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Thread: What is your opinion on Christian religion?

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    What is Christianity?

    What are we talking about when we say christianity? Really! Has there ever been a consensus on what christianity is and what it's beliefs are? There are so many denominations today, all very different and sometimes contradictory. Before the protestant/catholic divide, there was the Roman Catholic/Eastern orthodox divide which argued about what was the nature of Christ. Was he human or was he divine and by what proportions . . . amongst other differences. Going way way back to a couple of decades after Jesus died, there were major divisions amongst his followers. Some Pharisee call Saul changed his name to Paul and started preaching christianity that contradicted the teachings of Jesus' actually followers like Peter etc. There was a showdown in which Paul won. Paul was an educated theologian, poor Peter was just a humble fisherman who found himself out of his league with Paul. In the Letters of the new testament there are constant references to divisions within the church and opposing factions. Even when Jesus was alive, he had followers that the main 12 were not aware of. His disciples ran into some dudes who were preaching christ. As the disciples did not know these guys they told them to stop and reported the incident to Jesus. However Jesus told them that it was cool and that they were on the same side.
    Now even going back to before the time of Jesus, there are sayings that Jesus was supposed to have said that were actually written down in the dead sea scrolls about 200 years before the birth of Jesus. Was Jesus just a part of a tradition that had actually started before he was born? What exactly is this Christianity?

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    It is a program to remove the power in the occult from the general public and place it within "messiahs" and "saviors" only.

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    What is Christianity? Part II

    My own definition of christianity is as follows. Christianity is the path that follows Christ. What is Christ? Christ or Christos is the greek word for Messiah which means the chosen one or the anointed one in hebrew. The bible is full of messiahs. King David was a messiah, King Saul was a messiah, Joshua was a messiah, anyone that had been specially appointed to do something was a messiah. Hell, even the rock that Jacob rested his head on in bethel when he was fleeing the wrath of Esau was a messiah. Yep, Jacob anointed the rock with Oil and named the place Bethel, meaning home of El after he had the dream of angels ascending and descending a ladder there. It's not true that there is one and only one messiah in Jewish religion.

    It is my belief that each and every human being is anointed. We are all chosen ones. In other words, within us is Christ. Most people are to varying degrees disconnected from Christ, which is within. The path of Christianity is to reconnect to and follow this Christ which is within. In other words to be christian is to follow the truth of your being.

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    Good post, but, er, I make a concerted effort to follow the truth of my own being and I don't consider myself Christian at all!
    But I see what you mean. Remember that bit from The Power Of Myth, I think Moyers asked Campbell if he believed that Jesus was the son of God and Campbell replied, "Not unless we all are."

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    Quote Originally Posted by stella01904
    Good post, but, er, I make a concerted effort to follow the truth of my own being and I don't consider myself Christian at all!
    And by the same token, many consider themselves to be Christian but do not follow the truth of their own being. Touche

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    just my experience OR results are not typical...

    On Christianity:

    It didn't help me... it made me weak because I forgot about the power inside myself and relied on the power of an unseen god I truely did not know.

    my family is mostly Christian,
    I've attended Baptist, Pentacostal and Anglican churches and youth groups...

    A dark moment for my faith was the day before I moved out of my Mum's house.
    Grandma sat me down on my bed and she told me that I was a child of darkness and ultimatly I'd burn in hell...
    I was a bad person because I had a boyfriend and was having some problems with my Mum.

    Please note: I was eighteen, graduated, employed full-time, paying rent and moving out to live with my Dad in the city so I could work and go to school.

    So yeah...
    I no longer have contact with anyone except my Mum from that side of the family.

    All I can say is it didn't help me be a better person.
    (although I will admit some of the teachings are probably very helpful to others, I like the parts about loving your neighbor as you would yourself and that kind of thing...)
    it didn't make my childhood easier, I was constantly belittled because I was not as developed in my faith as other members of the family or church. I once got told that if I couldn't speak in tongues I wasn't a real Christian...

