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Thread: Peace agreements, Calendars and 9/11.

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    Peace agreements, Calendars and 9/11.

    On a bright sunny Autumn morning, 13th September 1993, two men stood facing each other shaking hands. It was a startling picture that made front page headlines around the world,...not for the reason of it taking place on the lawn outside the White House, but because no one ever thought that we would live to see Yitzhak Rabin, the P.M. of Israel, and Yasir Arafat, chairman of the P.L.O. shaking hands.
    It was an unbelievable event that took place after Shimon Peres, who was then, the foreign Minister and Mahmoud Abbas, who is now the P.M. of Palestine, signed a historical agreement, that promised a light at the end of the tunnel in the peace process....The signing took place at 11:43am.
    The hope, which most people held, soon died, as more blood was spilled.
    Soon after Rabin was assassinated, most historians agree that it was due to being involved in this agreement, i wont comment further as i have no wish to be political on this thread, other than explain events.
    Sometimes great events in history falter because of one small fact....The President of the United States was Bill Clinton and not Ronald Reagan.
    Hold it!, i'm not being political, but just stating a fact, "Ronny" wouldn't do anything without being helped by an astrologer, and certainly wouldn't have let "The Oslo Accords" be signed at 11:43am , 13th September 1993 at Washington D.C.
    Hell! what a putred event astrology chart (on attachment), made worse as the royal star Regulus, is conjunct the M.C., which always explodes negatively if revenge takes place, not to mention Pluto in its own sign conjunct the Asc., Saturn within 4* degrees of I.C. square Pluto, and Chiron conjunct the M.C., to name just a few of the aspects the worry me with this chart.
    Later today i hope to put on thread a lot of information on how a lot of calendars lined up in regard to the Oslo Accords and the WYE agreements, which is very strange and shows links to a lot of terrorist attacks including 9/11, it should be interesting reading.
    For the time being i would be very interested in any one's comments in regard to the chart on attachment.

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    Coptic, Jewish, Ethiopian calendars, WYE and Terrorist Attacks.

