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Thread: The Other 9/11.

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    How Hitler is Joined to the charts involving both wars.

    Hi Everyone,
    I know i dont look at astrology the same as others, so if you dont understand what i'm writing, please ask.
    First off, i have put on attachment the documents relating to the beginning and end of the First World War.
    We Know that Juno Connected the two wars by its Position on the angles.
    The one document that i havent put on attachment is the start of World War Two, yet that is easy to find, and i quote :- "At 09:00am on the morning of September 3rd 1939, Sir Nevelle Henderson, Britain's ambassador to Germany, delivered an ultimatum in Berlin, stating that if hostilities didnt stop in Poland by 11:00am, then a state of war would exist between Britain and Germany".
    The ultimatum came from London but the aggression was coming from Berlin, thus is why Juno is so near the I.C. in Berlin at 11Am.
    Ok so we can see Juno's connection, but the equation isnt finished, because we have to find the link to Hitler as well.
    As you see can by attachment, which is usual, with documents that are signed ending war, they are signed at an earlier time so communication can be given to all military commanders in good time...the documents for the ending of the First World War were signed at 05:05am near Rethondes, France on 11th November 1918.
    History books are forever explaining how the wars were connected by the Artistice signing, and the resentment felt by the German nation at this time.
    It is obvious that this also was in Hitlers mind, as when he invaded France, he made the French sign their freedom away in the same railway carriage that had been used in the signing of the Armistice in 1918.
    Recently i have been looking at the connections with terrorist attacks between Juno and the part of fortune, thus i was very interested to see that both Juno and part of fortune were conjunct the M.C. at the time of the signing of the Armistice.
    Some may argue that the time that Hitler rose to absolute power was when he become chancellor on 30th Jan. 1933, i personally dont hold this view, for very good reason, being chancellor didnt make him the absolute controller of the collective consciousness of the German Nation.
    There was still one man in his way, the faltering president, Paul Von Hindenburg, who was in his late eighties.
    As he was so old, it seems that the papers were processed by Hitler before Hindenburg's death in readiness to combine the separate political roles.
    Hindenburg died at 09:00am on his country estate in East Prussia on August 2nd 1934, which is now called Susz in Poland.
    Details of the swift way Hitler combined the two roles and chart of Hindenburgs death in Susz is included on attachment.
    The death chart in Susz gives the first clue as part of fortune is conjunct the M.C. (under a degree), yet Juno is over six degrees away from I.C.
    So where would Juno be conjunct the I.C. and part of fortune be conjunct the M.C.? .......Could it be in Berlin where Hitler was manipulating for absolute power? Ha Ha! Chart on attachment. The Dark Master of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse now had all he needed to create chaos and kill more than 20 million within a few years!

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    wow monk, some awesome research you are doing. keep it up! you are certainly on to something!!

    Quote Originally Posted by the monk
    Juno is far too sneaky just to show its influence by the angles
    and again, you are very much on point!

    sneaky things take advantage of blindspots, and when i think of astrology's blindspots, i think of midpoints and parallels, things often overlooked by us astrologers.

    so i looked over some important charts with a focus on juno and uranus/jupiter/mars (the combination representing unexpected religiously-motivated attacks, or more simply, terrorist jihad)

    in five of the more significant attack charts i have handy, some interesting stuff pops up! not all the charts i looked at had significant aspects in these regards, but for such a narrow focus of astrological considerations, it seems pretty significant.

    in the 911 chart, juno is almost exactly (3 arcmin) opposite the mars/uranus midpoint.

    mars/uranus=juno is also active in the 311 madrid chart, but not as close (52 arcmin) and a square rather than an opposition. but the 311/juno relation is even trickier: mars/uranus midpoint is 13ari39, saturn/chiron midpoint is 15ari21. take the midpoint of these two midpoints, and you have a square just a few arcmin from juno's 14cap31 position. and futher, uranus and juno are almost exactly (1 arcmin) parallel! even moreso, juno is trine jupiter, and the nodal axis turns it into a kite. the "hotspot" of the kite is the south node, and the moon (islam) conjuncts.

