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October 27th, 2001, 03:35 PM
I thought maybe everyone here would like to know the dates of the Celtic Tree Calendar. Blessed Be~Shadowulfe

The Celtic Tree Calendar

Beth *****
December 24 to January 20

(Rowan) *
January 21 to February 17 *

(Ash) *
February 18 to March 17 *

(Alder) ****
March 18 to April 14 *

Saille *
April 15 to May 12 *

May 13 to June 9 *

June 10 to July 7 *

July 8 to August 4 *

Coll *
(Hazel) *
August 5 to September 1 *

Muin *
(Vine) *
September 2 to September 29 *

September 30 to October 27 *

October 28 to November 24 *

(Elder) **
November 25 to December 22 *

October 30th, 2001, 02:00 PM

There are at least two different versions of the "Celtic" Tree Calendar, neither of which can be traced back further than Robert Graves' work "The White Goddess." Many Traditionalists and Scholars deny that such a calendar ever existed before Graves wrote the said book.

October 30th, 2001, 03:03 PM
what you said is true........... however many people have DERIVED a calendar of sorts from the inferred meanings of the ogham ....... specifically Beithe Luis Nion, which is the name for the old Celtic "tree" Ogham .. from Calders's The Scholars Primer .....
There are two divisions of the Bethe Luis Nion- vowels and consonants. Two kinds are reckoned of them- artificial trees, that is the trees of the Ogham , and the natural trees , that is the trees of the forest.....
The artificial ones being a source of magical energy..... according to Blamires in The Celtic Tree Myteries... and he remarks on the validity of the Celtic Tree Calendar" as follows......
"For individuals who have worked out Oghmic correspondences for themselves . and not just copied them from books......there MAY be a validity and practical magical use, but it should be understood that these are NOT authentic ancient Celtic associations......"
"The actual main time span ( again Blamires) was known as the Great Year " which was a cycle of nineteen years........which is the time it takes for the moon to appear on the same place on the horizon at moon rise and set......
another system of marking "celtic" time which is based onthe Coligny Calendar ...... marked out a five year cycle........ and another book on Celtic stargazing ....... discusses the use of the cog calendars.......
Blamires does admit there is an evolving tradition....but he is very careful to acknowledge this is a MODERN interpretation.........not based in antiquity........
Love and light