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Thread: Bad dreams and planetary patterns of 2006

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    interesting stuff, thanks for posting those. will look over them more when i get home.

    regarding the dreams people have been having.. i'm still highly convinced this is related to the saturn/chiron/nodes rectangle, which should all be history within a few weeks. once the moon, sun and mars finish making important aspects to it, this pattern should go into a waning state, which represents reflection on the events rather than active happenings.

    here's my list of stuff coming up. obviously it's not everything thats coming up, but rather stuff i found important. all mars-saturn cycle aspects are mentioned as it seems (to me) this cycle has been very important. the new cycle starting this year looks promising, with both jupiter and chiron in the mix.

    2/22 chiron/nodal sextile/trine go exact
    2/22 pallas/vesta opposed while squaring the nodes for a grand cross

    2/25 time midpoint between lunar and martian activation of the saturn/chiron/nodal rectangle. added via edit: the sun makes semisextiles/inconjuncts to all four corners of the box from 7 degrees pisces "Illumed by a shaft of light, a large cross lies on rocks surrounded by mist" which Rudhyar expands upon: "The spiritual blessing which strengthens individuals who, happen what may, stand uncompromisingly for thier own truth".

    2/27 saturn midpoints the mars/n.node aspect of the 5-star
    2/28 mars midpoints the saturn/s.node aspect of the 5-star
    2/28 mars sextile saturn
    3/1 march starts with a bang! sun conjunct uranus both semioctile neptune, mars sextile/trine to nodes goes exact, mercury septile pluto. 5-star still strongly in effect.
    3/2 midpoints of mars/n.node and saturn/chiron of the 5-star conjunct at 6 degrees taurus
    3/4 jupiter goes retro
    3/14 lunar ecplise t-squared by pluto, venus conjunct chiron again (repeated from the x-mas05 timeframe due to venus retrograde)
    3/15 mars septile saturn
    3/16 jupiter square neptune
    3/20 sun @ 0 degrees aries
    3/26 mars semisquare saturn
    3/29 solar eclipse [still need to analze this one!]
    4/08 mars opposes retrograde pluto with pluto very close to the galactic center -- this is bigger than it sounds, personally.
    4/19 mars t-squares lunar nodes with mercury conjunct north node
    4/21 mars semisextile saturn
    4/27 sun midpoints saturn/chiron opposition @ 7 degrees of taurus
    5/02 sun/mars/jupiter/uranus kite, sun at stress point.
    5/05 mars semioctile saturn
    6/18 mars conjuncts saturn in opposition to chiron and t-squared by jupiter. this is really encouraging, appears the next mars/saturn cycle may offer healing from the damage of the past cycle... and the dynamic aspects will motivate us to make it happen.

    another edit.. geez, have i added enough to this post? anyhow... regarding monk's 8-point double-cross...

    regarding timing.. with a grand cross, there are two oppositions 90 degrees from eachother. you take the midpoint of both oppositions, and go back/forward in time until the midpoints square eachother, and as far as im concerned you've come upon the peak energy of the pattern. you can also use a time/space midpoint to do a similar calculation, but this is mainly for t-squares and should result in a midpoint anyways. so lets combine the two!

    june 3: venus/jupiter/saturn/chiron cross midpoints square from 8tau26 to 8aqu26.
    june 6: mercury/pluto/nodes cross midpoints square from 0lib41 to 0cap41

    the time midpoint between these two events is june 5, 2006, at 9:05 GMT.

    monk.. this is 5 min away from your chart. this makes me ask: did you use similar methods to come to 9am on the 5th, or is there another way to arive at this very time? or is this simply the time when all the aspects are the closest?
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    Another type of pattern that can give concern.

