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Thread: Quartz Formations & Properties

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    Quartz Formations & Properties

    NOTE: It seems like more and more people are using pieces of this thread and even the entire thread on other sites. I have no problem with people doing this but I would ask that you give me credit somewhere within your site and, if possible, provide a link back to Mysticwicks. It took years of work for me to compile this and I would appreciate you honoring this small request of mine.

    I desided it would be fun to break down quartz properties based on thier formations. To facilitate this I have dug through my quartz and photographed the differant formations and attached to each one a very basic outline of that particular formation's properties. The outlines are very basic as I wanted them to be. This thread is only meant to give basic information and to give you a visual idea as to what each formation looks like. If any formation sparks an interest I would encourage you to seek out more information. I'm sure everyone here would be more than willing to help out. Also, seeing I can only put 5 pictures per post there will be several posts on this thread. Each containing 5 formations.

    That being said lets get the ball rolling.


    I have desided to include an index into this thread to hopefully make navigation easier. it will be organized in the following way.
    1) Page number
    2) Post number
    So the first subject in this thread is on page 1 and in post 1. It will thus be listed as "P1-#1 Quartz"


    Geological Side of Quartz
    Quartz in History
    Quartz Mythology

    Quartz Formations and the Properties they Exibit

    Esoteric Commonalities Amoungst Quartz
    Dow Crystal
    Key Crystal
    Manifestation Crystal
    Isis Crystal
    Double Terminated % Laser Wand


    Record Keeper Crystal
    Twin Crystal
    Channeling Crystal
    Amethyst Geode
    Window Crystal


    Grounding Crystal
    Tibetan Singing Crytals
    Candle Quartz
    Time Line to the Past Crystal
    Time Line to the Future Crystal


    Quartz Clusters
    Enhydro Crystal
    Spirit Quartz
    Smokey Quartz
    Herkimer Diamonds


    Rainbow Crystal
    Bridge Crystal
    Beta Quartz


    Barnacle Quartz
    Self-Healed Crystal
    Rose Quartz
    Phantom Quartz (black, green, smokey, white, red)
    Included Quartz (chlorite, black tourmaline, gold, rutile, graphite)


    Clear Quartz
    White Quartz
    Extra-Terrestrial Quart
    Generator Quartz
    Japan Law Twin


    Scepter Crystal


    Harlequin Quartz
    Tabular Quatrz
    Fearie Frost
    Tibetan Quartz
    Actonolite Included Quartz (yellow, green)


    Dream Quartz


    Witches Finger


    Regional Quartz
    Africa (Congo and Brandberg, Nambia
    High Altittude Quartz
    Mount Ida
    South America (Brazil)


    Quartz Beliefs in South America/Brazil
    Cleaning Quartz
    Mining Quartz
    Programming Quartz
    Storing Quartz
    Double Terminated Quart
    ET Cystals
    Bridge, Twin Flame & "Y" Crystals
    Centrals & thier Remotes
    Master Matrix Crystals
    Master Resonance Crystals


    Central Partner


    Eastern Practices & How Quartz May Be Used Within Them: India, Tibet, China & Japan
    Mining Quartz
    Cleaning Quartz
    Storing and Handling of Quartz
    Quartz Vibrations
    Quartz Purity
    Feng Shui
    Tibetan Quartz Singing Bowls
    Tibetan Singing Crystals


    Tumbled Quartz
    Quartz Cabochons
    Cut & Polished Points and Wands
    Heat Treated Amethyst (Citrine)
    Aura Quartz


    Massive Quartz


    Faden Quartz
    Fenster Quartz
    Scanner Crystal
    Amethyst Flowers
    Fairy Clusters


    Cathedral Lightbrary
    Lodolite (Garden/Scenic) Quartz
    Angel Quartz
    Anthraxolite Quartz
    Curved Crystals


    Girasol Quartz
    Lemurian Seed Crystals
    Lithium Quartz


    Lightning Strike Quartz


    Quartz Arrangements and Placements
    Pocket Crystals
    Medicine Pouches
    Individual Formations Around the Home or at Work
    Quartz Gardens
    Quartz Alters


    Tangerine Quartz


    Growth Interference Quartz


    Star Quartz (Hollandite Included)
    Rutilated Quartz
    Prasem (Prazym) Quartz
    Black Quartz
    Candle Quartz (variety 2)


    Chlorite Included Quartz


    Chocolate Window Quartz
    Gwindel Quartz
    Master Healed Quartz
    Solution Quartz


    Fluorite Included Quartz


    Orange River Quartz Picture


    Tessin or Tessiner Habit Quartz
    Ajoite Quartz
    Journeying Quartz


    Golden Enhydro
    Morion Quartz
    Super Seven Stone


    Drusy Quartz
    Dendritic Quartz


    Garnets on Quartz


    Sheet Quartz


    Red Quartz
    Smokey Amethyst
    Shocked Quartz


    Firefly Quartz


    Starbrary Quartz


    Kullu Rose Quartz
    Totem Crystals
    Chevron Amethyst
    Seer Quartz
    Cavity (Pocket) Quartz


