is covered by a draping hood that cast a supernatural-like shadow over my face hiding it from the rest of the world. On my chest I wear a breastplate made of material unknown to me. It is very light and thin yet I know it will deflect any object sent to cause me harm. On my feet I wear nothing because I know this is scared ground. At my feet lies a book; very ancient looking maybe 2500yrs old in appearance but something tells me much older then that. I take a moment to marvel at the night sky, for it is the most spectacular sky that I have ever seen. No moon just thousands of stars. I pick up the book and look at it. It is bound in what appears to be human skin and has a gold insignia on it that I donít recognize. This is a very large and heavy book. I flip though the pages and notice that I need no light to read, for the script gives off an eerie incandescent red glow that is just bright enough for me to read. As I read the book I realize that I never seen nor heard this language before, yet I read it as if it were my native tongue. The night became dead silent as I read on and the air suddenly becomes supernaturally charged. Against my better judgment I continued to read. The night was now completely dark and silent, none of the familiar sounds of the night could be heard and no stars were shining, and all I could see was the book floating in mid air. I no longer felt alone on the hill, I felt a presence urging me to continue with the ceremony. This presence was pleading, begging me, and commanding me to free it, to free myself. If I set it free then it will set me free. I finished reading, and in that moment, what seemed to be an eon, there was nothing. All I could see was eternal blackness and the silence was deafening. Suddenly the pages in the book started to whip wildly back and forth and a bone chilling wind from nowhere picked up. I heard this loud rumbling and the earth started trembling beneath me. The book started to glow with the intensity of one hundred suns, but I still forced my self to look. As light poured from the pages I knew that this was the end of my life, as I had known it. This entity as I know it, rose from the ground with out a word, with its evil gaze set upon me.

This "entity" did not have a form; it was simply there but not there at the same time. It spoke to me in the language from the book. (Which I no longer possessed) It reveled things to me that no mortal should ever know for it would drive them insane. I can no longer remember the information I was told. What I do remember from this encounter is the faces. After the "entity" was done talking it passed though me 3 times incredibly fast. As it passed though I saw faces, some I recognized others I did not. I will forever remember the faces, I felt as if I knew them all. Thousands if not millions of faces, all with a look of torment & despair, all of them blame me. After the third pass the "spirit" disappeared. I once again found myself alone on the top of the hill remembering very little of the encounter and very confused about who I actually was. One thing had changed I was no longer dressed in a robe with a breastplate. I am now in a full suit of armor. This armor is very thin and flexible but nothing can penetrate it. It covers 100% of my body. As I look it over it seems to be one solid piece. The armor is gold with a green dragon on the breastplate and one on each shoulder, but on occasion it appears black with the dragons in red, and a black flame engulfing the armor. There is a flame when it is gold but it cannot be seen. The visor is on piece no slits to see out of, but I can see just fine. When it appears black the visor has two flaming dots in the shape of my eyes. The armorís color depends on what mood Iím in. If itís gold then Iím in a good mood but I can change it to black if I want. If itís black then Iím in a bad mood and I cannot change it to gold until I calm down. I start to walk don the hill and realize that this armor feels like skin, it has almost no weight and I donít feel it on me at all. I think to my self ďthis is great, now all I need is a sword.Ē Thatís when I feel an irresistible urge to walk toward a faint red glow that is far over the horizon.

