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Thread: Bad dreams and planetary patterns of 2006

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    Bad dreams and planetary patterns of 2006

    Hi everyone,
    My focus has been on my first love sacred geometry recently, but because of premonitions and bad dreams of members, this has jolted me back to mundane astrology.
    Anyone that has read any of my threads on terrorist attacks know that i have found connections with planet/asteroid patterns involving 2 key ingredients which are Mean Node and Juno.
    Thus as i look for any dubious alignments, this is where i will be looking, but hopefully others will chip in with their own observations as well so we can get a constructive idea of the energies of 2006.
    This isnt to cause any panic as i will be the first to say that although my previous charts involving a terrorist attack have shown similiar traits, this doesnt mean every time that a certain pattern aligns that anything happens, but when something does happen it previously has shown a patterns that i will be putting on thread for 2006.
    I have just started this research, and i will be using London as a location, which obviously isnt significant as all planetary alignments will show else where in the world, but the angles are very important to a location of how the energies will be released, and i will be showing hypothetical releases of energy just for London.
    The double Grand Cross/square is very powerful in astrology as well in building methods involving sacred geometry, in fact the highest building in the world used the perfectly aligned eight pointed star/square in its floor plan, which is the Petronas twin towers in kuala Lumpur.
    I have a chart on attachment that i consider very powerful, dated 5th June 2006, London, time 9:00am.....involving Mean Node, Mercury, Moon, Pluto, Chiron, Venus, Saturn, and Jupiter....Juno is in a cluster of conjunctions involving Mars, Vesta and Saturn.
    Chart On Attachment.
    Have i ever seen a chart like this involved in a terrorist attack? Yes i am afraid i have, its also on attachment timed 09:02am on April 19th 1995, located in Oklahoma City, the event was the second largest terrorist attack on American soil at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building.
    As i have said i am only showing POTENTIAL charts that are hypothetical, they are charts to be concerned about but not alarmed!
    I will show other charts as my research continues.

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    Fascinating as always Monk.


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    Quite the interesting chart. need some more time to analyze it, the orbs on the 8point are so wide other contributing factors are going to be required to activate it, whatever outcome it may have. given date (day before 6/6/6), it worries me that some entity might try to take advantage of this pattern you show the next day. if in my analysis of the early june period i find anything interesting, i'll post it to this thread. i need to cast charts to the midpoints of the crosses (thier activation), and further check the midpoints of the cross activation times.

    i wish we could make days 36 hours!

    if you remember our thread on the london attacks, some months ago, i had mentioned the sun t-squared a mars/jupiter opposition, and the time midpoint of the square (from the sun) to mars and the square to jupiter lined up with the unfortunate event within an hour. we've again (since the grand cross of late 05) had mars opposing jupiter, and on feb12 the sun again was at a t-square time midpoint of the opposition. i was quite worried another unfortunate event would occur, and am glad to see nothing did. given the events of early jan and the terrorist threats, i think our intel agencies might deserve a pat on the back.

    however, the next few weeks are critical, especially around the start of march (the 5point with mars, keep reading!)

    the saturn/chiron opposition, which happens to be happening in sextile/trine to the nodal axis, is nothing to scoff at. saturn represents our deepest fears, and chiron represents our deepest wounds. saturn/chiron in opposition is truely an explosive combination. the fact that its aspecting the nodes is even more powerful, but what the sun, moon and mars do to this happy little box is even more substantial, again keep reading and remember all this stuff revolves around saturn/chiron!

    feb21 the moon turns the box into a 5point star, with tight orbs. add mars into the mix and you form a grand sextile within allowable orbs. mars catches up to the other side of the box, forming a 5-star the opposite way in the very start of march. and if you go to the time midpoint (feb 25) you find the sun activating the box within very tight orbs! aye!

    and another, on feb 22 pallas and vesta and the nodes form a cross. on the 22nd the midpoint of the nodes and the midpoint of the pallas/vesta opposition are square to eachother.

    and finally, on march 14 (at the time of the penumbral lunar eclipse) a juno/pluto opposition turn the eclipse into a grand cross, and venus/chiron/ceres all converge to form 8th harmonic aspects to the eclipse, all aspects within standard orb.