    It was always a threat that Washington and London were going to be a target for terrorist attacks, for reasons of history and their connection to the state of Israel.
    The whole process was started on 2nd Nov. 1917, when Lord Arthur Balfour, the British foreign secretary sent a letter, later known as the Balfour Declaration, to Lord Rothchild supporting the establishment of a Jewish national home in Palestine.
    After W.W.1. Britain was given a Mandate to bring the countries that had been governed by the Turkish- Ottaman Empire to a democratic conclusion by the League of Nations.
    Unfortunately this wasnt achieved, which led to the Declaration of Israel in 1948. Which was a surprise at the time, and President Truman was never forgiven by those opposed to a state of Israel, for the telegram he sent recognizing the fact in 1948...Most countries followed the U.S. in accepting Israel. (Please note this isnt a political statement, i am just stating history).
    After the First Gulf War that started at 02:38am on 17th Jan. 1991, world leaders tried to find a new solution to the Israel/Palestine problem.
    The Oslo Accords was secret meetings that were finalized in Oslo on 20th August 1993 that involved Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat, that led to "The signing of the Accords" on the lawn of the White House on 13 Sept 1993.
    The Basis of the secret agreements went back to "The Madrid Conference" of 1991.
    There have been many meetings and "talks" that include WYE., of which i would like to mention two others:- 1) The Negotiation for Permanent status that commenced in Taba, Egypt on 5th May 1996, and 2) The Sharm El Sheikh Memorandum that was signed on 4th September 1999, which were very difficult issues to be dealt with, and caused a lot of friction with those opposed to any negotiation.
    Okay, now comes the complicated bit.......11th September 2001 is based on the Gregorian calendar, so for the Islamic calender it fell on 23rd Jumaada Al Thani of the year 1422 A.H. , for the Ethiopian calendar it was the Ist Meskerem of year 7501 and by the Coptic Calendar, it fell on Ist Thout of year 1725....all of which is confusing but stay with me.
    The Ethiopian Ist Meskerem and the Egyptian Coptic Ist Thout are the New year's Day for both these Calendars, which is why Egypt adopted it's Constitution on 11th September 1971.
    The Ethiopian and Coptic New Year's Day in fact always fall on the 11th September of the Gregorian calendar, except on leap years, where an extra day is added.
    In 1999 of the Gregorian calendar, 11 September also marked the Jewish New Year, which fell on 1st Tishri 5760, this is because its a bit like the Christian Easter as it is determined by the New Moon and must not fall on certain days of the week. All these ancient calendars seem to go back to early Egyptian times.
    The early Egyptian New Year was marked by the first dawn rising of Sirius, which originally called 1st day of the first month of Thoth, which due to 1/4 day difference slowly got out of synch with the heliacal rising of Sirius and the Summer Solstace, so by early Christian times, The First of Thoth had drifted to 11 September Gregorian, which is why the Coptic New year, being 1st of Thoot starts on this date.
    If you havent got all that, it doesn't matter, all you have to remember was 11 September 1999 was important to a lot of calendars and was the last year before the Millenium in Gregorian. Which somehow may explain how Sirius was exactly conjunct the M.C. at mid-night over the Pyramids on Jan 1st 2000, hell, i will leave that for another day!
    Okay now lets go back to THE SHARM EL-SHEIKH MEMORANDUM.
    This agreement that was signed on September 4th 1999 in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt and had numerous clauses relating to all manner of issues outstanding between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, including reducing the area of the West Bank under Israeli control from 72% to 59%.
    There are some within our collective consciousness that never want a peace involving a state of Israel, which they dont recognize. Thus i imagine that this agreement, may of resulted in the terrorist attack on the Pentagon on 11th September 2001....considering that construction started on 11 Sept 1941, and Clinton had been the American President involved with the " Hand shake" between Rabin and Arafat after the Oslo Accords signing at the White House on September 13th 1993.
    SO WHERE DOES 11th Sept. fit in to the American attack and these agreements?
    There are 12 clauses in the Sharm El Sheikh Memorandum, and the actual document is easy to find on the net.....I quote from the document, but only from clause 12.
    MADE AND SIGNED IN SHARM EL SHEIKH, THIS FOURTH DAY OF SEPTEMBER 1999"......7 days after would make it 11 September 1999.
    I wonder if this was the real message behind the 9/11 bombing in America, which may be "dont try to find a solution to the Israeli/Palestine problem?"
    We can take this theory further and ask, was the bombing in Sharm El Sheikh on 23rd July 2005 at 01:15am. to punish the town for hosting this agreement?
    Could some of the other attacks be due to a city or town that have hosted peace agreements involving the Israeli/Palestine problem?
    Could the Message of 9/11 be this is "The First Day of a New year" of terrorism due to these agreement....Who knows when religion gets twisted, and peace isn't wanted by some?
    The Egyptian town of Taba has hosted a few of these agreements, and the Taba Hilton Hotel was hit at 22:00pm on 7th October 2004.
    Could the Madrid Conference of 30th October 1991 have anything to do with the Madrid Train Bombing of 11th March 2004, and here we find a connection to 11th September 2001 as 2004 was a leap counting the days between 11 Sept 2001 and 11 March 2004, you will find 912 days if you use the Gregorian calendar but if you use the Coptic, you will find "911 DAYS", plus 11 March is a half way measure to 11 September!
    I wonder about the Oslo Accords and wonder if Norway will have any suffering!
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    This is fantastic stuff, Monk - you've jogged my memory about Rosh HaShanah being 11 Sept in 1999 (I knew that date sounded familiar even before the twin towers attacks), but I didn't know about all those other calendars.

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    Hi fluff,
    yes it is interesting, yet being tired i have made a small mistake which i will rectify, by not including both dates of 11 Sept 2001 or 11 March 2004 is the only way of finding 911 days in between!
    Please find clause 12 of the Sharm el sheikh Memorandum on attachment, which states that the memorandum will enter into force one week from the date of signature.

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    Assassination of Rabin.

    I havent bothered attaching details of Rabins death, just tap 9:40pm 4 nov. Rabin assassination into a search engine, you should get all the details you need. i have put the chart on attachment to compare to the chart of the "Signing of Oslo Accords".
    I know there are some very experienced astrologers at "Mysticwicks" so i wont go on about the obvious on the Desc.
    but interesting that Chiron is within orb of I.C., when it was conjunct M.C. in previous chart of the Oslo Accords.....Moon on M.C. always captures the attention of the collective in mundane astrology.
    So what about the power of Regulus and the nemesis of revenge....Ha Ha its there but you will have to think of new rules being applied to astrology and fixed stars.
    On the Oslo Accord chart for the year 1993 Regulus was at 29*44' Leo, which makes it conjunct the M.C. within 30', and Pluto was at 23*12' Scorpio which makes it conjunct the Asc.
    By 4th Nov. 1995,(Rabin's Assassination) Pluto had moved to 29*46' Scorpio.....fixed stars as you know only move 1 degree every 72 years, so Regulus only moved 2 seconds, so was at 29*46' Leo, which is an exact square to Pluto...Gulp!
    Arafat died on the anniversary of another peace treaty, but not the Oslo Accord....He died on the 11th day of the 11 month 2004 in France,.....amazing stuff involved in the cycles of astrology!

