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Thread: Helpful Sites For Mythology and Deity Info

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    Helpful Sites For Mythology and Deity Info

    Updated 6.16.2009

    This thread is for reference/encyclopedia-like uses, it is not a thread for commenting and discussions.
    If there is a mistake please let me know in a PM.
    If there are things that you would like to have added-- let me know (In a PM). I'll post it right away! Seriously.
    When a site is found that relates to a Diety/Pantheon I will add that link to the posts already made.

    For suggestions post in this thread:
    G&G-- what do you all want to see?
    Or PM me.

    For threads on Mystic Wicks relating to deities:
    The Gods and Goddesses Resource and Link thread


    Online Temples
    [not all pantheons and deities have online temples]

    [Per in Kemetic means house/temple]

    Greek or Roman

    Middle Eastern

    [Puja, noun. Sanskrit. The worship of a particular deity]


    Links [More to come]

    General and/or Multiple Pantheons


    Greek and Roman

    Middle Eastern

    Hindu, Vedia, Buddhist, Tao, Shinto

    Celtic, Irish, Welsh, British


    Norse, Heathen, Ásatrú

    Native American, Polynesian, South American

    Voodoo, Santeria, African

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