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May 22nd, 2005, 05:32 PM
Drukan was gone, at least for now.
She knew he'd be back soon, but it was worth it to see him struggling and irritated for once. His cool omnipresent demeanor melted away. Laura's little stunt was the straw that broke the camels back. She was free from his obsessions at last. His Society of Energy Seekers and some of its teachings were actually worthwhile, and it had helped her a great deal to find some peace and discipline in her life other than couch locked, boob tube, binges. Laura was now ready to move on to something else, away from the stupid constraints and restrictions of the society. Some of the most ridiculous were abstinence from all things her body craved most, like red meat and sex. She missed the days when she'd binge on burgers and boys, like a whore gone mad in a football teams locker room. She thrived on her own earth bound sexual power, wielding it to her advantage at all of her old haunts. The "Bat Witch", that's what they called her; suckin her lovers dry and leavin um stranded to wonder what the hell happened the next morning.

Not all girls were like her, most seemed to go through cycles at different times a the month. Normally around the time of the full moon there'd be heightened levels of carnal activity. Ovulation, increased sensitivity, reeking natural secretions that some, thought were a fowl stench. She didn't seem to have any of this, thats why she felt alone. The thing she felt inside of her was a relentless hunger to devour others with such completion they'd soon end up lifeless and confused husks, like mindless zombies walkin the night tryin ta find what the she took. It's as if she took their souls. Laura had the unique ability (call it supernatural if you will) to prick up and pick out a prospective partner and entrance him with merely her presence. Sometimes, she looked just like a little school girl in grown up cloths that never fit; standin there with her legs locked together, feet turned out, and arms stuck to her sides; stiff as a board. She'd grin that devilish smirk right out of a Norman Rockwell painting, her head cocked to one side. All she had to do was say hello and her prey was caught. Her partner almost never saw it comin and by the time the letter O passed through her lips, softly fading out in an extended tone, he was like a deer stuck in headlights. To bad she never used that power to pay some of the bills that kept pilin up month after month. Every cent she made as a DJ, spinnin tunes on the west side of Manhattan, was spent on rent and food; none left over for anything else but that weekly bag a buds (her medication of choice); kept her sane and seemed to quell the hunger she had for huntin human prey. Also kept her calm and creative.

She likes the number thirteen, its been her lucky number and favorite for years; never knew why. She said, its just nice to look at and it makes a cool B when you put together the one and the three; her middle initial. Laura B. Dustin, modern day witch and former member of the Society of Energy Seekers.

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