    in the 2/22 golden mosque goes boom chart, juno is counterparallel uranus but not so closely this time, 37 arcmin. juno/mars/uranus midpoints come alive again, but slightly different this time.. the mars/juno midpoint squares uranus by 10arcmin.

    in the 1995 okc murrah fed building chart, the uranus/ascendant midpoint squares juno by a single arcmin. i dont usually use inconjuncts with midpoints, but its worth mentioning the uranus/juno midpoint forms a 36arcmin inconjunct to mars.

    its customary to only use conjuncts, squares, and oppositions with midpoints.. but the beslan school attack chart again shows maybe this isn't such a wise limitation, as the mars/uranus midpoint semisextiles juno by only 4 arcmin. also, juno is parallel uranus in that chart, but a bit wide at 48arcmin.

    a little off my original investigation goals stated above, but significant.. in the st valentines day massacre chart, juno is exactly opposite the uranus/pluto midpoint.

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    Wall St. Crash!

    Hi Merc,
    Thanks for your post, I'm not good on blind spots!
    There was one other area that gave Hitler his chance,.....The financial situation.
    Now i am weak on financial issues, aggression gives a big splash at a certain time and place. Financial ruin happens over a period.
    I am quoting from the internet:- The Wall St Crash of 1929 happened between October 24th 1929 (Black Thursday), to the "Big Day" on Black Tuesday, 29th October 1929. You can't trade if the stock exchange isnt open....right?
    So when did the New York Stock Exchange open in the morning during October 1929?
    Details from the Net are as follows:- The New York Stock Exchange, 20 Broad St., (near Wall St.), Tel. 212 656 5168. Visitors gallery open at 9am. But when were people able to trade in 1929?'
    I am dis-abled, thus on a small fixed income, so cannot phone from London, perhaps a member from America can find out when trading started on 29th October 1929?
    It may be weak evidence but check out an animated chart set on a daily basis for New York, for 9am. from Oct. 24th- 29th 1929, watch the Asc. and Juno.
    This grew like a mushroom cloud, i dont know how to chart the financial ruin of countries and individuals, all i know is Juno was right on the Asc. on 29th Oct 1929 at 9am. You can't trade if the "shop" isnt open, so when did " Wall St" open?
    Also, we as a collective are prone to making mistakes, but because we have the ability to create so many awesome weapons during our "watch", we cannot make the mistakes that happened in the past, that caused so much human suffering, but the question would we have progressed if we had 21st Century technology back in 1939?
    The Chart to look at, every way must be the signing of the Armistice in 1918, Our perspective leaves us unable to see how future events join together, generally a bad mistake needs a number of unseen problems arriving all at the same time, what is messy is going through one world war, only to find that we had to go through another....we must learn at least not to go through double-trouble!
    The chart of the signing of the Armistice must be our first lesson for study!
    I may start this process but i will not be the astrologer that will finish the process,....that is far too big a job for a humble soul like myself.
    All i will say, at my own level of study, which may be way out of line, i'm interested in "Parts of Fortune" and a learning curve set down by Merc.
    Yet for myself, Fluff has always been my anchor, he pulled me out of my personal crisis....i cannot give any idea how to approach our collective problem...i am an individual spirit, and we need many brains on this!
    Information as it is on Parts of Fortune, at 05:05, Rethondes, France on 11th Nov. 1918, is as follows.....Part of Fatality conjunct Juno, Part of Catastrophe opposition Part of Fortune, part of death conjunct Moon, and Part of Danger and Peril in opposition to Jupiter....for what's it's worth!

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    Hitler's fixed star parans.