    Shovel Quartz
    Spiral Quartz


    Prasem Quartz (Greece)
    Earth Quartz
    Medusa Quartz


    Comet Quartz


    Sand Quartz
    Ribbed Quartz


    Penetrator Quartz
    BridalVeil Quartz
    Smokey Amethyst
    Alpine Quartz


    Titanium Quartz
    Antenna Quartz
    Smokey Citrine
    Ice Quartz


    Dolphin Quartz


    Quartz is one of the most common compounds in the Earth's crust and can also be found in meteorites as well as moon rocks. Throughout history it has had gemstone, spiritual, ornamental and collecting uses. In modern times you find quartz in many everyday items including sandpaper, ceramics, soap, clocks, computers, radios and much more. In electrical tests it was shown to produce regular electrical pulses and field changes which inventors could predict. It was the first crystal used in radio wave transceivers, is used in watches and time pieces, and was essential in the development of computers.
    For spiritualists and spiritual healers no stone is as essential to thier craft as Quartz. Embodying all the qualities they seek, it is the quintessential healing crystal. It is believed that its crystal formation can align the harmonies within the human body, that the crystal can be programmed easily, that acupuncture needles coated with Quartz are more effective, and that it has the ability to send and receive energy. It is without a doubt the crystal most widely used within the pagan community for almost any conceivable purpose.

    Geological Side of Quartz

    Clear Quartz is composed of Silicon and Oxygen, the Earth's most common elements. Any impurities are generally trace elements of Aluminum, Lithium, Potassium or Sodium.
    Quartz has a hexagonal crystal structure made of trigonal crystalized silica (silicon diaxiade, SiO2). It has a hardness of 7 and its density is 2.65 g/cm3. The primary microcrystalline crystal classification of Quatrz is trigonal, containing four axes, three of which intersect to form a plane intersected by the forth. Based on impurities or disruptions of the formation process, samples may contain encrustations and phantom crystals. The most important distinction between types of quartz is that of individual crystals visible to the unaided eye (macrocrystalline) and aggregates of crystals visible only under high powered magnification (cryptocrytalline). Even though historically quartz has been named due to its coloration, current scientific naming refers primarily to the microstructure of the mineral. Color is the secondary identifier for cryptocrystalline structures and the primary identifier of the macrocrystalline structures. Even this however doesnt always hold true.
    The name Quartz comes from the German Quarz which is of Slavic origin. Others say the name comes from the Saxon Querkluftertz meaning cross-vien ore.
    Quartz also creates electricity through a process called piezoelectricity when mechanical stress is applied to it.
    Amethyst: In the 20th century the color of amethyst was said to be cause by the presence of manganese. Since it is capable of being greatly altered by heat however, the color was believed by some to be from an organic source. Both sulfur and ferric thiocyanate were said to have been detected. In 2005 it was discovered that impurity atoms are responsible for the color of amethyst. Amethyst is composed of an irregular superposition of alternate lamellae of right-handed and left-handed quartz. Because of this amethyst breaks with a ripple fracture. Some mineralogists apply the name of amethyst to all quartz with this structure regardless of the color.
    Citrine: Citrine contains ferric iron impurities and is rarely found naturally. Most commercial citrine is actually artificially heated amethyst or smokey quartz.
    Milky Quartz: The whiteness of this quartz is caused by inclusions of minute gas and/or water bubbles.
    Rose Quartz: The color is due to trace amounts of titanium, iron or manganese. Some Rose Quartz contains microscopic rutile needles which produces an asterism in transmitted light. Recently X-ray diffraction studies suggest that the color is due to thin microscopic fibers of dumortierite. When found in crystal form the color is thought to be due to trace amounts of phosphate or aluminium. The color is photosensitive and may fade over time.
    Shocked Quartz: This is a form of quartz that has a microscopic structure that is different from normal quartz. Under intense pressure the crystal structure of quartz becomes deformed along planes inside the crystal. These planes show up as lines which are called shock lamellae.
    Smokey Quartz: The coloration in smokey quartz is caused through the natural irradication of aluminium-containing rock crystal. When it becomes very dark brown to black opaque it is known as morion.
    Crystals may also contain prisms or form as twinned, doubly terminated, healed, generator, tabular, faden-lined, windowed, time line, record keeper, channeling, isis, bridge, dow, elestial, grounding, extra terrestrial, Japanese law twin, key, barnicle formations and more.

