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October 22nd, 2001, 04:00 PM
Christian Reconstructionists Launch “Operation Potomac”

Jeffrey Ziegler, President of the National Reform Association (NRA), a Pittsburgh, PA
based Christian Reconstructionist organization, has announced plans to form a political
action committee and public policy organization, officially entering Washington’s world of
politics. The NRA hopes that through “Operation Potomac” it can begin lobbying,
developing political campaigns, and grooming potential candidates to run at the federal
level. The NRA and Christian Reconstructionism, however, already have close ties to
Washington. NRA members have met with several Republicans in the House and Senate
during three trips to Washington, DC made since July 2000. House Whip Tom DeLay
(R-TX) is reportedly helping NRA members organize a “biblical worldview” conference
on Capital Hill next year, and President Bush may be considering J. Robert Brame III,
board member of Reconstructionist group American Vision as a member of the National
Labor Relations Board. Brame has written that the “only sure guide is Divinely-inspired
Biblical law superintended by the God Who watches over His Word.”

Christian Reconstructionist ideology is the most radical expression of the Religious
Right. Believing that the Bible should be the basis of government, education, and law,
Reconstructionists envision an extremist society in which public schools, most social
service programs, and welfare would be obliterated. According to Reconstructionist
belief, the Bible allows liberal application of the death penalty for crimes including
homosexuality, abortion, adultery, child disobedience, and witchcraft. Acceptable forms
of capital punishment supposedly outlined in the Bible include burning, stoning, and
hanging. Slavery is also acceptable, according to Reconstructionists who claim that the
Bible does not outlaw all of its methods.

Media Resources: Americans United for Separation of Church
and State, Church and State, 10/01; Frederick Clarkson, Eternal Hostility: The
Struggle Between Theocracy and Democracy

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forum.. feel free to move it but it looks quite political ( among other things) to me..........
Love and Light

October 22nd, 2001, 04:51 PM
I have absolutely no doubt that these people will get nowhere.

Death penalty for homosexuality, abortion, witchcraft, child disobedience!!?? No welfare, no public schools?! Burning, stoning, hanging, and slavery!? These guys are nuts. Did they miss the "thou shalt not kill" part of the Bible? I wonder if they realize they sound more like Satan then God.

October 22nd, 2001, 05:19 PM
Hmmmmm...I think that these people and the Taliban should get together and have a little tea party....a teaparty in the lunatic asylum, that is.