    Hi everyone,
    I thought it may be interesting to put Hitler's natal fixed star paran's on thread, they are very powerful and unique, as he had a number of difficult and Royal stars that brought about his downfall!
    Heliacal rising star- Rukbat- The steady stance of the archer.
    Rukbat is the foot of the archer, Sagittarius, and is the expression of steadiness, adding a sort of rudder or anchor to his life, which could come out as stubbornness, but generally means that he could use the energy to give himself strength to work towards long time goals.
    Heliacal setting star- denebola- the tail of the lion.
    Persuing an alternative life.
    This star works on the personality to be out of step, holding different opinions to others, could imply not being open to the views of the collective and tend towards dictatorial attitudes.
    Stars of youth, that influence throughout life.
    Arcturus- The hunter, in paran to Jupiter.
    Someone who is seen as a brave or bold leader.
    This star has the symbolism of guarding, leading people as they embrace a new life style, one who can lead the way, one who has the vision or spirit to take the first step.
    Facies- The face of the archer in paran with Jupiter. ( Facies is one of the big bad boys!)
    Strong but potentially abrasive religious or philosophical views.
    Facies, a nebula in the face of the archer, is the penetrating stare of a lethal weapon. It is one of the most difficult and possibly the most violent bodies in the heavens. It gives a penetration of action that has no regard for others and can, therefore, make a great leader or dictator. The other side of Facies is the individual who may be the victim of the archers stare. Facies can be cruel and ruthless and its darkest shadow is the evil of war.
    With Facies in paran with Jupiter, the piercing stare of the archer is intertwinned with the Philosophical, religious or expansive nature of Jupiter, which in Hitler's case was expressed in his hatred of Jews.
    Fomalhaut- The watcher of the South, in paran with Mars.
    An idealistic warrior, mystical hero, or blind fanatic.
    This is one of the Royal Stars of Persia and all of them are quite unique, for each one seems to represent a trial or temptation through which the individual must work before true success can be achieved. They form a rocky road with many pitfalls where the individual can fall from grace. Yet they are not evil stars and if the individual has other harmonious stars and the person has good character, can bring huge success. Fomalhaut gives a magical charisma and idealism, it gives a touch of the dreamer, yet these dreams can be expressed in political or religious fanaticism.
    Vega-Orpheus' lyre in paran with Mercury.
    A visionary with a very persuasive voice or charismatic ideas.
    Hitler had a heady mixture of powerful fixed stars but i think he wouldn't have rose to be the Fuhrer of Germany if his Mercury hadn't been in paran with Vega, as his voice, interests, and writing was touched with a drop of a " Pied Piper".
    For Vega, the alpha star of the Lyre, is connected to Orpheus and his lyre and is linked to magic and divine spells. It is full of charisma, giving the individual creative, mysterious skills that can be used in communication, and if used negatively, deception.... it is a sign of a magical orator.
    Phact- the bow of the argo in paran with Mars.
    Bold, daring and original, needing a challenge.
    Phact adds an element of exploration, of seeking the unknown, and gives the individual a bold risk taking character.
    Menkar- The whale, in paran with Mars.
    Actions that please or jolt the collective, to be driven by hidden forces.
    Menkar is another bad boy, and represents the human collective unconsciousness, that can erupt like a beast from the deep bearing, with equal probability, moments of great collective insight, or chaos and mayhem.
    Algol-The head of the beast, in paran with the Sun.
    This fixed star is a shadow that i certainly wouldnt want on my natal parans.
    Algol was called Ras Al Ghul by the Arabs, meaning "Head of the Demon", they considered this female demon to be the wife of the Devil, Ptolemy labelled the star as "The bright one of those in the "Gorgons head". The Chinese called the star Tseih She, meaning "Piled up corpses", other meanings imply beheading etc. etc.
    Algol in paran with the Sun indicates a rage of passion, immense power, and the ability to lead everyone down the road to destruction.
    Alphard- The Heart of the Serpent/Dragon in paran with the Moon.
    This is the star involved with the collective consciousness karma poison bubbles, and with kundalini....if not tuned to a balanced spirit, can be deadly!
    A ruthless attitude to life, a passion for one's own pursuits.
    The Heart of the Serpent can easily be manifested as violent untamed energy and emotional outbursts.
    Aldebaran- The Eye of the Bull in paran with Saturn.
    To be politically aware, to make comment.
    Being one of the "Four Royal Stars of Persia", Aldebaran is a very powerful star and offers the possibility of glory and success, but only if a particular nemesis can be overcome.
    The challenge is one of integrity and honour, purity of your thoughts and dealings. With Aldebaran in paran with Saturn then the integrity, honour and principled energy of Aldebaran is combined with Saturn's Desire to implement all ideas into practice.
    Obviously with the unique blend of evil and extremely powerful fixed stars attached to Hitler's parans he was unable to live up to Aldebarans principles.
    When this happens the immense power of Aldebaran would turn negative and colapse around him like the energy of a dying star.
    Dramatic stuff!
    Hitler's Birth Details:-
    20th April 1889, 18:30pm., Braunau Am Inn, Austria.

