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Thread: What about classes near where we live?

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    What about classes near where we live?

    Hello all!

    I have lurked here, on and off, for quite a while - as life and free time has seen fit. However, for various reasons, I am now trying to get back in that "pagan pool" as a dear friend recently called it. I am doing solo work, but would also love to take some classes, etc. I have recently moved though, to Kent in England and am not sure where to look.

    I will supplement this thread with doing a google search myself, but thought I would ask in case anyone has some ideas. I thrive on personal interaction with classes, and though I am indeed doing solo work as well, I would love to find a course or class also.

    Thank you very much, and many wishes!

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    The classes here in the Circle of Teaching are online only. They are however free and generally allow flexability of schedule.

    If you're looking for learning in person, I would check they have listings worldwide for pagans, circles, and covens.

    Good luck in your search...
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