    Many thanks to Merc for his input and insight, all my research regarding wars, terrorist attacks and natural phenomena such as earthquakes, volcano's etc. that gives trauma to the collective consciousness, i have highlighted Star of Davids, kites and grand squares.
    Yet there are many times when most of the planets and major asteroids are bunched in one half of the zodiac, when this happens there is another pattern that gives concern, which is a t-square and the opposite half kite that forms over one side.
    On 2nd July 1881 at 9:13am. President Garfield of the United States entered the ladies room at the Pennsylvania depot, Washington D.C., and was shot and assassinated by Charles J. Guilteau.
    Please view attached chart showing opposite half kite and t-square near Asc. and Pluto conjunct M.C. which involves Juno and Mean Nodes.
    The second largest volcano eruption in the 20th Century happened approx. 45 miles from Manila, Philippines at the mountain of Pinatubo.
    Hundreds of thousands of people where moved just before it erupted, hence casualties didnt hit many thousands, but the force of this natural energy was immense, and caused extreme weather patterns around the world for several years. This happened at 13:42pm on 15th June 1991, please see attached chart showing t-square and opposite half kite on angles.
    Finally on 9th of August 1945, the "bomb" was dropped on the city of Nagasaki, Japan, at 11:02am. The chart on attachment again has opposite half kite and t-square, yet seems detached from the angles.
    The powerful array of projected fixed stars and parans gives the reason.
    Projected fixed stars....Asc. conjunct Spica, M.C. conjunct Procyon, Moon conjunct Regulus, Uranus conjunct Rigel, and South Node conjunct Facies.
    Fixed star mundane parans.....Heliacal rising star Sirius, Uranus in paran with El-Nath, Sun in paran with Arcturus,and Formalhaut in paran with Neptune to name just a few of this massively powerful combination.
    All this research begs the question..." could we be able show hotspots and potential attacks before they happen by astrology?".
    Actually i think we could have a lot of success but sadly astrology software needs upgrading...there is a program on the market that will find planetary patterns for you, which saves the labour intensive method of watching an animated chart, this needs to be coupled to finding where in the world and at what time these patterns fall on the angles, plus also searching for adverse fixed star attachments, all this i feel would make the mundane astrologers job more easier.

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    Crone Message

    It is very important to understand that we are living through very intense times, that Hitler didn't simply die and all fascism cease to exist. I feel it is extremely important to be awakened; but not surprised, or even that shocked at the swift turn of events, especially here in the USA. Earth changes are indeed happening AND, we are at war - perhaps a civil war here in the USA, and maybe world war as well! Holy Sh%$#$^t!

    This thread is very awakening, so I wish to speak to the issue of fear; within and without, praying we can all come into right relationship with these times we are privileged to live in.

    As astrologers, we hold a blueprint in our hands. It is way important, I feel, that we teach ourselves and other astrologers, and our audience and clients, how NOT to fall into shock and fear - or at least, not to for too long!

    Actually astrology appears to be here to tell us a bunch of GOOD NEWS - which doesn't change the fact that WW3 and peak oil are upon us. Here is what astrology yells at me constantly:

    1. We are all here on earth to face these times. That is why we incarnated here. To be here now.

    2. There are more enlightened and awakening peoples on earth at this time than ever before in human history.

    3. Psychic powers are being turned up and up and up.


    Gosh, you all are pretty darn psychic! If you have a healing or healthy heart center (which is something that power, sex and money exploiters have no access to) then you may well be awakening and having lots of psychic experiences.

    No use, or time, for ego or surprise about being "psychic" - clearly many people are psychic and getting more psychic by the moment!

    There is also little time to be traumatized by what we are being shown, and little time to get trained up in how to be "better" psychics. I figure you all got plenty of training in past lives anyway.


    There are the lower astrals and the higher astrals. Unless your guides are wishing you to help folks in the lower astrals at certains times during the day or night, hang out with your spirit helpers on higher ground. Don't live in the fear soup.

    Watch TV (if you must) from a distance. Get the news, if you are suppose to, watch the spin and propaganda making, if you are suppose to - but do not practice fear. There is no need to practice fear. The Devas and Angels and Tree Spirits and Animal Totems are happy humanity is hitting the wall. Hold out for a Hollywood Happy Ending!

    Astrology is a great way to track current, past and future events. It is also very helpful in our personal and group awakenings.

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    Attack on the Al Askariya "Golden Mosque".