    Quartz In History

    It is safe to say that Quartz has been collected since the earliest humans came into contact with it. Prehistoric burial sites contain many items and amoung them can be found Quartz. Quartz, to these early humans, must have seemed as gifts from nature and its clarity, beauty, and geometric perfection could only have instilled awe and reverance amoungst these cultures.
    Natural caves that contained Quartz, wherever they existed, became attractors for healers and sacred work around the world. These healers and the people who carried out this work are now for the most part called shamans.
    In ancient Egypt, glazed Quartz surved as a substitute when no high quatlity Turquoise could be found.
    The Greeks had originally named Quartz Krystallos, the word for ice, but this soon came to mean any crystal.
    Pliny the Elder believed Quartz was permanently frozen ice. His belief in this came from his idea that Quartz was to be found near claciers in the Alps and the fact that large Quartz crystals were fashioned into spheres to cool the hands.
    In China's Ming Dynasty, Quartz was often seen in jewelery.
    In Pre-Columbia, explorations of Mixtec graves have uncovered Quartz used for ear jewelery.
    In European history, Queen Elizabeth 1's spiritualist's crystal ball was Smokey Quartz which is also the national gem of Scotland who's national scepter included a large Smokey Quartz on top. European royalty in the 18th and 19th centuries went through a Quartz collecting "fad". In some cases this was the beginning of mineral collections now found in museums throughout Europe.
    The British believed that nine Quartz collected from a brook and boiled in water from the same brook would impart healing energies to the water.
    North American Indians used Quartz for ritual work and jewelry. Arrowheads, knives, and ornamental objects made of Quartz have been found throughout North America. Quartz crystals mounted on ceremonial bojects have been found in California. The Cherokee used them for divining as well as a charm for hunting. After a successful hunt they would rejuventate its powers by cleansing it in deer blood. The Hottentots used sharpened Quartz objects for sacrificing animals and circumcising young boys.
    In Australia the Aranda were known to initiate healers by rubbing thier bodies with Quartz to the point of causing abrasions. They would press crystals into his scalp and then proceed to other stages of the initiation including pearcing and tattooing.
    In places such as the Malay Peninsala, Australia, South America and to a lesser extent Siberia the shaman places Quartz into the initiate's head with the belief that they will eat out the initiate's brains and eyes and replace them thus becoming thier strength. In other cases the Quartz symbolizes the healers' helping spirits.
    I find it amazing that in all of the places above as well as within most cultures around the world Quartz was believed to carry within it the spirits of everything ranging from ancestors, animals, spirit guides and so on. And in all these areas these spirits were consulted to help with healing, finding souls and most importantly, initiatory rites. It was for these reasons that all of these cultures to some extent placed Quartz within the bodies of thier most sacred and trusted healers. What better way to access these spirits than to implant them into your physical body and truely become one with them. In some cases if a healer had undergone the proceedure of having Quartz placed within his body, after his death, the Quartz would be removed and reinserted into his favorite student.
    The use of Quartz on all levels of existance can be found throughout the world and throughout its cultures. Although some cultures delved deeper than others if one searches hard enough evidence of its use will be found world wide, both in the past as well as in the present.


    The word shaman has its origin in manchu-tangu and has reached the ethnologic vocabulary through Russian. The word originated from saman (xaman), derived from the verb scha-, "to know", so shaman means someone who knows. Further ethnologic research shows that the true origin for the word Shaman can be tracked from the Sanskrit initially, then through Chinese-Buddhist mediation to the manchu-tangu, indicating a much deeper connection between early Buddhism and Shamanism. In Sanskrit it is Sramana translated to something like "buddhist monk". The intermediate Chinese term is scha-men. The Siberian and Central Asian peoples also had local terms for the Shaman. In alataic Turkish it was kam, in Yacuto, ojon, in the Butirates, boo, and in Central Asia, bakshi, for the Samoans, tadibe, Lapps, moita, Finnish, tieojo and Hungarians, taltos.
    Definitions of "Shaman" vary around the world. Here are a few.
    "Indigenous healer who deliberately alters his consciousness in order to obtain knowledge and power from the world of the spirits in order to help and cure the members of his tribe" (S. Krippner, 1990)
    The Ojibway, speaking of the Midewiwin, a Secret Ojibwa Medicine Society: "It is the person, man or woman, who experiences, absorbs, and communicates a special form of support, of healing power" (A. Grimm, 1987)
    "He who knows the archaic techniques of ecstasy" (M. Eliade, 1972)
    "A person to whom special powers are attributed for communicating with the spirits and influence them dissociating his soul from his body. The spirits help him do his chores which include discovering the cause of sickness, hunger and any disgrace, and prescribing an appropriate cure. They are found among the Siberians and other Asiatic people; his activity also evolves among many other religions and with other names." (The Cambridge Encyclopedia, 1990)
    "The eternal art of living in harmony with creation." (J. Matthews, 1991)
    "There are three key elements for defining Shamans:
    1) They can voluntarily enter altered states of consciousness
    2) In these states they can feel themselves "travel".
    3) They use these journeys as a method of acquiring knowledge or power and for helping the people of their community." (R. N. Walsch, 1990)
    Shamanism, although not considered a religion today by its practitioners, is thought by some scholers to be the oldest religion in the world dating back 100,000 years or more. Shamans are considered masters at achieving altered states of consciousness and use these journeys to identify and heal individuals both mentaly and physically. Shamans are also looked at as being at one with nature and using plants and other materials such as Quartz to carry out thier work. They are catalysts of social evolution ever seeking to bring about change through magic and ritual in a natural environment.


    One cannot talk about Shamanism or any type of nature work without touching on the concept of "animatism". The word was first brought to us by an anthropologist named R.R. Marret who 100 years ago proposed that the origin of spiritual awareness was to be found amoungst indigenous peoples' widespread belief in a supernatural power that pervades and animates all things. He called this belief "animatism". Examples of this are found worldwide. Amoungst the Algonquins it is known as "manitou", Muslims called it "baraka", Chinese "Chi", Hindus "prana", Polynesians "mana", and the Kalahari Bushmen referred to this invisible force as "num". It was the cause of extraordinary events, both good and bad luck and unusual powers. All cultures believed that this force existed throughout the universe and that certain areas and objects tended to concentrate this energy. Most everyone today believes in the existence of this power. Shamans and natural healers however know with certainty that this energy is real. Indigenous cultures world wide agree that this power can be transmitted through touch, that it may be used for good and evil, that it can be absorbed through proximity, and that it can be stored in objects such as Quartz.


