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Thread: Yes, I'm being serious John

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    Sincerely not trying to powerplay your thread.

    Hi EternallyWrite,
    I am insecure over analysis between birthcharts, thats not to say i think you shouldnt post them, because i agree that you should, it helps all of us find the answers to the secrets of astrology......yet for myself it leaves me at a loss, with a unsual natal chart, i have tried to compare it with those that have been born on the same day.
    Being English, i know you may be able to find relatives that remember "David Grant", a member of a pop group who went solo in the early nineties, who was born on the same day and year as myself.
    Although i dont seek fame and recognision, i also had a career in music before dis-ablement, thus i can see connections.
    Yet whether i am a fool or wiseman, certain strange changes occurred in my life as Uranus hit my I.C., a few years back....the musical side is very easy to see as i have many quintiles, which can show a pattern of music as a career, as well as other traits.
    I have found another who shares my day and year that in one way i see a connection with, as he was an astronaut, and i have a passionate interest in the stars......yet in another way i see our view points being completely opposite.......i could not have a career that involved nuclear weapons, whatever the amount of money that was offered, my interest is how molecules form to create life,....i couldnt have a career that promoted fear to create i a good guy or just a fool tinkering with astrology...I know not?
    But whatever i am i try to be very sincere....I do not know the person that shares my birthday and year and i am certainly not trying to damage his reputation or name, yet i find myself worrying why we are so different, maybe i have trouble wielding my chart....i find it too powerful for me, yet i worry for others who use it without hesitation, as there are undoubtably others that were born on the same day with small changes of astrological influence.
    You could feel that this is a soul that is looking for prominence, by this reply, but sincerely it isnt, i just feel "Pretty charts that are unsual" can leave the soul on a knife-edge, and i have no idea where i am going or any soul that shares many of my aspects,.....I doubt myself and others born on this day, have sympathy, because you would as well'
    I do not know if Larry Dean James was born at 8:00am, although i know he was born on 8/8/56 at Bristol, Virginia, and looks likely to be very powerful in his career,......if he was born at this time.....perhaps i worry too much, my nature , i worry!!!
    Charts on detachment regarding my birth time in London, and hypothetical times for General James. I am a writer, researcher of astrology...i am a nobody!
    I wonder how far General James is going in his career....If he reaches the peak of his career, then he would have a "Job" that i wouldnt want in a million years.
    Details on attachment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EternallyWrite

    What influences would show tennis player and career in sport?
    Michel Gauquelin did a lot of research into sports champions and found that they were more likely than the general population to have Mars near an angle.

    So that's one possible influence - only applies to one of the two charts you posted, though!



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