    Hi Everyone,
    I absolutely agree with RedRose's comments, i do tend to delve into area's that can give others apprehension, as this thread part may do.
    At the end of page one of this thread, i posted 5 astrology charts that followed planetary patterns for London that i felt had potential for an attack, up to the end of March, and i explained that it equally could form at other places in the world on the angles.
    The first chart i posted was for Wednesday 22 Feb. 2006 at 18:50pm. London. This shows a kite but i felt that the energies would be released on the M.C. and I.C. during a Moon/Juno opposition. (Juno was on M.C. during the Pentagon attack.)
    Sadly today an attack happened in Samarra, Iraq that has dire implications for this region, with potential upsurge of religious hatred between Shiite and Sunni muslims, hence holding back democracy and leaving western troops in the area for far longer than any of us would like.
    At 07:00am. this morning a group of men dressed like Iraqi police set off explosives at one of the most important of Muslim holy sites in Iraq, THE AL ASKARIYA GOLDEN MOSQUE.
    Indeed if a similar attack had happened in London, it would be like blowing the dome off St. Paul's Cathedral, the dome of the Golden Mosque was completely destroyed, hopefully this wont become a symbol of events in the months to come.
    I have put the astrological chart connected to this event on attachment plus the chart i posted two days ago, so you can see how similar they fact i had made only one mistake, Juno and the Moon had switched places, hence my original previous potential chart was upside down, yet i had accurately predicted the chart conditions for the attack, but sadly i am unable as yet to predict a location.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedRose
    This thread is very awakening, so I wish to speak to the issue of fear; within and without, praying we can all come into right relationship with these times we are privileged to live in.
    I'd like to add some words on fear myself.

    As throughout our lives on earth, we are challenged to overcome fear. Overcoming fear with neptunian trust in a divine providence is our fate; for the longer we live in fear, the longer all of humanity will stay in the self-inflicted darkness caused by fear. For me, seeing the synchronisitic connections between the cosmos and events on earth furher reinforces my trust. How can one think fearfully about events that are fated and obviously set in place by the very formula our creator ordained unless we do not trust our creator, or egotistically elevate ourselves above both the creator and the creation?

    The age of pisces has been attempting to teach this lesson to humanity, yet so many humans are so full of fear, they fear letting go of fear itself. The words "we have nothing to fear but fear itself" were possibly some of the most enlightened, touching words spoke in the past 100 years and speak directly to our fate...

    Quote Originally Posted by JFK^H^H^H FDR (i suck at history, thanks vald!)
    So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance
    so well put!

    Sometimes I wonder if his main purpose was to imortalize those words so nobody can deny hearing them! If we all can only stop fearing fear itself, and stop consciously denying ourselves the spiritual truths we know deep in our hearts, humanity will be ripe for the next leap in consciousness.

    And while there may seem many reasons to be traped in fear, that is, many seemingly cold and dark events and happenings that take place... these are all for our good. paradox it may seem, but evil was introduced to earth for our own good. Without it, there would be no balance and no situations to force evolutionary growth upon humans, who are quite resistant (again, due to fear) to evolution.

    Know that life does not have an ending, nor can any depth of past life regression find its beginning -- we are eternal beings, be it in the present body we are in or the next, our inner flame never dies. This is possibly the most powerful spiritual truth you can remember in times of fear.

    Certainly big times are upon us. However, astrology can't tell us the itty bitty details and all astrological situations have a positive and a negative outcome. It's up to the collective will of man to actualize these energies. So, drop your fear, rise above your troubles and do your part to make these things play out in a positive sense. As humans, we have the power to rule over both matter AND energy. We have so much free will afforded to us, we can even convince the divine providence he should change his plans -- if we prove ourselves worthy and pure in our intentions.
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    Hi Merc,
    Thanks for all your astrological insight, i tend to be a renegade astrologer, who doesnt follow accepted rules, but it seems that we both had concerns over 22nd Feb by following different methods.
    Lets hope fear doesnt stop other astrologers from studying the joint research, all information and research could have value in the next difficult period/years.
    It is strange that you mention J.F.K. as there are similiar traits in the Golden Mosque attack chart and that fateful chart timed 13:25pm on 22 November 1963 in Dallas, Texas.
    The Golden Mosque chart has a kite consisting of Mars, Saturn, Mean Node and Chiron, with Juno on I.C. and Uranus on Asc.
    The J.F.K. chart has Uranus conjunct Desc. and Mars near M.C. and has a kite consisting of Chiron, Mean Node, Uranus, and yes you guessed it Juno sneaking about!
    Chart on attachment.

