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Thread: World of Warcraft!

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    May 2004
    The always beautiful So. California
    Oh yea baby
    <insomnia> G.lead
    lvl 80 warlock
    aka PINKERTANK!!!! aggro whore
    dps... 8k
    gs 5500+ wooty woot!

    gawds i love this game!!!!!

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    Dec 2010
    Taldis on Auchindoun, Currently a level 65 Night Elf Death Knight

    Either way, if you wanna friend request me, feel free to PM me for my ID
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    I don't remember if I replied to this thread, and if I did, it's awfully outdated now!

    Have a lvl 80 hunter named Stura on Kirin Tor. She's my main!

    Got a plethora of alts... nobody else has broken 80, yet, though. Just rolled a Dwarven Mage today... having fun with her!

    I don't play on other servers... mainly because I don't play PVP servers (where I have IRL friends), Kirin Tor is pretty low on the gay jokes, and I'm already established on Kirin Tor with regards to gold and such. I don't see any reason to roll alts on other servers... mine doesn't have queues, and the people are generally cool.
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    Thought Id post a character update. I have to characters I am active on one is a lvl 59 Shaman on Darrowmere named Onorleana

    and on Lightbringer my 85 Hunter Adahils if anyone wants feel free to real id me I am on most nights from 11pm to 6am eastern time is my real id email
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    Probably more thread necromancy on my part but I thought I would add my characters. I love World of Warcraft.

    Selynia, Level 85 Blood Elf Warlock on Ghostlands EU, Guild Master of Warriors of Morrigan

    Joilena, Level 62 Blood Elf Mage on Darkmoon Faire EU, Guild Master of Children of Ereshkigal

    Kalaria, Level 41 Human Warlock on Earthern Ring EU, GM of Soldiers of Midea

    I do have more alts but those are my mains. Feel free to whisper me if you see me in game.
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