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Thread: Where does history end & myth begin?

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    you could say that history is personal and is the the sum of your own memory of experiences

    beyond that, you cannot say for certain that anything is certain

    histories - versions of the truth - are promoted and sold according to motive, unfortunately , and probably always have been

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    1. oral history - Some courts have accepted oral histories as valid evidence in First Nations land claims. Some courts haven't.. and some have overturned lower court rulings on the acceptability of oral history. So is oral history factual? The definitive answer is - sometimes maybe! But myth and legend (oral history) is not to be automatically dismissed legally or philosophically. Even if there is not "factual" truth, myth frequently contains a spiritual or moral truth.

    2. ancestors - today's definition of "mother", "father", "daughter", and "son" may not be the historical or traditional definition. Even today in some societies, family relationship is not necessarily biological. The concept of "illegitimate" or "adopted" doesn't exist in some societies. What about in societies where a woman has several different mates for her children but lives with her brother? What is "family"? Who is the "father"? It can be defined by role as well as biology so tracing back one's geneaology 45 generations may involve going through some anthropological, historical-definition swamps.

    And, btw, what difference does it make, really?

    3. dragons - of course dragons existed. They still exist. Seriously, have you ever considered that in the legend of St. George and the Dragon, the dragon represented paganism?
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