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Thread: Favourite Movies

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    The god of cookery (Cantonese movie with english subtitles saw this on Youtube, very funny and great food scenes, some magick too))
    Dracula the 1931 old black/white movie with Bella Lugosi actor ( saw a small trailer on Youtube when I was looking up the exact year, saw this movie very long ago in my teens)
    The Skeleton Key ( saw this on tv years ago)
    Rebecca - based on the book by Daphne du Maurier ( Read the book as a teen and watched the movie later in life) in my twenties)
    ..........(?)......Do not know the title was a black/white old movie 50's
    starts opening scene body floating n a swimming pool then the movies re-traces back what happened before...........if someone knows the title of this?
    Citizen Kane. ( saw it 3x)
    Cleopatra with Liz Taylor ( the scene with the big incense burner and the costumes are so worth it)

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    Blade: Trinity, Doctor Strange, Thirteen Ghosts, anything Star Wars or Star Trek.

    - Tip-toeing the raggedy edge of something magnificently dark but truly amazing...

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    Big Lebowski / American Psycho.
    Amazing acting, intriguing story, heavy subject matter, important theme, pop culture references, social commentary, character development, smart writing, and a character that actually influenced me.
    I was a messy person, but seeing Bateman' routine and care in regards to his body seriously inspired me. Every morning I wake up at 5:25am. I go piss and stare at a painting. I then go the kitchen and grab an ice pack if my face is too puffy. I then do a set morning exercise routine and crunches. I can do roughly 500 now.
    After, I go to the shower, wash myself and my face before getting dressed.
    The entire time I have the piano theme playing in the background.
    I find enjoyment in, for that small period of time, role playing as relatively sane Patrick Bateman. It's quite satisfying.
    I want to see him again right now :D
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    Quote Originally Posted by why View Post
    Big Lebowski
    Great movie!
    It's been minutes, it's been days. It's been all that I remember. <3

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