    In mythology the ancient Japanese, who revered Dragons as a major part of their creation myths, believed Quartz formed from the breath of a white dragon. To them, Quartz was representative of perfection, which, while unattainable, was worthy of pursuit. Indian culture believed it could detect food poisoning. Quartz played essential roles in the rain rituals of Native Americans and Australian Aboriginals. Daramulun, an Australian sky god is usually portrayed with a mouth full of Quartz, a huge phallus, and carrying a stone axe. Quartz also graced the temples of the ancient Chinese. In western culture, Christian relics were often made of Quartz and many thought it was ice in a fossilized form. The Greeks believed that Amor and Eros brought Rose Quartz to earth.

    Cleansing Crystals

    When one first recieves a crystal it is a good idea to spend some time cleansing it. There are many processes for this and here I will mention only a few. Most methods are accomplished with the use of ritual but some prefer to let nature alone do the process and after this is done to do a ritual which acknowledges the new bond being created.
    Water: Some cleanse their crystals using water. This can be done by allowing the crystal to sit submerged in water for a set period of time ranging from a few hours to days. Some prefer a river with flowing water to "wash away" old unwanted energies. Others prefer a bowl of distilled water while still others prefer consecrated water.
    Earth: Just as with water some prefer to bury their crystal in the earth for a set period of time. The time may vary just as mentioned above for water. Here one believes that the earth herself will absorb all unwanted energies.
    Sun and/or Moon: Just as with water and earth some choose to cleanse thier crystals using the energies of the sun and the moon. In both cases the crystals are left within sight of the sun or the moon for a set period of time. Some may take into account the solar or lunar cycles as well.
    Elements: At times people prefer a ritual which presents the crystal to the elements and asks each element to cleanse the crystal in specific ways related to the element.
    As is often the case many choose to combine aspects of the above to create thier own cleansing ritual. It must always be remembered that with all ritual work there is no right or wrong. The only thing that matters is that it works for you. The following is how I cleanse my stones and I encourage people to try it if it fits thier beliefs.
    When I first recieve a crystal, no matter if I bought it or if I found it, I take a few minutes to wash it in distilled water or in a nearby source of natural water. I then take some time to scan the crystal to learn if it is male or female. During this process the crystal has its first chance to scan me as well and it is through this first contact that the foundations are built for your relationship with it. I try not to project and feelings or emotions into it but allow myself to open completely to it thus allowing it to search within me. At this point, depending if the crystal is male or female I allow it to sit either under the light of the sun or the moon. If it is the moon I do this during the 3 day cycle of the full moon and if it is the sun on any day when it is sunny. If a crystal has come to me close to the summer solstice I try to cleanse it that day but unfortuneately this only happens for a small percentage of my crystals. No matter what however every summer solstice all my male stones get to spend the day basking in its glory. (A personal note, much of my work revolves around the sun and the moon, thier cycles and thier energies. I was born on June 21, 1959 in the early morning hours so not only was this the summer solstice but for that particular year and that particular day it was also the one of the days of the full moon cycle. When I share this with people most look at me and comment "well that explains a lot" and then throw me a sly smile) Once this process is complete I once again spend time in meditation with the crystal to try and sense its cleansed energies. This ends the cleansing for me but my work has just begun. Now comes the process of learning from each other and harmonizing our energies. My process is not short or convienient at times but it works for me. I encourage everyone to seek out a system which works for them for it is this work which will form the cornerstone of your relationship with any stone.