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    Glad to provide input. this is a learning experience for me :D

    I hear you on being the renegade astrologer. It's a good thing. your nature can bring new knowledge to the art and you'll see things others dont.

    Very interesting on the JFK link!! Thanks! :D that is quite the interesting chart. a chiron opposition and 1st decanate pisces rising are shared between the charts, as well.

    ... wow! that attack was *crazy* -- the dome was blown completely off the mosque... such beauty destroyed for no good reason.

    This attack wasn't only gruesome and cowardly.. it was _highly_ symbolic, and a very brazen attempt to start a shia/sunni civil war.

    The Askari mosque is the very place the last imam was occulted by Allah! to put this into Christian perspective that might be more telling to us westerners, this would be like bombing the Mount of Olives... site of the ascension of Jesus. talk about a low blow and what might be considered a chironic wound by the shia..

    for the attack, i used the data feb.22.2006 3:55:00 GMT @ 43:52:33E 34:11:45N which was the most specific time i could find reported by the media. [] the angular action is there, so im gonna go with it. in looking over the chart, i notice:

    a) sun is conjunct uranus, with the ascendent midpointing the 7-degree wide conjunction by 17 arcmin.
    b) the ascendent also midpoints the chiron/north node sextile by 19 arcmin.
    c) the descendent midpoints the saturn/south node sextile by 28 arcmin.
    d) the above aspects/midpoints form 2 yods - from each sextile side of the rectangle to the angle opposing thier midpoint. the result is a convoluted 6-sided figure involving 12 unique aspects. the loosest of the aspects at the attack time was 37 arcmin, which is the orb of saturn's inconjunct/semisextile to the asc/dsc axis. the most exact aspect is chiron aspecting the nodes, at a single arcmin, and applying to the south node, just after going exact.
    e) the pallas/vesta/nodal cross was 4 arcmins, which is 7 earth hours, prior to resonating on its midpoints, and is in angular houses at the time of the attack.
    f) another intersting thing is venus sitting exactly at the midpoint of neptune and pluto. zero arcmin! considering we have a grand cross going on that is about to activate, involving two goddess objects, this seems quite relevent. even more telling of its importance is the sabian. the sabian for the venus position is "a solder receiving two awards for bravery in combat".
    g) on feb25, the sun aspects the rectangle from 6pis34, at the time midpoint between the exact moon and mars aspects to the rectangle. see the chart for this a page back or so. interstingly enough, the ascendent on the attack chart is 6pis32, ever so close. it's also important to note (as I just notice) the sun is also going to aspect the pallas/vesta/nodal cross, which is still in effect on the 25, although waning. these two patterns are tightly interwoven, as they both form around the lunar nodes and aspect eachother.

    seperate charts attached for both patterns...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mercuric
    Originally Posted by JFK
    So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance
    <nitpick>It wasn't Kennedy, but Franklin D. Roosevelt, in 1933.</nitpick>

    Oakleaf Circle - Pagan Resources in the UK

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    Quote Originally Posted by ValD
    <nitpick>It wasn't Kennedy, but Franklin D. Roosevelt, in 1933.</nitpick>
    *sigh* you are absolutely correct. thank you! i'll never claim to be a historian...

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    A chart i have been sitting on for 2010, London.

    Hi Every one,
    Nice to see you online again Eternally Write, dont think i have seen any of your thread sections for a while, was looking at your thread "fantasy transits", hell my imagination is too flaky for that, i'd end up in Lawnmower man or something, Ha Ha!
    I have been sitting on a chart that would be difficult to release its energy at any other place other than London, or rather i havent found a more potential place.
    It is one hell of a planetary alignment on the angles, with sneaky Juno on the M.C......although no Mean Node connection.....its tricky and i havent yet fathomed whether it will be potentially a malignant energy source.
    No need to be concerned yet, as it is at 13:59pm 8th June 2010, London.
    Just thought Merc. or any other astrologer would like to have a look, or at least tab it for future reference, its on attachment.

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