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    Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand.

    Hi Everyone,
    I am sure that i am not the only research astrologer that has tried to find the exact time of the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, that triggered W.W.1.
    It is extremely hard to find a credible time, i have exhausted my self looking into this on the web, having looked at most newspaper reports, telegrams and reports from trials involving the assassin, Gavrilo Princip....I cannot do more. The time must be around 11:30am, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Latitude 43*N51', Longitude 18*E23', on 28th June 1914.
    There is evidence that it was known by mid-day in Vienna by a telegram, so cannot be later.
    I have included one report that mentions details by the assassin's trial on attachment, which fits with all other reports concerning the timing and events of the day.
    I tend to only deal with events within the 20th Century, as before this we must consider timing as dubious in 19th and 18th Centuries.
    There seems to be connecting event factors involved with the Two World Wars of the 20th Century, which was the largest amount of suffering experienced by the human race in it's history.
    Chart of the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand is on attachment, and again Juno is highlighted, being conjunct the Sun, a few degree's away from the M.C. (Pluto within 40' of M.C., looks lethal doesn't it?).
    It may be Juno is a connector, thus we may have to study terrorist attacks when Juno is conjunct an angle, it may give insight into how negative energies build up into history periods of immense human suffering!
    Report that mentions time is on attachment 3.

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    Start of the Russo-Japanese War.

    The actual start of the "Russo-Japanese conflict and war happened with a surprise encounter at 22:30pm on the night of 8th February 1904.
    Port Arthur is Lushun, in China at lat. 38*N48', Long. 121*E16'.
    Again the I.C. is 22*57', and P.O.F. is conjunct Juno that sits at 19*00' Capricorn, that is conjunct the I.C.
    All details on attachment.
    I have found that 09:45am. on 11th September 2001 is slightly wrong, it should be 09:37am when the Pentagon was hit, which puts Juno within a degree of the M.C.

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    planet earth
    awesome work on an asteroid that's very prominent in my personal family chart ... namely conjunct with the ascendent in the composite of me and my husband, as well as sitting on my daughter's natal ascendent ... hmmmmm after all these discussions, makes one think about what the signficance of that could be ...

    i do think that the spirituality/religious war does have something to do with juno, and not just necessarily the jihad aspect of war, as after the birth of my daughter, i became very much a 'crusader' under my religious upbringing and faith against the war (and, consequently, all forms of injustice and collective oppression -- whether through GMO foods and corporate greed and sweat shops by which our collective consumerism trashes the natural world, commanders resources requiring wars to protect, and enslaving people for labor). so, its all interesting to me that wars are sparked by an angular juno relationship.

    i really appreciate red rose's kindredness of the juno energy to "kali" ... that is what i feel juno's energy is like, as i've never felt the traditional mythology relations to what i felt ... as a total aside, 'kali' is the name i chose for our second child if we are ever to have one.

    thanks for all teh great research and information. time to digest!

    peace & harmony,
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