    Quartz Formations and the Properties they Exibit

    Esoteric Commonalities Amoungst Quartz:
    For healing it is considered a Master Healer. It amplifies healing energies and is commonly used for diagnostic work. It strengthens the body as well as improves stamina and mental engergies. It effectively treats intestinal troubles, bone injuries, arthritis, fatigue and depression. Its associated with the crown chakra but is also useful for balancing and alining all chakras.
    When discussing healing with quartz it is important to understand the belief beind this process. It is commonly believed that disease or discomfort caused within the physical body is at least in part due to the disruption or unbalancing of energies within the etheric bodies. If one can re-establish or bring balance to this energy healing will more easily take place. With the help of crystals one can bring into effect the harmonizing of the body's energy fields.
    To understand the use of Quartz in healing a little more intimately one must also understand the four magor brainwave patterns and the role they play within healing.
    The Beta wave exists when the mind is conscious and on average cycles twenty-one times per second.
    The Alpha wave exists when one is dreaming, while creatively thinking, and is the beginning level of suggestiblity of the subconscious mind cycling between seven and fourteen times a seocnd.
    Theta waves actives the beginning levels of psychokinesis, facilitates painless surgery and initiates powerful levels of suggestibility. It cycles four to seven times a second.
    Delta waves initiate the deepest of sleep. In this state the mind is open to most suggestions and ESP talents are at thier peek. They cycle at one half to four cycles per second.
    With the above knowledge and taking into account that Quartz is a natural producer, storer, focuser and amplifyer of energies it is easy to see why it is such an effective healing tool. Analizing the body and energy patterns to identify the energy blockage and/or the unbalanced energies as well as the discomfort and/or disease is the first step. At this point one can deside at which level of consciousness healing will have the greatest effect. (Treatment at times can involve all levels of consciousness and at other times one or any combination of the four.) Lastly an effective healing can be carried out taking all of the above information into account. This whole process lends itself ideally to using Quartz.
    Of course quartz can be used in many other ways to assist in healing work. The above outline is just one example. One should feel free to experiment with other methods and seek one's own wisdom in regards to any work with quartz.
    No matter what method you use in your healing work I always suggest to people to explain the process to the individual as one proceeds. If this is not doable due to the state of consciousness they will be in walk them through the proceedure before hand. I'm a strong believer in that there should be no secrets between you and your client. In order to facilitate healing one must ensure the individual is in a calm and relaxed state. One of the surest ways of doing this is to ensure the individual is perfectly clear on what will be taking place.
    No healing should ever be attempted unless the person being healed has asked you for your help and has consented for you to proceed with the process. No matter what you feel about the situation this rule must always be followed.
    As with all healing the patient should regularly visit a doctor and follow thier directions at all times.

    All quartz can be used to absorb, enhance, store, amplify, focus, balance, transmit and transform energies.It can be used for storing and recieving information, harmonizing the environment and energizing other crystals. It is helpful in enhancing thought, manifestion work, healing, meditation, protection, dispelling negativity, increasing creativity, dealing with romantic relationships and purification on all levels. Along with all this it enhances spritual growth and wisdom, dreamwork, scrying and for connecting to your higher self as well as the universe. Quartz also allows itself to be readily programmed.

    All of this being said individual Quartz formations hold specific engergies for specific purposes. In the following pages you will find many quartz formations and the properties which they may contain. It is important however to remember that Quartz, at times, opens different doorways for different people and as such nothing which follows is set in stone so to speak. I encourage everyone to work with specific crystals in thier posession to learn everything it has to teach you. I assure you you will encounter many pleasent surprises. It has often been said that it is not the final destination that is important on a journey. It is the journey itself and the wonders one encounters along the way. This holds true with your journey with Quartz as well. If I can say one thing it would be that no matter what you read approach all crystals with an open mind and allow them to speak to you. If you do this you can never go wrong. On with specific formations and thier properties.

    Dow Crystal: A dow crystal is a crystal with 3 primary 7 sided faces and 3 smaller triangular faces.

    Dow Crystals help one gain intuitive awareness. It is considered 1 of the 12 master crystals. It is considered to be a powerful teaching and healing tool. The most balanced of all crystals they combine the properties of channelling and transmitter crystals. Great for balancing energies as well as emotional bodies. Those interested in numerology will see the suggnificance in the numbers of the six faces (7-3-7-3-7-3).

    Chakra: Crown, Third Eye

    Attachment 73440

    Key Crystal: This crystal is one which has a 3 or 6 sided indentation somewhere in the crystal.

    Key Crystals help answer ones innermost questions, solves problems and gives access to hidden information. It also helps one open doors to healing. You can place this crystal onto letters or anything to gain information as to what is within. Healing methods as well as illusive aspects of oneself can also be revieled through the use of these crystals. This crystal is very useful to healers and ones seeking inner secrets.

    Chakra: Root, Third Eye

    Attachment 73441

    Manifestation Crystal: A crystal which has another crystal completely enclosed within it. (in the specimen shown the manifestation is shown in the main face of the large crystal)

    Manifestation Crystals help one deal and come to grips with an emotional childhood. They assist in working through family issues, helpful in unblocking the cause of pain and helps in dealing with this pain. They also aid in stimulating psychic and spiritual awakening and serve as a reminder of the teacher within.

    Chakra: Crown, Third Eye

    Attachment 73442

    Isis Crystal:
    A crystal with a 5 sided face.

    For men it is useful in getting in touch with you feminine side. For women it help you regain feminine strength. It also helps one get in touch with the power of the Goddess. These help in understanding what we need in the human condition. Assist in helping us in the now but keeps our imagination alive. They also help restore balance which has been lost due to the misuse of masculine energy. Along with this thier engeries represent wisdom, fidelity in love, and right-mindedness while filling one with an earthed energy which can help deal with grief and loss.

    Chakra: Third Eye

    Attachment 73443

    Double Terminated & Laser Wand: I've included 2 descriptions for 2 differing crystal formations but only one picture seeing that the picture is a good example of both a DT as well as a laser wand.

    First the DT: A crystal which shows a terminated point at each end. Instead of growing from a matrix these crystals grow from a central seed which produces 2 points in the opposite direction.

    This crystal can both receive and transmit energy. They can be used for alignment, astral projection, protection and perserverance. This is a very important crystal for anyone doing healing work as they aid greatly in the transferance of energies. Carried they provide physical protection and intensify the aura. These crystals are also capable of creating thier own natural energy which has an amazingly positive effect on health. They also are extremely powerful tools when used for astral projection, dream work, and meditation.

