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Thread: The Cheops Pyramid and Sphinx clock.

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    The Cheops Pyramid and Sphinx clock.

    Hi Everyone,
    To read this you may need a sense of humour, it may be dynamite, but the last thing i want you to do is panic, i think a lot of governments must know about this "clock", okay they dont let you know because they feel we are too superstitious, i don't agree, it isn't Armageddon....although it seems a few people are trying to make it so.
    I think i may of figured out a puzzle, and if i am right, then many thousands of years ago an intelligent being left a message.
    Obviously it was just a warning, because there wouldnt of been any reason to leave it otherwise.
    I think the message tells us he knew about an exact calendar and how all heavenly bodies influence us on earth, and he knew exactly when our technology would move forward at such a speed, he left a puzzle to be solved.
    We are coming very very intellegent, recently DNA was deciphered, yet knowledge brings responsibility, and all knowledge is knife can be used for good and bad effects.
    Google Earth is free, if you only have the basic programme, it allows you to zoom in within a few hundred feet, anywhere in the world.
    Which is what i was doing a couple of nights ago, over Cheops Pyramid, just outside Cairo.....Google Earth also gives precise latitude and longitude, and cheops is 29*N58', 31*E07', but Cairo is only a few seconds out, so you can use that location if you want to do a quick check, it only changes the effect slightly.
    We know that the Ancient Coptic calendar was started many thousands of years ago, when Sirius and the Sun rose together on the Asc. angle in Egypt.
    By early Christian times it had slipped to 11th September, as it really didnt have any meaning any more, as the Sun and Sirius didnt join on the Asc. the calendar stopped on that date, thus every Coptic New Year starts on 11 September except leap years.
    So in reality we must look for another time now which would be Sun in opposition to Sirius, as everything has progressed.
    On attachment is the Google Earth picture of the Pyramid, by looking down on it you will see the four corners, which reminded me of a clock or astrology chart showing the angles although it is square and not round. A sudden thought hit my consciousness....a pyramid has a point as if it is pointing at the M.C.....but if it was trying to say something....what star and at what period in time? I didnt have to look far, a vastly intelligent being had left a message that took my breath away....he knew how our calendar worked exactly and left an alarm clock that started working at mid-night 1st Jan. 1900 when the Great fixed star Sirius clicked into place on the M.C. and the Sun is obviously exactly in opposition.....EVERY NEW YEAR SINCE SIRIUS has clicked on the M.C. a minute or two before New Year like BIG BEN.....This doesnt happen any other day at midnight except 30 December and that is because it would be impossible that it didnt, being so close to our end of year!
    Obviously there are other times that Sirius is on an angle in Egypt but the odds of Sirius being on the M.C. over Cheops at the end of our modern calendar which brings in the New Year are astronomical.
    This started 31 Dec. 1900...and continues every year till 2101....this cannot be by chance. The greatest advances in our history were made from 1900 till now...The pyramid must be a clock in line with the angles of the Cosmos.
    The message is look at the years that Sirius chimes exactly over Cheops bringing in the New Year and see what an important century this is....someone knew this many thousands of years ago!
    My starlight astrology programme will go up to the year 5,400....Sirius doesnt click on the M.C. at New Year again, apart from 2105, 2109, 2113 and 2117...which is due to our modern calendar and adding an extra day at leap year every 4 years.
    Please remember that i am using the true astrological measurement, that the Egyptians used which is Sirius is in paran to the M.C.....I have Starlight, which Bernadette Brady developed and investigated how Egyptians used parans in relation to fixed stars. This doesnt mean that you will find Sirius on the M.C. at each New Year at Cheops by using projected fixed stars which many astrology programmes only show.....Brady's starlight programme has only been available for a few years.
    We may also ponder the would seem that after Sirius, Regulus is still the Watcher of the North, and master of the angles of the earth...a lions body and a womans face could point to the cusp between Leo and Virgo....Regulus is very near to the cusp now, which has taken over 2000 years to pass through Leo.
    Dont be hard on the masons...who i am sure know this at top level, They probably think you are going to panic. Bin Laden is dangerous though, 11th September 2001 proves that he knows all about Coptic calendars!
    It would seem that Sirius, given half a chance will bring understanding of the Universe...but we may have to be very and spiritual wisdom hasnt clicked together yet, the power of Siruis is very hard to control. This isnt gloom and doom we just have to be very careful, the positive side is there is a massive prize if we can grasp doesnt come up that often.
    It may be of worth to politely knock on the White House door and ask for the gaps to be explained, perhaps you could use google earth photos of street plan outside White house and Pentagon and Egyptian coptic calendar date of Construction, Symbol of Sirius is a Five pointed star or pentagon.
    Dont panic and run round like headless chickens though, its a shock that many have a secret faith, but dont think they are all doing harm.
    I just think you have a right to know in a democracy, you have a right to ask questions, its a time to be careful, but a lot of superstitious dark stuff being talked about that doesnt need to happen isnt going to help.
    On a more humerous note, put your Mr. Spock pointed ears on and think logically....took a long time to build the pyramids, hardly worth sending a message if its all gloomy is it?
    I have put attachment parans showing the year 1900 at precise time showing Sirius on the angle at New Year, and the Last New year this happens except a few hiccups with leap years, which is 2101, which means we are in the strongest middle period.

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    Hi Everyone,
    I thought i would bring research up to date...Cheops is 29*N58', 31*E08', the slightly smaller Pyramid is 29*N58', 31*E07', so i am able to up date my findings using starlight, which calcalates parans as the Egyptians did.
    By using the Cheops Lat and Long, every New Year between 1901 and 2101, Sirius is culminating on the angle by paran at Mid-night, which is the right way to show exactly two centuries.
    I'm sure you remember the kill joys during the millennium celebrations saying that 2001 was really the end of the 20th Century, the reason of course was that people reacted to the fact that 2000 clicked into place, and was easier for people to identify with.
    After 2101, Sirius will continue to be Culminating every four years after till approx 2150, after which i cant find any other New Year up to 5400 where this happens again....this is as far as "Starlight programme Goes".
    On attachment please find B.B.C. report explaining forth coming celebrations at the Millennium that were cancelled suddenly involving placing a Gold Cap Stone on Cheops Pyramid.
    Considering all the hype and interest that a certain film is getting in Cannes, i may bring a thread i wrote two and a half years ago, back for a "Dusting", called "Grand Quintiles in October, From Egypt till now".



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