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    Now the London Terrorist happened at 08:50am. on the 7th of July 2005, which shows Juno very near to the M.C., if you make up a chart.
    The trouble with reading mundane charts are....maybe they are electional.
    I have put a page from Wikipedia on attachment from Juno (mythology).
    Actually, the 7th of July is a festival in honour of Juno, called "Nonae Caprotinae"!
    As you have read, there is great significance with the date of 11th September, and the Coptic Calendar, (Please look up on internet), which is New Years Day, if you want to have a calendar by ancient Egyptians.
    The first day of the Coptic calendar is also marked by the Feast of Neyrouz, Known as "Ano Martyrum, A.M., which means "Year of the martyrs!"
    I wouldnt be surprised if religion and astrology isnt being inter-mixed.
    We know that 1st Jan 2000 was the wrong date to celebrate the Millennium, calendar experts say it should have been celebrated at mid-night between 31st Dec. 2000 and 1st Jan 2001.
    If you celebrate the New Millennium by the Coptic Calendar, it would be 11th Sept. 2001...suspicious isnt it? Mohammed atta was an Egyptian, the leader of the terrorists on 9/11.
    A lot of astrologers here probably have Solar Fire astrology programme that also shows Bernadette Brady's Parans.
    Set up a chart for 00:00 1st Jan any year between 1901 and 2101 for Cairo, Egypt, and tell me what star is in paran to the M.C./mid-heaven.
    It may tell you why so much symbolism is going on at the moment!

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    If you have looked on the previous attachment, then you have seen that Juno had a festival on 13th September!
    A Montreal School suffered on 13th September 2006 at 12:41pm., Please view attachments and chart which shows Juno under four degrees away from the M.C., in opposition to Uranus. The M.C. is in Paran to fixed star Zosma, which is one of the most difficult fixed stars.
    Just over two years ago another school suffered on Wednesday 1st September 2004, when a school was seized by gunmen at 09:00am.
    If you make up a chart you will find the I.C. at 09*25' Capricorn, and Juno at 09*10' Capricorn.
    Beslan, Russia, Lat. 43*N11', Long. 44*E32'.