    Double terminated clusters (several doubly terminated Crystals which have grown together) combine all the properties of clusters and DT crystals. They are both beautiful and powerful and are great teachers for the healing arts.

    Chakra: All

    Laser Wand: A long crystal which tapers from end to tip.

    They are used to clear negativity, focus healing energy, assists in correcting behavior and helps create protective barriers. Great for projecting energies and therefore great for use as wands or used within wands.

    Chakra: All

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    Record Keeper Crystal: A crystal with 1 or more triangular shapes on one or more sides. They can be either indented or raised. (these shapes are not easily seen so make sure to inspect crystals closely)

    It is believed that these crystals hold the wisdom and knowledge of the universe. These crystals hold all secrets but it takes an open mind to access them. It is believed they have been purposely programmed by the universe with the accumulated knowledge of all life on this plane. It is believed that these crystals have been purposefully programmed by the beings who created the energies which activated all life on this plane. They are great meditative tools when seeking or expanding knowledge.

    Chakra: Third Eye, Throat

    Attachment 73445

    Twin Crystal: These crystals have two points on one base.

    They help in creating positive energy for improving relationships. A twin with a rainbow is great for keeping a relationship strong and for helping heal a relationship. They promote a loving exchange and togetherness. They can help find our soul mate. They encourage the recognition of opposites to overcome differances in relationships. The can symbolize the union with the one.

    Chakra: Heart, Solar Plexus

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    Channeling Crystal: A crystal with a 7 sided face and a triangular face on the back side.

    The number 7 symbolises the student, and the seeker of spiritual wisdom. Each of the 7 sides symbolises the 7 qualities we must attain to access the wisdom of the inner soul. 3 indicates understanding of what was before inconceivable. This crystal is great for looking within oneself to gain all insight as well as looking outside oneself. Very helpful in helping one develop psychic abilities. They aid in communication with spirit guides.

    Chakra: Crown, Third Eye

    Attachment 73447

    Amethyst Geode: Although many find differing uses for these I use mine for one purpose only. To cleanse and recharge stones and crystals. During the winter months I have found no better way to do this. Others use these for meditative work as well as regression work. This is done by visualizing the geode as a cave and using it as an entrance to other realms of existance. A great journeying tool.

    Chakra: All

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    Window Crystal: A crytal with a diamond shaped face between the body and the tip. (the picture shows a twin with 2 windows)

    These are used for clarity and direction. They allow you to open a window to your soul and answer questions while allowing you to bypass ego and intellect. They are used in scrying and other forms of divination. The diamond is comprised of 2 triangles, one pointing up and the other down. One pointing to spirit the other to matter. For this reason they are great for meditation.

    Chakra: Crown, Third Eye

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    Grounding Crystal: A crystal with an 8 sided face.

    These help you deal with practical matters in a realistic way. Helps in communicating clearly, grounding ones energies while maintaining a pragmatic approach to life. They stop one from becoming too "spaced out" when healing and therefore make for a useful healing aid. These crystals are quite rare.

    Chakra: Root

    Attachment 73450

    Tibetan Singing Crystals: These crystals are unique in the sound they make when lightly hit together. It differs from all other quartz and has a light airy sound.

    These make truely amazing wind chimes and are great for meditation, dream work, or any form of journeying. They assist reaching higher planes and make for great spirit guides.

    Chakra: Crown

    Attachment 73451

    Candle Quartz: A crystal which has elestial crystals encircling the shaft. It is also known as pineapple quartz.

    It is a lightbringer and helps one discover truth and our inner path. It helps relieve depression and increases sensitivity and tranquility. Many use it for meditation, dream work and journeying. A great crystal for bringing forth a peaceful energy in areas which have seen stressful energies recently.

    Chakra: Third Eye

    Attachment 73452

    Time Line to the Past Crystal: These contain a rectangular face leaning to the left.

    They help one in gaining access to information from the past. A useful tool for meditation, dream work, and journeying.

    If the time line is located on the left side of the main face it is also referred to as a "Left Activation Quartz Crystal". These are used to activate and work with the left side of the brain and also to help enhance the activation of the Chakras from the front side of the body. Finally they are used to remove energy blockages from the right side of the body and also help to cure right side brain disorders.

    Chakra: Third Eye, Solar Plexus

    Attachment 73453

    Time Line to the Future Crystal: Contain a rectangular face leaning to the right.

    Helps one in gaining access to information from the future. A useful tool for meditation, dream work, and journeying.

    If the time line is located on the right side of the main face it is also referred to as a "Right Activation Quartz Crystal". These are used to activate and work with the right side of the brain and also to help enhance the activation of the Chakras from the back side of the body. Used in cooordination with a Left Activation Crystal they help in bringing together and melding the two sides of the brain.Finally they are used to remove energy blockages from the left side of the body and also help to cure left side brain disorders.

    Chakra: Third Eye, Solar Plexus

    Attachment 73454
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    Quartz Clusters: These are comprised of multiple combined crystals froming one mass.

