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Thread: Ceremonial Paths

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    Yes I have. It's a pretty good read. As with any book on modern cosmology, there's always a point where you feel like you've taken in more info than your head can comfortably accomodate. (Eg: If the moment of the Big Bang was a quantum event, then does our observation into the past via telescopes alter the outcome!??)

    The author quotes extensively from The Bahir in relation to the Qabalah and his work as a physicist. I had a copy of the Bahir that I had not read and 'Let There Be Light' prompted me to go and dig it out. However, that's some dense reading and I've stalled on it and got distracted by other books.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WarriorZhanna View Post
    But what about Elementalism? Can it be considered a Ceremonial path too or is it still different?

    If by Elementalism you mean elemental magick, that's probably more closely related to either alchemy or folk magick, depending on what you're doing with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fr.Vega Morn View Post

    Have you seen/heard about this:

    If you're interested in Qabalah and physics, this may appeal to you.

    hey good find

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    Quote Originally Posted by Philosophia View Post
    Other than Thelema, is there any other ceremonial paths?
    Yes! many many many paths. Each grimoire is a pathos, Each practitioner who started out with a grimoire and interpreted different or had that evolve into their own thing, has created a path.

    You have Thelema at large, then the O.T.O which does a few things differently from the A.A.

    Before working within those paradigms Crowley worked the Golden Dawn system. So there's that.

    There's also the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor.
    There's the Aurum Solis which while never as popular as the GD could have been a contender.

    Those are various orders that work in lodge.
    Then you have the works of Levi, Bardon, Agrippa, Paracelsus, Abramelin and others, not to mention works just as the greater and lesser clavis, the Heptameron etc.

    I mean where do you think the Golden Dawn got its materials, other than from the Rosicrucians of course?

    Then you have Lon Milo who is bringing Enochian back as well as other authors today doing their own thing.
    Not to mention all the Necronomicon stuff coming out or the revived interest in Arabic magick.

    Lastly here, anything to be inspired properly from BTW.

    Quote Originally Posted by WarriorZhanna View Post
    But what about Elementalism? Can it be considered a Ceremonial path too or is it still different?

    You mean like working with the elements? it depends on your techniques as well as how detailed your interactions are.
    Alchemy goes hand in hand with more ceremonial thought. however having a relationship with and working with the elements does not itself make you a ceremonial.
    there are also, for example certain traditions of traditional witchcraft that are highly veiled in alchemical symbolism that makes for a good foundational worldview for ceremonial praxis,
    but whose practitoners do not engage their mythos through ceremonial technique.
    Meaning there are those who are actually ceremonial-minded in that regard but to not engage in ceremonial praxis,
    and since most magickal traditions are defined by praxis not belief, they would not be considered ceremonialists.

    There is definitely a push in eclectic paganism today, to define yourself by belief and that's probably why there is some confusion here,
    because your cosmology may be well laid out like a ceremonial magician's would be, however you may *do* anything ceremonial.

    On the flipside of this, casting a circle and calling quarters is considered ceremonial magick, however you see this practice in eclectic non-trad Wicca as is inspired from BTWica which incorporates a great deal od ceremonial magick.
    So you have Wiccans of the former sort, casting circles when really at heart, they are not ceremonial practitioners. It is an interesting scenario.
    Gardner incorporated a fair share of ceremonial magick in his praxis, whereas wicca is often sold to those who don't really take to it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fr.Vega Morn View Post
    There's an "Enochian Thread" further down the page....think it dried up in April 06 though.
    ...which makes me a very sad panda.

    Quote Originally Posted by Eric Orion View Post
    If I may, I'd like to include my path of Quantum Qabala. I started out with the Golden Dawn but then discovered a whole new system while pathworking. It is obviously influenced by the GD, but focuses more on attaining balance of your inner worlds so that your outer worlds may follow suit.
    I have written a book, Quantum Qabala, and run a website complimenting it:
    I have found that by balancing the inner elemental forces within me, external changes occur in my life. At first, these changes were exciting and even frightening, but now that I am closer to this balance, they are more subtle. The closer I am to this balance (or you could say, the more I remain on the Middle Pillar) the smoother my life seems to flow. My manifestations become more positive, as well.
    I don't follow how that differs from the GD sans the word quantum.
    Then again, GD sources have never been great at explaining what all goes on with the rituals seeing how the written documents were often accompanied by oral instruction.
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