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    The reason that i mentioned Cairo is that parans are shown on Solar Fire which some here will have this astrology programme, i have access to solar fire, but do most of my paran work on "Starlight" which is Bernadette Brady's astrology programme that works out fixed star parans as the ancients did.
    I'm going to write out some research then put attachments to this thread later.
    Now if you set up a chart by Solar Fire for Cairo you will find that it is 30*N03' 31*E15', Now Cheops Pyramid is very very near Cairo at 29*N58', 31*N07', and shows almost the same parans, especially in regards to Sirius and the M.C.
    Most seekers of the secrets of ancient knowledge express sadness that the "Great Library of Alexandria" was burned to the ground in the early centuries A.D.
    The library at Alexandria was one of the wonders of the ancient world, housing all the books, scrolls, and history from the dawn of human civilisations.
    Even by 200A.D. Clement of Alexandria still made reference to a catalogue of Egyptian books which contained in 36 works, the entire philosophy of the Egyptians.
    Among them were 8 books dealing with the knowledge of what were called "Heiroglyphics", and included Cosmography, geography, the position of the Sun, Moon, the phases of the five planets, the chorography of Egypt, information on fixed stars, and all the secrets of the priest astronomers.....
    All of this went up in smoke!!!!
    Sosigenes was a student at the great library, and as i have said was the father of the Julian calendar, that he calibrated from the Coptic calendar, and the great fixed star, Sirius, that the Egyptians loved so much.
    In the "Dark Ages" so much information was lost, and although we surmise that the Egyptian priests started the Coptic calendar around early July approx. 5,000 years ago, as the Sun rose with Sirius, we cannot be sure... there is evidence that the Egyptians used other calcalations other than Sirius, sadly by early Christian times, even followers of the Coptic calendar had lost track, thus is why "The first of Tout/New Year" isnt adjusted with the gregorian calendar, as Sirius slips backwards.
    Except for Leap Years the Coptic New Year is always 11th September, that is obviously out of sink with Sirius.
    Sosigenes also made another adjustment, as it was around this time that the 1st Jan. become important, although it took a long while for the Western calendar to use the 1st Jan. as the beginning of the New Year.
    Google Earth is free if you only have the basic programme, it allows you to zoom in within a few hundred feet, anywhere in the world and gives latitude and longitude.
    The original Egyptian Heirogliph for Sirius was a five pointed star, a dome or half circle and an obelisk or shape like a finger of God, hence my interest in quintiles and mason tradition of using the symbol of the pentacle or pentagon to signify Sirius, which obviously they used in the "Ground breaking ceremony of the Pentagon" which was 11th Sept. 1941.
    A few months back i zoomed in by Google Earth above the "Great Cheops Pyramid", just outside Cairo, and suddenly had a thought, that i will now explain.
    The great pyramid of Cheops, when looking at it from above, shows the edges or corners rise up and meet in the centre.
    As astrologers, we know that the astrology wheel is very ancient, and is connected to our clock face, even seconds and minutes come from astrology!
    Now i may be fanciful, but looking down on a pyramid... it does remind you of a square clock, we all have had watches that only show 3, 6, 9, and 12, which is symbolic of the "Cross of Matter" and the angles of the earth!
    Indeed if you look at a pyramid side points to the sky, but if it was trying to point to a star...what star, and what period of time?
    I set up "Starlight" for the Lat. and Long of Cheops pyramid, and as it sits just outside Cairo, i knew the Winter time factor was -02:00.
    I set it for 1st Jan at 00:00am.
    Now the New Year started in ancient Egypt when the Sun Rose with Sirius, so if Sirius was to correspond to the end/beginning of the Gregorian calendar, then we would be looking for Sirius culminating in paran to the M.C., at the stroke of mid-night on 31st Dec/1st Jan., while the Sun is in opposition.
    The chances of this happening over Cheops Pyramid are astronomical, considering that Sirius slips because it isnt in line with an exact year.
    I have looked through several thousand years, and have only found this happening on a continual basis from 1st Jan 1901 to 1st Jan. 2101, after which it peters out, only coming back for a while, the year before leap years.
    So what i am saying is Sirius chimes in the New Year over Cheops Pyramid, at the stroke of Mid-Night, in this era, between 1901 and 2101!
    I dont know how to value this, because i have gaps in my knowledge as an astrologer, do we value this like a transit, if so then the middle period would be strongest, which points to the years that we are in now.
    The theory of this can go further, can the Sphinx tell us anything?
    It may, there are theories that the Sphinx has a womans face, but we can be sure it has a lions body.
    If it did have a womans face it could point to the cusp between Leo and Virgo, but even if we agree that the Sphinx only had a lions body, we would be forgiven in looking up when Regulus was on the cusp.
    After all it is the "Royal Persian Star of Leo", and after Sirius, the ancients thought this star was very very fact they considered Regulus as the "Ruler of the Angles of the Earth"!
    Again i am confused by calendar experts who say that the Millennium should have been celebrated at mid-night between 31st Dec.2000, and 1st Jan. 2001, and could that influence how we judge a cusp?
    I have checked on starlight...on 18th September 2011, Regulus passes to
    00*00' Virgo and stays at that position till Thurday 25th October 2012, so on Starlight, for the next day, being Friday 26th October 2012, Regulus is shown as 00*01' Virgo, which is under two months away from 21st Dec., being the end of the Mayan Calendar.
    I will carry on with this thread tomorrow and show all attachments, and printout from both starlight and solar fire.

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    it is interesting that the source of the calendars ... evidentially the julian was spawned from a system delineated from the star sirius, just as the mayan calendar was ...

    sirius, not a star, but dual star ... hence, perhaps the innate duality "stamped" on our civilizations .... perhaps where we can start is by adopting a calendar not calibrated to a source of duality ... could that be possible? would it make a difference ??

    great work monk!!!
    peace & harmony,
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    I'm attaching a few attachments from solar fire and starlight.

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