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Thread: Electional astrology in 20th Century?

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    Electional astrology in 20th Century?

    Hi everybody,
    Juno wasn't used in astrology till late in the 20th Century by astrologers, so my findings concerning the first and second world wars involving Juno must be authentic, but there is suspicious circumstances involved with the surrender documents that set the scene regarding the end of both wars.
    There were two two documents that were signed by the German Nation that ended W.W.1, Being the Armistice signing in Rethondes, France, at 05:05am on 11th Nov. 1918, (Juno M.C. that seems un-effected by electional astrology), and the Treaty of Versailles.
    The actual time of the signing of "The Treaty of Versailles", has been very difficult to find, but at last i am confident that i have found it.
    I have managed to find an eye-witness account by a press journalist, that states that the session was opened at 15:15pm by M. Clemenceau, that was followed by a very short statement, both in French and German that couldn't have taken more than a few minutes, with this in mind i have set the astrology chart at 15:18pm., on 28th June 1919, outside Paris at Versailles...All documents on attachment.
    It seems that a lot of numerology was attached to W.W.1, which i have mentioned before, and although i'm not implying that Britain, America and France did anything wrong, it would be interesting to see if any electional astrology was used by the timing of "The signing of the Treaty of Versailles" and the effective time of the surrender on 8th May 1945 at Reims, France, at 23:01pm.(strange time?), that ended W.W.2.
    We have three options that we can follow, when significant aspects are the same in mundane astrology....1) it is electional. 2) some of the signing times are electional and some are due to planetary influences, and 3) All are due to planetary influences....make up your own mind, i tend to have a very suspicious attitude to this, as i have found so much intended numerology attached to W.W.1.
    All Charts and documents on attachment.
    If i wanted to set a time then i would make sure that the planet of "Surrender", being Neptune would be on the M.C., and you can see that this is the case in both cases. There are other similar attributes, as in the 1919 chart, Pluto and the Sun are conjunct in Cancer....Surrendering the will of the people to loss in regards to the "Homeland".
    We again find a similiar attribute in the 1945 chart, where Mars and the Moon are conjunct the I.C., which is associated with Cancer and the "Homeland".
    It must be suspicious, and annoying, as we can only see the creator's hand when we see untainted pure mundane astrology, thus see the direction that we should take.....Mundane astrology is very complex, make your own mind up! Please see attachments.

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    That's brilliant! I don't think anyone denied the numerology of WWI - much was made of the armistice "on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month" at the time. I wonder why 11 though? Any ideas numerologically?

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    11 represents two things significant to this situation:

    a) "just before the last hour" - a last minute solution to a problem
    b) a power beyond man - in numerology, both 11 and 22 represent forces higher than man, as in the power of God.

    interesting point on the neptune being the planet of surrender. this is obvious, but i've overlooked such.

    when the japanese surrendered in september, there was a jupiter/chiron/neptune conjunction... this triple conjunction hadnt happened for over a thousand years. interestingly enough, that same conjunct repeats itself in 2009. more on that after some more research.

    need to look over these charts when i get home, and finish up the other charts we discussed earlier, monk been working more on the individual individual experience side of astrology lately, mainly as i'm dealing with a nice neptune transit that is opening some doors in that area for me.

    back to the dark side soon enough, lol.

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    Hi Merc,
    Thought i would help you out on the Japanese surrender, details as follows:-
    The Signing took place on Sept. 2nd 1945, at 09:04am., on the deck of U.S.S. Missourri in Tokyo Bay, Japan, ask if you need document, my research is usually spot on.
    I find that how history researchers join events of W.W.1 and 2 together, the most obvious connections are seen in astrology.
    Research is very time consuming, i go through many dead ends before i can show concrete connections.
    I will never be able to put the puzzle together in the time i have left, i can only try.
    Recently i have been researching the abdication of Tzar Nicholas 2nd, but the more you research, you find the time period far i have found three different signed abdications, as they didnt want the responsibility, on one side, or wasnt acceptable to the Bolsheviks on the other.
    I'm not complaining, as the world wide web is a wonderful thing, but search engines are not able to find all data with an exact time quickly, more often than not it takes many many hours!
    Don't forget to look up documents, that are attached to "The other 9/11 thread", regarding the exact time of the assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand and the Pluto, Sun, and Juno conjunction on the M.C., that triggered W.W.1., a month later.
    My mind is now researching events yesterday in Egypt, hopefully the time is easy to often you only get "early evening" or "lunch time", when i am only interested in exact time!
    11 is a master number, which crops up a lot in numerology, as does 22 or 33, i have had a long interest in the 33rd degree lattitude in astrology, as have the 33 degree masons and the Knight Templar's, Ha Ha, so much to research!



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