We attempted to work this issue out with the owner of MysticWicks. Needless to say we are currently being ignored.
I have had no communication from you. I checked my husband's account as well. Still nothing.

In this case KiNoRonin has taken it upon himself to violate some basic legal principles and since the owner of MysticWicks has chosen to protect his right of freedom of speech/abuse of speech over my rights I will be taking it to the service provider for actioning. Or I will file the proper paperwork and hold MysticWicks civilly liable for the actions of their users.
I'm sure our lawyer will have plenty to say about that. Perhaps you should take a look at our ToS. Yours is quite similar so I'm sure you have an understanding of how things work.

Aside from that, this user is posting his personal opinion based on his experience at your board. That is, after all, what message boards are about. Opinions. Sharing information.

Anyone who feels that stomping on the rights of others in order to promote their own personal "Endeavour" is no better than some of the world's greatest and most despised dictators.
And yet you expect our member's rights to be stomped on to protect your endeavor. Yes? Pot, meet Kettle.