    When I was a young child through my teen years I had MANY psychic experiences (hearing and seeing entities and having premonitions of events). My church and the bible told me these things were evil (although I did have some church friends that thought they might be a gift from God)...
    I plunged deeply into the faith in order to try to understand these things, and try to 'feel' God's love...
    and I even taught bible study...
    I used to lead prayer meetings...
    I even thought that maybe by dabbling in the occult in the seventh grade I had somehow spiritually 'damaged' me.
    My gifts left me... in reality I only blocked them out,
    They scared me a lot at the time.
    I burned books and poems and even my first pendulum in an attempt to cleanse myself.

    all I know is that it never made sense...
    the only time I ever felt anything was when they played the right music...
    They made me feel things on command... they were literally conditioning the youth group to make us all think we were having some great religious experience.
    (you know like those sappy commercials that make you feel all warm and fuzzy... or bring goosebumps up on your arm without you really 'feeling' anything on your own.)

    Years Pass...
    I stopped attending religious services originally just because I had a job and and a busy social life.

    When I moved out I started thinking harder about my faith and the last time I 'felt' God's presence or his hand in things...
    I realized that I never really had at all...
    all those prayers and pleas to this God all this time...
    had gone unheeded.

    After I renounced my christian faith my life took such a positive turn that I'm sure I made the right decision.
    And now my journey had begun.

    so yeah... just my take on it.
    thanks for making me think! :idea:

    blessings on you all, whatever path you walk.


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    What do you think of the Christian religion?...

    From someone who has seen it up close and personal, I am not impressed.
    But to each his own.
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    Speaking as a Christian...

    A Christian is a person who believes that Jesus is Lord and Savior.

    That's it. That's what makes you a Christian. So Christianity is a group of people trying to live for Jesus together. There are lots of denominations (flavors if you will!) just like there are a billion forms of witchcraft/paganism.

    Now, that's not to say that the different groups don't disagree. They do. That's why they're different groups. But the one thing that all Christians believe (at least, if they are true Christians and don't just use the title) is Jesus.

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    I was raised Christian, but in a relaxed, non-strict household. My grandmother took me to Sunday School all the time, I went to Vacation Bible School and loved every minute. In my preteen years, I turned to Christ and God for comfort and support, turned to reading mostly Christian books (loads of good, positive stuff for young people and teenagers in the Christian bookstores) and listening to Christian music. In my teen years, I became one of those irritating, not-quite-fundie but definately close-minded Christians. The deeper I became involved in religion, the more devoted I became. It was, in a period of growing unrest and trouble in my home life, a solace.

    But I gradually came to have more and more questions that my religion couldn't answer to my satisifaction, and years drug by where I virtually had no religion. I still tried to justify myself as a questioning Christian, one who'd strayed from the path and who would one day return. But moving somewhere far removed from the close-minded, tight-knit conservative community I'd grown up in had changed a lot of my basic views about the world - about right and wrong, about shades of gray, about tolerance and acceptance and a host of other things. I explored Buddhism - briefly - but it just wasn't for me.

    A year and a half ago, finally cut my Christian ties. While it served its purpose for me in the past, I still hold far too many questions that Christianity simply can't answer, and frankly, the more I read and reread the bible, the less I agree with it. I've met a lot of wonderful Christians - and a lot of not so wonderful ones. The holier-than-thou fundie types are perhaps some of the most irritating people (to me) on the face of the planet. But they're only a small aspect to why I dislike Christianity in general. It simply doesn't fit within my moral and general worldviews.

    That said... I still love my Christian books, still have my bible on my bookshelf, still listen to my music. But would I ever become Christian again? I don't think I could. I may become something else entirely, but the restrictions, the anti-tolerance written in the bible and displayed by a great many Christians, the entire idea of heaven and hell, of total submission to god... no. I just couldn't do it again.
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    My opinion on the christian religion.

    Nice enough people individually.Some of the most sweetestest kindest people Ive ever met.
    As a whole though,the biggest most arrogantly self righteous pain in the asses,the most murderous bunch of landthieving,enslaving,warmongering,planet raping cutthroats this planet has ever seen.

    But that's just my opinion,of course.
    (But it seems that history backs up that opinion)

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