View Full Version : Any Sports Memorabilia Collectors?

Strega Del Vento
June 3rd, 2005, 10:43 AM
Namely Baseball? My Husband kind of "inherited" 2 autographed baseballs from a former renter of my Mother's that he had to evict (almost physically). We tried for years to track him down to return the baseballs, and now we've learned that he passed away last year (alcoholic turned homeless, died in a shelter of cancer). He has no known family that we can track down. Anyway.. He left 2 autographed baseballs behind. My Husband spoke to a fellow manager of his who is into all that stuff. He identified all the autographs, and athenticated them. They are both signed by the entire teams, but there are very notable signatures on one of them. Chip (The other Manager) has a private buyer who is interested in buying them from us, but what we'd want to know is what they might be worth? Chip was first going to try eBay, but then realized that we'd probably get way less than they are worth. Would anyone know how we could find out their values? Online preferably, since I don't want to buy a book just for 2 baseballs. Or maybe we have some sports enthusiasts who would maybe estimate their worth for me?

Here's what we know.. They are both signed by the whole teams after games, like I said..

One of them is a 1973 NY Mets Team Autographed Baseball (Not printed, authentic autographs)
Signed by the whole team, INCLUDING Willie Mays and Tom Seaver. It was a year that Willie Mays played, apparently. Chip looked that part up.

The other, we don't think is worth very much, because of the year, and I don't think anything exciting happened during that season with any players..
It's a 1982 Boston Red Sox. Signatures include Roger Clemens (Did I spell that right?), and Wade Boggs, along with the rest of the team.

Chip thinks that the 1973 Mets ball is worth $700 all on its own. Is that a realistic guess?

I know nothing about Sports stuff, so I figured I'd give it a shot and asked around here. Can anyone help, or at least send me off into the right direction to find out? We'd all appreciate it.