The Road To Darkness is a Short One[/B Dream 2

I find my self at the edge of a very bloody battlefield; Iím in my gold armor. I donít know what Iím doing here. I just had an irresistible urge to walk in this direction. I know that there is no dying here just dead. The ground Iím standing in is saturated with blood to the point that the dirt has turned to mud and there are puddles of blood, some several centimeters deep. I see body parts thrown around and there are very few whole bodies considering the amount of dead. The ones that are whole seem different. My curiosity takes control and I examine a body, I see no wounds that would cause death; just an utter look of fear & pain etched into his face. I stand up from the corpse and examine a few more; on all I see the same look of fear and pain but no wounds that could cause death. As I rise from the last corpse my eyes catch a glimpses of what appears to be a woman. I dig through the bodies only to find a young woman holding her infant baby, both slain. For the first time I realized that itís not just men lying here dead there are also women and children. Then something happened, I was smiling. Seeing this bloody battlefield made me happy. Once I finally admitted that and embraced the darkness within me I heard ďitĒ calling for me, beckoning me to come and get what was rightfully mine and take my spot that was wrongfully taken from me.

I enter the battlefield with black armor, I know not what Iím looking for all I know is that it belongs to me!! In my head I think, ďThis is great this was no war it was a slaughterĒ. I was actually enjoying this; seeing the dead, smelling the rotting flesh. It was giving me a hard-on. I came to the spot that I was summoned to and laid my eyes on the most spectacular piece of weaponry that I have ever seen. A sword that I now call ďThe Sword of the Dragon.Ē Made of one solid piece of metal that Iíve never seen before. This sword is very lightweight yet unbreakable. At the hilt it has the face of a horned demon on four sides. In the mouth of the demons there is a bloodstone. The handle is bound dragon skin. At the start of the blade there are 2 dragons opposing each other forming a yin-yang on the blade. In the center of the blade there is an actual eye of a red dragon with a pentacle etched on the pupil, then 4 black diamonds, a runic symbol, 1 black diamond, a runic symbol, 1 black diamond and a final runic symbol followed by 3 black diamonds. This sword is very ancient. Upon closer inspection I notice 2 bones sticking out of the sides of the sword at an angle. These are small and would be easily over looked if it werenít for the contrast in color. I can only assume that these are the shards off of a dragon bone. The really weird thing about this sword is that there was no blood on it. One other thing was that it had red smoke coming from the top of the hilt and encircling the sword. The sword was begging me to pick it up. I knew it belonged to me or I belonged to it, either way it didnít matter. I grabbed the sword and felt a surge of energy go though my body that was powerful enough to knock me from my feet. I rose to my feet feeling energized, feeling whole. As I hold the sword in front of me I watch the black flame engulf the sword but not harming it. I swung the sword a few times, and I must say for never using a sword before it felt natural, like an extension of my body. That is when I held the sword up high and said silently to myself ďThis is my sword, it belongs to me and I to itĒ. As soon as I finished I felt a presence, somebody watching over me. It was as I could sense it!? I turned slowly then I saw who was watching me.

It may just have been a silhouette but this person standing on the top of this hill was beautiful, in my opinion the most beautiful women I have ever seen, that ever existed. She stood on top of this hill with her sword raised high as if in victory, behind her was an eerie blood red glow that looked as if it was just behind the hill. All I sensed from her was evil, that death & destruction would always follow her, I felt safe and wanted to be by her side for all eternity to witness what beautiful chaos she brought with her, I also wanted to be her lover. I raised my sword up high to salute her. Neither of us saying a word but understanding everything. She lowered her sword turned and with her long hair blowing in the wind she walked down the other side of the hill. I ran as fast as I could to the hill. Once I got to the base of the hill I realized that this was no hill, it was a mountain of bodies stacked at least 100 feet. I traversed this mountain of rotting flesh and once at the peak I saw what could only be explained as a rift or a portal. This is where that glow was coming from, this is where she waited for me.

