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Thread: Local Legends (please share yours)

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    Here's another one I dug up. We have a psychiatric museum that's supposed to be haunted. The museum is on the grounds of the old state mental hospital. The hospital has since been converted to a prison, but the museum is still open. Some of the things that have been reported are strange noises, sightings of a man in dress pants on the third floor, and an old patient is said to be seen wandering the halls throughout the building. The basement, where the morgue is located, is said to be the most haunted part of the building. Apparently, the motion detector gets set off repeatedly and rapidly even though no one is in the area. A sewing machine there will start operating, and sounds of whimpering, crying, and cries for help are heard. Also, a man's shadow and muttering are heard in that part of the building. Several touring groups, including a college class, have reported hearing a woman's voice whispering "help me." Other groups have claimed seeing a man running towards the elevator yelling "Why are you here? Get out!"

    I went through the museum once, but didn't experience anything. Actually, at the time, I didn't know it was supposed to be haunted.
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    there's a park around here, Galster Park, where there's supposed to be this house up on a hill thats haunted. supposedly, the man who used to live there used to lure young children, and then molest and kill them. so its supposed to be haunted by the ghosts of the kids. from what i've read online, people see kids there at night, and have spoken to them. my mom grew up around there, and had never heard such stories. she didn't even know there was a house up there. my brother and his friends went looking for it one day, and couldn't find it. i looked on google earth, and couldn't find it. its a gang hangout at night though, so its too dangerous for me to go there at night, my brother and i went one evening, it was still pretty much light out, and when i told my mom, she flipped. so we might go in the daytime, but thats about it. if i were really interested, i'd go to the library and look through the microfilms and see if i can find anything in the papers about the story being true. then it might be worth looking into. but why do the dirty work without the research first? although i'd love to see if i could get some EVPs if it turned out to be true...

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    I've heard this one from relatives.

    No harm to anyone, just a prankish one playing with toys.

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    I live at the border with Mexico practically, and man, do we have some messed up ghost stories. La Llorona, for starters. Supposedly, as legend has it, a single mother lived in poverty with her several children. Seeing that she could never give them a good life, in a moment of passion she drowned them in the river, knowing that they would have a better life in heaven. After she realized what she had done, she drowned herself, and now forever wanders the local rivers at night, crying hysterically and looking for her children. Old legend.

    And there is a host of other local legends surrounding one ranch in particular, an area called Loma Blanca (White Hill) road. Reports of fireballs falling from the sky and a bunch of other ghostly activity have come up.

    On a lighter note, here's a story to leave a good taste in your mouth...

    An old man was driving home one night, I'm not sure from where...when all of a sudden, a ghostly woman appears in his driver's seat. He looks at her, shrugs, and keeps on driving. I suppose he's seen scarier things, who knows. So he gets home and casually tells his wife about it. "Ah, it was probably just another woman you're seeing." she laughs.
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    NJ has a magazine, books, and website dedicated to this kind of stuff. Some really great stories.
    In my town, there is Clinton Road which is a super long, very dark and very creepy road. There are numerous reports of ghosts there, most memorable about a little boy ghost under a bridhe. If you throw coins down to him, he'll throwthem back.
    DH and I have seen a ghost once before driving down a different road. I said to him to watch out for the person crossing the road and next thing you know, there was no one. We both saw that too.

    Check out the website. Very cool stuff.

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    I'm looking for various stories about the faeries in Newfoundland (to be exact, the very area I live in), but, unfortunately, one of the sites with the biggest collections is down for revamping. xPP

    I'll keep searching in any case. Again, I think most of it is published. Author/journalist Dale Jarvis has quite a few things written about it, so if you can manage to get a hold of his most recent book, Wonderful Strange, there should be a good few stories there. :3

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    Yorkshire's full of ghostly legends and hauntings. York is said to be one of the most haunted cities in the world.

    It's been said that Robin Hood (or at least a person that the legend was supposedly based apon)was actually buried in Yorkshire, and was said to be a Yorkshireman himself. Legend or not, who knows. I take it with a grain of salt, myself. There could have been plenty of people doing the sort of thing that his legend was based apon.!/Kristle.Benton

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    Quote Originally Posted by Liberty
    I think Bigfoot has a cousin in Oklahoma because supposedly he/she's hiding out there too.

    As for Texas, hm...well aside from a Route 66 running through a part of Texas, there's this thing my 6th grade Texas history teacher told us.
    During Halloween, he'd dress up as a Crypt Keeper, deck his entire class room like a cemetery and tell us Texas ghost stories. (He went all out with sound effects, lighting and fog)

    I remember one in particular about a railroad in San Antonio.
    A long time ago there was a school bus filled with kids crossing a railroad but the bus broke down in the middle of it. A train came and killed everyone on it. Now the children haunt that railroad track. It's said that if you go there at night and put your car on neutral, the children will push your car across the tracks. If you put powder or flour on the back of your car you can see their little hand prints. I think it happens year round but more people go out there during Halloween.

    Some people are just asses and slam on their breaks when they're being pushed across though. Then the kids start pounding on their car.

    The Alamo of course is haunted, never been there so I have no stories.

    Another place is the USS Lexington docked out at Corpus Christi beach.
    I took a school trip there and we got to spend a few nights on the ship.
    It's said to be haunted by old crew members. The lights would flicker, the water in the showers and sink would turn on by themselves.
    When I was there we were separate, girls and guys slept in different quarters of the ship.
    One of my teachers freaked out in the middle of the night because she felt someone kissing her. All I remember was screaming and the lights came on and all the girls woke up.
    I've heard of the kids pushing the cars across the tracks in Texas. Thats really cool!

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    Apparently we have our very own gateway to hell out in Stull, KS....which isn't to far from here. Then theres Abilene and a few other frontier towns that sport dsome neat ghost stories.

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    I know there's a rumor that Madison was built by Satanists, that's why our streets are so f*ed up and not in normal # block patterns, but circular and confusing as sh*t, because it was originally built in the form of a pentagram. I know there's also a former mental hospital in Watertown WI that they are currently remodeling to make an assisted living old folk's home right now; I can tell you there are not many old folks who want to go there. It's looking nice so far, but .... ghost stories abound. There's also a rumor in my hometown of Juneau WI, something about this certain road you go down and there's a Satan-worship house somewhere hidden in the woods and they're always looking for a fresh sacrafice. Lol. There's a whole book called Weird Wisconsin all about our urban legends and rumors, but I haven't read it yet. I was going to check out the website but it's "currently undergoing rennovations". Damn.
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