I think it would be really cool to teach a basic course on ecology and environmental theory. I think understanding how natural systems interact and change and are affected by outside forces would be really useful for pagans and non-pagans alike. If I did this, I would present lessons in two froms, the science and the spiritual interpertation which would be a discussion. This way beliefs would not be intermingled with scientific facts but it would be more than -just- an ecology class. I wouldn't go into great depth (req algebra and calc) we'd just review the theory behind everything and then discuss how we feel that ties into our spirituality.

I've taken several college level courses on ecology and have a BA in Biology so I think I'm pretty qualified to teach a course like this. This course would also deal with current problems facing the earth (invasive species, global warming (whether or not its caused by people), habitat loss, pollution etc..) and ways these can be combated by the individual.

What do you think, would this be a good class?