[B]The Road to Darkness is a Short one
Dream 3

I find myself standing upon the mountain of bodies, the mysterious but very beautiful woman is waiting is waiting for me at the bottom at the entrance to the rift. I still cannot see her face she appears like a shadow, although I can sense her. All I sense from her is pure evil except for one soul she does not hate this one being, what she feels for this one soul is either love or lust. I am confidant or blinded by the love I feel for her to be sure that, that one soul is I. I start to walk toward her when I sense another presence behind me. I turn around just in time to receive a crushing blow that should have taken my head off but instead just surprised me and caused me to fall. I roll over and see a sword coming straight at my chest; I freeze in panic for this is my first fight. As the sword impacts my chest it shatters. My attacker backs away slowly as I rise to my feet. This was a large man at least 7.5 feet tall and about 3ft wide and none of it was fat. I raised my left hand and pointed it at him; the flame from my armor shot from my hand and slowly engulfed my attacker. I started to feel charged, full of energy almost right away. I watched him fall to his knees and beg for mercy. I knew he was no longer a threat (he never was) I just wanted to see him suffer. I made his death last as long and as painful as I could. His final scream left me feeling gratified in ways I never knew were possible. There was another fight, but nearly as fun. This guy preferred the direct approach. In one fatal swing, I cut him in two. As I walked by him I was going to wipe the blood off my sword but I realized that there was none, but the eye was glowing like fire. I walked to the mystery woman and every thing that I thought about her was true plus a lot extra.

She stood in front of me naked, her caramel looking skin had a red tint to it from either the battle or the rift. Her eyes looked normal except they were completely black in color. Her hair was the color of a sunset over the ocean, frenzied from the fight and gently blowing with the breeze. Her body was perfect, she was thin but not to thin very well defined in all areas and the only hair she had was on her head. Any man would fall in love with her at first sight. There are truly no words that would be able to describe her that would do her justice, except one, EVIL! And I loved it! I just looked at her in complete awe. My armor was now gold and the helmet and gloves were missing. She had sweat and blood dripping off of her and she smelled how a warrior woman should smell, of sweat with a little hint of femininity. I take one step toward her and her one step to me. For the first time I realize exactly how thin this armor is for feel her press against my chest along with her every touch. I place my hand on the small of her back and pull her in close, her skin is wet but smooth as silk. I want to take her right now on this battlefield, but I must deny those urges for now.

She lays her head upon my shoulder and caress the back of my head. She finally speaks to me ďIíve found you my eternal, we shall be together soon. When you are free from these mortal chains we will be together,Ē I tell her that I love her and want to spend all eternity with her. Then she explains some things to me that we share the same soul, same heart, and the same desire for death, for chaos, for evil, that my soul was born from evil as was hers. But Iíve denied this part of myself for so long that Iíve forgotten everything. If we are to be together for eternity then I must stop denying this part of me, and start embracing it. Then I learn about my armor and myself. I have this armor and sword because of my naturally dark heart. I had it wrong my entire life, backwards you might say. I am dark and evil by nature, born from it. It was the goodness that had been put into me and now my soul is at war with itís self. Now I have to choose do I embrace the darkness that gave me life and live with my eternal for all time and beyond or do I embrace the light and deny whom I am for all eternity. She tells me she can help me make that choice right now if I want. I tell her yes. She pulls a young woman from the rift and tells me to kill her. The girl falls to her knees begging me for mercy, I draw my sword and look into her eyes, wet with tears and watch her beg for her life. I lowered my sword and smiled at her as a sign of compassion gave her my hand to help her up to her feet looked into her eyes and held her close to calm her down and told her ďyour alright, you have helped me make a very important decision in my life one that I shall never regretĒ. She smiled and felt safe in my arms. I gave her a kiss on her forehead and told her that this IS going to hurt. I ran my sword though her lung and pushed her of the blade. Her last words were ďwhyĒ. I told her why not. Why should I have to deny who I am to make others happy when I would be miserable? Why did your kind make me hide my true self. Why should I care about your kind any more. Your beneath me, still stuck in the prisons of your every day lives. Why should I be persecuted for freeing myself. I bent down and whispered in her ear ďyour dieing now and your death means a new life for me one with out limits. As you die so do my feelings for humanityĒ. I stood up and told my love ďI donít care about these maggots anymoreĒ. I watched as she struggled for her last breath with a smile on my face. Her last image of this world was of me laughing at her pain.

