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June 22nd, 2005, 01:48 AM

Anyone who wears a four leaf clover will be able to see the faery folk.

Farmers have been known to plough crooked furrows so that fairies may not aim their arrows along the ridges towards their horses and oxen.

Fairies and other malicious wood sprites are said to wear green and it is suggested that anyone who wears green or otherwise favors the color will come under the influence of the fae.

A person who passes a faery ring should reverse their hat to confuse any faeries who might make attempt to get them to join the dance.

If a person hears the sound of the faeries laughing and talking they should run nine times around such a ring. This should always be in the direction the sun takes or the runner will fall prey to fairy power.

It is unwise to sit under a hawthorn tree on Halloween because this risks enchantment by fairies who are often found in the vicinity of the tree.

A little mistletoe hung over a cradle is supposed to ward off fairies to prevent the child from being replaced by a changeling.

It is dangerous to step on St. Johnís Wort. A fairy horse may rear up under the personís feet and carry them off on a wild ride that will last all night before the hapless rider is dumped off in some far off spot.

Eggshells are favorite retreats of fairies

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