    Quatrz Clusters are amazing to have in any room. They cleanse and energize the environment creating peace and harmony. They can also be used to cleanse and energize other crystals. They help encourage a sense of community creating harmony. They at times contain many configurations which all work together in a harmonious way. They make outstanding shields protection one from all negative energies. These are extremely useful tools in a work environment to help create a positive and creative energy while enouraging teamwork and openmindedness. I have always kept one in my office.

    Chakra: All

    Attachment 73455

    Enhydro Crystal:
    "Enhydro" is Greek for "water within". These are crystals which have a liquid bubble captured inside of it. (the one pictured is a Brandberg crystal and is a combination of smokey and amethyst quartz)

    These crystals are great for cleansing and purification. They also assist in meditation as well as dream work. Water has always indicated the emotions as releated to the 4 elements. These crystals have a huge effect on ones emotional life. They assist in protecting and helping purify your emotions. They can help in understanding the "other side" of a situation. They help in uniting imagination with practicality thus bringing around sensibility. They also assist in times of transition. Very helpful in most aspects of healing by assisting the body in reaching and attaining healthy energy levels. The combination of water and quartz in this way is an extremely valuable and powerful tool for those with an understanding of the properties of both. The ability of water to instantly hold subtle impressions and the ability of quartz to structure, store, amplify, focus, transmit and transform those impressions, has extensive possibilities.

    Chakras: All

    Attachment 73456

    Spirit Quartz: These are crystals which are covered to some extent with smaller crystal points.

    They give energy and peace to all realms and create a positive environment. They are used extensively in shamanic journeying and dream work. As with all quartz they are very effective when used in healing. It assists in creative work and bringing together "scrambled" thoughts.

    Chakras: Crown, Third Eye, Throat

    Attachment 73457

    Smokey Quartz: The presence of sodium in quartz creates smokey quartz.

    This quartz is great for not only grounding and stablizing yourself but also the environment. It removes negativity and makes a great protective stone. It is associated with the base chakra and useful in removing blockages to physical areas. It helps to regulate liquids within the body. If a smokey crystal contains a distinct line seperating the smokey from the clear quartz this crystal will combine the energies of the two making it a very powerful crystal indeed. It can be used to desolve negative mental energies caused by depression, anger or resentment while bringing balance to the body. This is "the" quartz to use to bring a grounding, protective, and calming energy into any surrounding.

    Chakra: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus

    Attachment 73458

    Herkimer Diamonds: These are short doubley terminated quartz crystals which get thier name from the location they are found, Herkimer, New York, USA. (the one pictured is still in matrix)

    They create harmony, awareness and spontaneity. Used also to alleviate tension. They help clear the mind and body of fear and other negative emotions. Along with this they help attune you to your environment and disperse toxins from your body.

    Chakra: All

    Attachment 73459
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    Rainbow Crystal: Contains rainbows which are caused by light reflected by a crack or inclusion. The refraction is often sensitive to temperature causing the rainbow to appear and disappear.

    These crystals exhibit the closest example of pure light which can be witnessed on the physical plane. Great for meditation, manifesting wishes and overcoming negativity. The energies from these colors can be used in healing all of the chakras and crystals with rainbows lend themselves wellto all chakra work.. They assist one in seeing the positive in suffering as they themselves, through suffering, create beauty.

    Chakra: All

    Attachment 73465

    Bridge Crystal: A crystal that has a smaller crystal partially penetrating it or protruding from it or 2 crystals bridged by another. (the picture below is of a massive smokey bridge. The large crystal measures 38cm long and 10cm in diameter. It holds a central place in my living room filling it with a calming protective atmosphere)

    These crystals are great teachers for ones spiritual path. They help one bridge the inner and outer worlds and are great for journeying and dream work. Also helps one with communication skills. It creates a connection with you and all other life on earth and between yourself and all other worlds. They help promote growth and spirituality and assist in understanding lessons taught by teachers. They facilitate in passing over that which was unpassable and assist in reaching that thought to be unreachable.

    Chakra: Third Eye, Throat

    Attachment 73466

    Beta Quartz: This quartz brings out ones analitical side. Great for evaluating business oportunities as well as helping one balance ones finances. Used for meditations and dream work involving the future. A logical quartz wonderful to have around for debates.

    Chakra: Third Eye

    Attachment 73467

    Amethyst: Amethyst is great for meditative work and dream work. It brings calm, balance, patience and peace to ones life. This in turn encourages insight, stability and strength. It assists in legal matters as well as money. As with all quartz it is a great healer. It assists one in overcoming addictions. It also helps to illeviate modern day disfunctions and aids with headaches, insomnia and healing the central nervous system. It is a stone which facilitates the use of common sense to promote good decision making.

    Chakra: Crown, Third Eye, Heart, Throat

    Attachment 73888

    Elestial (Jacare) Quartz: A crystal with natural termintaions over the body and faces.

    These are some of the most powerful crystals to work with and are amoung the best teachers. They help us in understanding that which we need to understand to continue our journey. They help to calm confused thoughts and in this way stimulate learning. They help in keeping learning fun and interesting and thus promote continued learning. They are great comforters for people in thier later stages of life and assist one in releasing the fear of leaving the physical body. They assist us in remembering our immortality by reminding us of our spiritual unity. By looking at the complex makeup of these crystals one learns to understand the concept of integration and its many connotations.