    anything could happen, but the march timeframe seems _big_. this is also the timeframe pluto conjuncts israel's jupiter in the 1948 chart. we know that pluto rules breaking down and rebuilding, and jupiter represents the kings of a nation. this factors into the early jan cross, which activated on the 4th of jan 06 with pluto approaching israel's jupiter, causing the incapitation of israel's leader and the death of the leader of dubai. interestingly enough, the end of march is when pluto directly conjuncts the natal jupiter, and they've scheduled elections for that timeframe. i'm hoping for the best and the best only, and that all these energies play out in a positive manner as all energy combinations have a positive side!

    if anyone is charting global events for the next few months, please post your findings. my scorpio nature is very suspicious, and i'd love to hear what you have to say. i've got friends who dont know anything about astrology but have neptunian gifts (ie: they are somewhat clarvioant) asking me questions like "whats up with march?" when we talk astrology.

    anyhow, to be honest, im pretty tired and worn out, pluto is kicking my a$$ by transit (thankfully the aspects went direct today and are waning!) and i hope i found all the spelling/grammar errors in this post. *kicks retrograde natal mercury* edit: who needs sleep? i think i found most of them :D

    charts attached, and my aquarius progressed venus sends much love to you all on v-day!

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    question , have any of you done a chart for dec 21st 2006?? I keep having repeat dreams of major activity around that date. For vancouver wa. Upto jan 6 2007. Is what I have been dreaming. I live in the middle of mt helen, mt hood, mt rainer, and mt bacholer.

    lady bless,

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    In conjunction with my nightmares that I've mentioned before (that have subsided into strange dreams thankfully), I would like to point out that the locations in my dreams have been Portland Oregon and the Northwest US in general (I've only ever been to Portland but my dreams have had signs for Oregon, Washington, and Montana in them and the general 'feel' of the NW).


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    Well there is a lot of seismic stuff bubbling up there and scientists have warned for years about Rainier or one of the others blowing their tops. Tsunami's are also a danger for the coast.

    :shrugs: I'll continue to plan as best I can for emergencies and leave the rest up the gods.
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    Sounds like you guys ought to be post ing your dreams on the forum at Lots of people posting their "prophetic" dreams there.

    Oakleaf Circle - Pagan Resources in the UK

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    I had a thought about the Aq. Chiron opposing Saturn (I'm not quite sure what Saturn in Leo could represent yet)....An Aquarian type of wound could very easily fit in with the internet to me, and this reminded me of the fact that some legislation is currently being pushed that would really change the net as we know it, turning it into a much more restricted place (Eric Francis talks about this on his site,, and there are other sites unrelated to astrology that are concerned with this). I don't think many people are aware of it and it worries me, but I don't want to post sites that are political, so if anyone wants more info you could do searches or check out Eric's site, or ask me to post.....I just thought the Saturn opposite Chiron coming up fit in with this a little too neatly for my comfort.

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    Another Grand Cross related to an attack.

    Thanks to everyone for information, i am going through 2006 looking for dubious patterns, usaully my research leads to kites and grand sextiles but in 2006 there are not that many other times that are potential as May and June, by just relying on my own research. (obviously other astrologers comments are as valued as just as important as well).
    I must admit i also find the date of the double grand cross disturbing being a day before 6/6/06 which is 6 years, to the day, away from the transit of Venus over the Sun, which is between the horns of the bull....too near to fixed star EL-Nath for my liking, and the whole myth of sacrifice attached to the "horns".
    Fluff sent me information on the double grand cross, where Pluto would be near Asc., approx. 18:00pm on 5th June 2006 at Sydney, Australia, on the 33 Degree latitude, which is a latitude that i am very wary of. (Jerusalem, Baghdad, Hiroshima etc. latitude).
    I will get back to this thread as soon as possible, for the time being i am putting a grand cross on the angles on attachment, which happened in Al Hillah on 28th Feb. 2005, during a terrorist attack which was the worst, up to that date since the occupation of Iraq.

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    Five potential charts till end of March.

    Many thanks to Merc. for his analysis of March, some of the hypothetical energy releases for London are on attachment, some of which follows Merc's train of thought.
    Although i have seen charts that release energy by just both nodes on the angles, generally i have found a planet in opposition or conjunction to either South or North Node. Obviously all planetary alignments to the angles, that cover all the ways of energy release is impossible to show on this thread, which is made more complex by all areas of the Earth having different M.C.'s and Ascendents.
    I will show charts from April onwards in a week or two.
    There is an interesting chart for 11th March, being the anniversary of the Madrid bombing that sits on three angles.

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