My eternal told me to cut off her head and clean it out. I did it with out a thought, happily. She took my palm and sliced it and let me bleed into the already bloody skull, and then she took her hand and did the same. Then we drank first me then her and we made passionate love on top of the mountain of bodies. After we were done she told me I have chosen my path for to kill an innocent (which I knew she was) was to chose the path of darkness and there is no return once you have gone this far (given the chance I would change nothing). She gave me a long and passionate kiss and walked into the rift. Her last words to me were. ďOnce free of your mortal chains we will be together for all eternity and longer my love, I will patiently await the day.Ē I still long for her in every possible way.

May 16th, 2005, 05:17 PM
hello any body. please tell me what u think

May 16th, 2005, 09:54 PM
please some one tell me what they think please.

May 22nd, 2005, 11:48 PM
shocked speechless or was it so bad none of you want to hurt my feelings. be blunt i just want some reviews please. let me know what i did right and wrong

May 23rd, 2005, 12:03 AM
Hello Triple D,

I'd like to give you an honest and constructive critique of your work here.
I was compelled to write this because of the almost desperate nature
of your previous posts; like a cry for help. Give me a day or so to go
through it, cause I've got a lot of stuff to read lately.

I'm in the process of creating a forum for creative writers of
dark fiction and fantasy (as if there aren't enough already, but one more
won't hurt).

Kind regards

Darren Arnaud

May 25th, 2005, 12:31 AM
Hello Triple D! You have a good storyline here, the pacing flows well. You might want to go back and check the tense... I noticed you switch back and forth between present and past tense, sometimes in the same sentence. But you've created a very interesting villain here, good job! I'd love to see where this is headed!

You mentioned that these are coming from dreams... Can we assume it's JUST dreams, and that you're not acting on them? *just making sure* :whistle:

May 26th, 2005, 10:35 PM
Hello Triple D! You have a good storyline here, the pacing flows well. You might want to go back and check the tense... I noticed you switch back and forth between present and past tense, sometimes in the same sentence. But you've created a very interesting villain here, good job! I'd love to see where this is headed!

You mentioned that these are coming from dreams... Can we assume it's JUST dreams, and that you're not acting on them? *just making sure* :whistle:

I just want to let every one know that this is just a dream/story I would never act out any thing that I wrote down. just to let every one know when I wrote this I was having a very diffacult time in my life I did not know who I was inside because I had put on so many acts to please everyone. I have been tring to write more to the story but I only write when I'm depressed and I havent been depressed for some time.

June 5th, 2005, 01:48 AM
I just want to let every one know that this is just a dream/story I would never act out any thing that I wrote down. just to let every one know when I wrote this I was having a very diffacult time in my life I did not know who I was inside because I had put on so many acts to please everyone. I have been tring to write more to the story but I only write when I'm depressed and I havent been depressed for some time.

It's cool, I didn't think you would, just covering everyone's butt. :nyah: I completely understand having to be depressed to write... I write psychological horror myself, and I put myself so fully into the heroine that it does help to be depressed to do it. On the plus side, tho', yay no depression! lol

June 5th, 2005, 01:30 PM
woah.how can you stand to just sit here and type that???

November 5th, 2005, 01:32 PM
very vivd imagry... rather dark for my taste, tho...

November 6th, 2005, 11:33 AM
I would have to agree that you need to watch your tenses because it can cause your reader some amount of distraction from the actual storyline. Also. it is quite dark, but some people like that. I would also suggest that if this was a real dream that you might like to start a dream journal. I used to keep one up regularly when I had more time in my life to do so, and it was nice to go back to see it. The reason I suggest this is because it might be more beneficial to use some of your dreams only as retellings, which may not be as suitable to a true narrative story. I say this because often dreams are not linear in nature and can jump around. Only then does the real dreamer truely understand the entire dream and it's unusual sequences.