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Thread: Affirmations.

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    This is really a chant, but I use part of it as an affirmation as well.

    "All manner of things shall be well."

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    I was doing a quick search on google about positive affirmations and came across this site. I thought it might be helpful, I found it to be very helpful. I really liked the way this article explained what affirmations are, how to use them, etc.

    Vital Affirmations


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    I use "I trust my path" a lot. It seems to help calm me down
    stand against domestic violence

    I who am the beauty of the green earth
    and the white moon among the stars..

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrigidMoon View Post
    What are some good ones you've used before?

    One I have is:

    "Once I accept myself and love myself, I am no longer a victim."
    wow that is very good
    i looooooooooooooooooooove michael jackson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i can love him over there shoot, i can love him any where on a bus or on a train, my love 4 him will never change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

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    My true affirmations ,engraved on me like flames in a thunder

    I am defiler of fate and triumphant over death!

    I am love,I am pure,I am truth,I am passion,I am creative,I am giver of life,I am ingenious,I am full of beautiful imagination,I am righteus,I am wild,I am true,I am artistic,I am all that I was,all that I am,and all that I will be,and no one unveiled the mysteries of my soul!

    I am imortal and everlasting full in body,mind,essence and beauty,the health of my true family is bestowed upon me!

    I am true in the path of eternity!

    I have a mission that is righteuss in front of my father and his father before him,that had created him and stand true in front of my mother's eyes.May I bless them upon my return home!

    I miss my true parents and I am aware that I long for going home!

    I feel the gate of essences will open to me but I am aware that there is not much time left to enjoy the beauty that i already see around me!

    Good things come for those who wait!That is what they say...I have will ,I am trying,but sometimes too much patience literally kills.I wait to find the good teacher!

    When the teacher is ready the students appears!When the student is ready the teacher presents himself/herself!

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    "I take into myself all the love in the Universe."

    Here is another one I like to use:

    "I am healty. Spiritually, physcially and mentally.
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    The Serenity Prayer and "It is what it is"... that's where I find peace of mind.

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    its all bullshit, and its bad for ya- george carlin
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    "Religion is for people who are afraid of hell and Spirituality is for people who have been to hell and back."

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    We use this one at my church and I have stood before my alter saying it even through the tears and it has always brought me through anything

    "I am open and ready to receive all the wonders of the Universe, as my prosperity increases each and every day and each and every way. I thank you (Deity of your choice) for all that you have given and for all you are preparing for me now"
    it helps to put you in an mind set that you are not alone and your Deity has many more blessings to give to you when you need them. Our time and their time seems to be in different zones at times
    Brightest Blessings
    Nothing ever lasts forever good or bad

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    Fighting Nightmares

    I wrote this a few months ago wanting to deal with my constant nightmares by standing up the the negitive thoughts crowding my head. It might be kind of corny but it was a personal affirmation and I wanted to use words that were strongest to me and hit the nails that I had the most trouble with. I'm hoping though, that it can still be of use to someone.
    I still say it before I go to bed if I'm shook up about something.

    This place is my world, This place in my own.
    That which belongs to me, I have control of.
    Those that trespass will be cast away.
    I will purity, clarity and peace throughout my mind, my dreams and my world.
    Evil has no place here.
    Darkness has no place here.
    Doubt, bitterness, fear and pain have no place here inside of me.
    My word is my will, my will is my law, my law is set here inside of me.
    My body, my dreams, my rules.
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