    Chakra: Throat, Heart, Third eye, Solar Plexus

    Attachment 73469
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    i am speech less

    me too.
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    see ? you speechlessed both Forum Guides

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    Barnacle Quartz: These are crystals which are partially covered by other crystals.

    Seeing they are a form of clusters they carry the same properties as clusters. They increase intellectual growth and fertility. They help with trust and depenence issues. It helps stimulate family or group cooperation. For some they represent the soul of the master gathering the younger souls. It encourages willingness to work with others and also assists one during times of loss.

    Chakra: All

    Attachment 73471

    Self-Healed Crystal: These can be identified by the crystalline stucture where the crystal was broken.

    These crystals are tremendous healers and can help one in healing oneself and others. They teach us that nothing is ever too late or too damaged. Situations which may appear devastating or unresolvable can be overcome using this crystal. They offer support for those with strong emotional issues or are struggling to overcome an addiction.
    A Master Self-Healed crystal is a crystal which has been broken completely through and then healed re-completing the structure. This is "the" master crystal for self-healing.

    Chakra: All

    Attachment 73472

    Rose Quartz: This is a stone of love ans self-love. It opens the heart chakra to all forms of love and helps attract love. Emotionally it lowers stress, anger and negativity and helps bring out gentleness, compassion, kindness and tolerance. It teaches one to appreciate the beauty in art, music and the written word. Helps in healing emotional traumas. Can be helpful in dream work and meditation. It is also a great healing stone with some placing a piece in thier off hand while practicing the art of crystal healing. They feel that the energies of love are an important aspect of all healing. It aids in the rejuventaion of both the physical and emotional bodies and works to calm the heart while soothing skin problems such as burns and blistering.

    Chakra: Third Eye, Heart

    Attachment 73473

    Phantom Quartz: Phantoms occur in crystals where growth have stopped for a period of time leaving a partial or complete phantom within the crystal. These allow us to see the process of evolution. Helps in spirituality by clearly showing the inner is always the foundation of the outer. They teach us that even after stagnation growth can reoccur. There are several differant types of phantoms including but not limited to the following.

    Amethyst Phantom: Help assist in recalling other lives which helps one learn from multiple live experiences. It is used by many for meditation, dream work, and journeying.

    Black Phantom: If one posesses one of these no other grounding stone is needed. This crystal aligns perfectly the physical energy centers.

    Green Phantom: Great for dream work, meditation and spirit journeying. Also a great healing stone due to the chlorite within. I find this stone to be one of the most useful when working with or healing nature.

    Smokey Phantom: Used for protection and strong foundations. A good crystal to carry with you as a pocket crystal.

    White Phantom: These create some of the prettiest phantoms. They help us see the world and situations through new eyes often giving us new insights into what we thought was mundane. A wonderful crystal for times when we feel our world lacks wonderment.

    Red Phantom: These crystals contain limonite so share properties with that mineral. Used to stimulate the first 3 chakras as well as intellectual thought and creativity. They make marvelous healers and infuse our lives with vitality when things become mundane.

    Shown below is a black phantom.

    Attachment 73474

    Included Quartz: Just as quartz can hold differing types of phantoms so can they hold differing types of inclusions. The included minerals combine thier properties with those of quartz making them very useful tools. The quartz tends to amplify the mineral's properties. Quatrz can be included by many things. Here are a few.

    Chlorite: This crystal contains earth energy and as such is a very powerful healing tool both in healing the earth as well as yourself.

    Black Tourmaline: This is a very powerful protective crystal on all levels. It also repels negativity and helps purify yourself and your surroundings. As with most black stones it is very effective for working with and cleansing the base chakra. One placed by your computer monitor helps to illeviate those "harmful" energies.

    Gold: When combined with quartz this makes a great healing crystal.

    Rutile: Helps with mental focus, getting things started and seeing them through to completion both mentally and physically.Can be used in meditation and dream work. These make amazing healers and are favored by many South American healers for trans-work.

    Graphite: Increases the flow of energy for healing or spiritual work. Can be used to align the chakras. It also assists in the sharing of information and eases learning. If work seems uncomprehendable place this crystal beside you to assist you in understanding.

    Pictured below is a Graphite included DT Quartz Crystal Cluster.

    Attachment 73475
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfsong
    Included Quartz: Just as quartz can hold differing types of phantoms so can they hold differing types of inclusions. The included minerals combine thier properties with those of quartz making them very useful tools. The quartz tends to amplify the mineral's properties. Quatrz can be included by many things. Here are a few.
    Chlorite: This crystal contains earth energy and as such is a very powerful healing tool.
    Black Tourmaline: A great protective crystal. It also repels negativity.
    Gold: When combined with quartz this makes a great healing crystal.
    Rutile: Helps with mental focus, getting things started and seeing them through to completion both mentally and physically.Can be used in meditation and dream work.
    Graphite: Increases the flow of energy for healing or spiritual work. Can be used to align the chakras.
    First up. I think you did/doing a better job in displaying the crystal formations than Melody has.Especially the photos. One question though.
    I did see a few months ago a piece of quartz with gold inclusions. It looked like rutile. Does the gold inclusions resemble rutile and if so what is the color differences.
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