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Thread: The Gods and Goddesses Resource and Link thread

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    General and Misc links and threads

    Patrons-- finding, getting, choosing, keeping, honoring
    Patron deities - How did you know?
    Who is your God/Goddess?
    How Can I find the Ones for Me?
    Finding Your Dieties
    How/When do you honor your Patron?
    What are patron gods and godesses?
    What need have I for a patron?
    How does one find their patron?
    Patron... Matron???
    finding my patron god/goddess
    What drew you to your chosen diety?
    Patrons and prayer?
    Elemental Patrons? Whaaa?
    Patron God/Goddess
    Patron & Matron in Love?
    About finding and knowing when your Patron Goddesses/Gods are calling.
    Who is your patron God/dess?
    For those of us with Dark Goddesses and Gods as Patron Deities Patrons?
    Another patron thread...
    Calling my goddess
    Two gods as patron deities?
    Working exclusively with patrons?
    Two Matrons
    I'm searching for a deity that 'fits' me... do you have any advice?
    What is a Patron or Patroness?
    What exactly is a patron goddess/god?
    Choose your own Deities?
    Patron deities -- do they have to be from the same pantheon?
    Matron/patron deities
    Patron/Matron Deities ?
    Trying to pick my patrons..
    Patrons-- what's the attraction?
    Patron Goddess
    I'm wondering if it's immoral to manifest a new Patron?
    Looking for the right Goddess
    Could u point me.....
    "Called" Perhaps, But...
    My Three Patron Deities
    Who created you?
    Which came first; the gods or the universe?
    Am I Doing Something Wrong?
    Probably a silly question
    A call?
    2 goddess, 2 paths
    Knowing the Divine?
    Patrons & Choosing: Why not?
    talking to the divine?
    looking for a patron for my transformation
    Just starting work with Gods and Goddess
    Need a Goddess as Patroness
    Nameless God
    Being familial about deities.
    Gaaaa! I think I scared my God/dess away!
    Help! Was given some big HONKING signs...
    Do you ask for divine help in mundane matters?
    To those who have experienced sexual attraction or sex with deities
    What makes you believe (politheysts)
    On Patron, Priests, and Pasts
    patron goddesses
    !Working! with Gods and Goddesses
    Some help needed, confusion about the Deities.
    Building A Relationship With Diety
    Gods/goddesses associated with your astrological sign
    Imagination or Vision???
    Working with Death
    I Finally Did A Ritual to Her
    Please, asking the Goddess into my life
    Switching of Patron Goddess's
    Opening yourself up for Diety
    Why not mix pantheons?
    What do your deities like? Their favorite things...
    Connecting with Your Goddess
    Finding Your Dieties
    Finding my Goddess
    The God in my Dream
    The God Who Saved Me In My Dreams
    How/When do you honor your Patron?
    What are patron gods and godesses?
    Not sure if I was being "talked to"
    Patrons and Choice

    When do you become aware that your god / goddess called you?
    Are there Deities you are interested in even though they've never called you?
    Patrons; how did you know?
    Poll: How long and how many?
    Poll: Do you worship he deities of your homeland?
    Statuary: An Informal Study
    Offerings to the gods / goddess.....
    Finding a God and Goddess?
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