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Thread: any info on bluebirds?

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    any info on bluebirds? i did have the little encounter with the crow that i talked about in my other thread...but now it's with bluebirds. There's been two of them trying to get in my living room window for a week now. At first they'd just fly up and look in but now they'll fly up and bump the windows. They start doing this very early in the morning and it goes on and on all day! What in the world could this mean or do we just have crazy birds around here?=)

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    On the one hand it could mean that the way the sun strikes your windows it turns them into a giant mirror and the bluebirds are being territorial and trying to attack the bluebirds they see there which are clearly intruding on their territory.

    On the other, it could be a message to you to look at your life, and see what new beginnings are in store for you ... the time has come to change old, unsuccessful patterns.

    This, of course, assumes that they are bluebirds, rather than birds that are blue ... are they Eastern Bluebirds or Bluejays that you're talking about? The message of Bluejay is different ... and unless you are fairly far south, is a more likely bird to see at this time of year in the US. Assuming you are in the US, of course.

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    Hi Wolf,

    I live in south Georgia (almost Florida). I don't think it's blue jays i've been seeing but the eastern blue birds like you mentioned. There has been ALOT going on and mostly not good things so you're probably right. I do think i need to take a look at my life and where it's going. Thanks for responding.

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    OK... I've seen tooooo much HE-HAW and it's time for bed!!

    But he's right about changes!
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    Bluebirds mate for life I do believe, or at least I read it, or someone told me that...

    We lived in a trailer once that had a olde timey wood burning stove, it hadn't been in use, and one day while we were gone, a blue bird lit on the outside stove pipe, and slid into the stove. The other, followed. both were dead by the time we got back.
    It happened a second time, and I had my husband at the time, to go and fix it where no more would slide down into the pipe.

    Usually there's the two.
    And then their offspring.

    they are proably wanting somewhere to nest.
    Search for bluebird houses, and make you one.
    the hole is small so other larger birds can not come inside.

    Here in the south, you'll see tiny little bird houses along a fence row.

    Their good birds, and had almost went extinct.

    Building a Bluebird House
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    In Appalachia and the Ozarks, blue-birds are said to collect tinder and firewood for the devil, and you never see them on certain days of the week (sometimes the weekend, sometimes Friday etc.)
    because they are off helping the devil make a fire. They say if you put your ear to the ground you can sometimes hear the blueberry in hell.

    Now, this is a conjure fire they are talking about.
    Around those parts blue is the color of defeat, standing out and being odd. You take what is you, and own that giving it to your fire, and that is a green medicine fire.

    Interestingly enough this mirrors alchemical tradition of blue vitriol (copper sulfate) being put into fire to make it green. This was often called witch fire, or weird fire.

    In Cherokee it has three primary names:
    Atsila Galvkawetiyu - the fire from above/heaven.
    Atsila Itseiyusdi - the green fire
    Atsila Asegi - the weird or strange fire.

    We worked a lot with copper at point, wore much of it in ceremony. So this is an association with a chemical process we see in both the alchemical and Cherokee traditions, and interpreted through Christian allegory.
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