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Thread: Us...Evolving Into...Aliens?

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    Us...Evolving Into...Aliens?

    I have no idea if this is the correct forum. If it is not, I do apologise.

    A friend of mine recently presented a very interesting concept/theory. She says that she has often thought that perhaps we are evolving into aliens as we imagine/know them on film, art and other works.

    She notes that we are becoming less and less physical in our daily lives and more and more dependent on computers and machinery. She stated that we would develop large heads to contain our much-needed larger brains. We could develop long limbs with long fingers complete with flattened tips for good button pushing ability. We really would not need the type of skin we currently have because we would spend most of our time seated at a computer control station to work and live, as we would most likely not go outside and would have no need to. Most physical work, even for activities of daily living, would become computerized and automated. Eating could be done via melt-away strips or pills placed in our teeny tiny mouths, no longer needing to be large enough to eat "real" food. Speaking would not be needed, as we all will communicate, live, work and be entertained right from our "residential cubicles" via computers.

    Ewww! What a nasty-looking thing to evolve into! What a nasty existance, IMO. I would not enjoy that lifestyle at all.

    She went on to state that perhaps the aliens are, in fact, ourselves, evolved and visiting from the future with our own future technology. Akkk!!!

    But the concept is pretty thought provoking, IMO.
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    That's a very interesting idea, although kind of disturbing. I think that people would miss out on so many experiences in nature and being outside if that were to ever happen. It does seem like more and more is being done by computers and technology so maybe it's a possibility.
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    not such a mad theory i dont think-we are constantly evolving-why couldnt it be into that?

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    won't happen...for all of us anyway. We still do too many physical things, even if for nothing more than recreation. Sports are still incredibly popular and i don't see that changing. Even people that don't do sports, many of them are part of the "gym craze" and work out 4-5 times a week. This mindset would have to completly vanish before people could start to evolve into something like that. even if our heads got bigger to encompass our growing brains...the necks would get stronger for those that remained active.
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    Hmmm... There's a guy who wrote a couple of books, one was called Megatrends and I forget the other title but it was similar. He looked at many trends within society and how they seemed to be interacting with one another. He had this idea of 'high-tech/high-touch' which points out that as people in general use more technology, they have a desire to compensate for it by being more physical (exercise, crafts, sight-seeing in person, camping, sex, aerobics, you name it). There are people who are exceptions - the 'couch potatoes' and 'mouse potatoes' - but there are also people who are exceptionally physical.

    I spent my early childhood years before big era of personal computers, and TV was a temptation for me. My father was working during the week, and my mom only had a part-time job, so she was home more. She always used to get me to go outside rather than watch TV... we had a yard, a huge walnut tree to climb, lawn, shrubs & berry bushes... lots of birds around, pet cats and dogs, I built bird feeders and had projects outside. There are still lots of parents who feel this kind of thing is good for their kids.

    Also, I think that the ecology movement in recent decades has pointed out that we cannot possibly automate many of the tasks and jobs where our society interfaces with nature - like forestry, stream-keeping, fish conservation and management, agriculture, and stuff. If we do, we lose the element of close human perception, and intuition, and hands-on care... then we ruin our environment and our health. Same thing (a parallel) with social problems in the cities and towns.

    I think the picture is bigger than your friend has painted it.

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    I somewhat agree with your friend, I do feel the "grey" depiction especially is very much what we may become... I view the greys as how a very old, frail human being would be.... grey skin, as life barely flows throug the body to give that pink hue,.... the enlongated fingers could be evolution to use our hands better, skin recessing against the skeleton, or both....the total lack of hair even seems very probably, especially being so comfortable with technology...

    I'll say one thing for sure, everytime I see a photorealistic depiciton of a grey I get freaked out....

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    Although it doesnt sound true to me it was am interestinf theory, amd very deffinately worth the giggles it gave me.
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    That would explain some people I know....


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    this is actually one therory to alien vistors, that they are time travellers from our future, I am sure it has been discussed somewhere on the paranormal.

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    I'd hate to nit pick but if we're still on Earth isn't it impossible for us to be aliens? At least to our own planetmates.
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