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Thread: Your Pagan Haven

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    My current pagan haven is when I meditate .... other then that I would have to say the beach. <3

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    My husband and I just got back from Salem, MA a few weeks ago. While we were lured in by the stops, the energy there was more than anyone has ever been able to explain. There really is a different level of something there that really attracted us to this little city. I think from now on, when I need to be in that pagan place, I will be imagining I'm back in Salem.
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    I would have to say my astral temple because there I am with the Gods and there love and a perfect state of mind.

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    My special place is a semi permanent outdoor circle my coven created in a nature reserve on the banks of the Hudson river here in New York.. Our High Priestess found a fantastic little secluded spot at the end of meadow out of the way of walking tracks and passes by where we've marked out a circle with logs on the ground... We even have a lovely flat alter stone up there that we hide away after rituals... This way if someone was to stumble across it, it wouldn't look too out of the ordinary...

    The place has the most wonderful light in mid-afternoon. With the sun coming through the leaves its completely breathtaking....

    I've also read, and though my experiences I would agree with this, that a permanent ritual space such as an outdoor circle builds up a great reservoir of energy over time. Just stepping into the circle you can feel the energy shift - it's magnificent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Astara Seague View Post
    the first one I had was a place called Bridal Veil Falls here in Utah, just up Provo canyon, it was a hike to get up there but there was nothing nicer then sitting under those falls especilly with a nice breeze blowing
    I completely agree!!! It is one of the BEST places to hike... Loads of wildlife and flowers and plants and... oh it's just perfect there....

    Another place I love is Sedona... Not only for the vortexes that are there... but the general scenery is superb!!

    A place closer to home that I enjoy is many of our state parks... Red Rock state park has always been a favorite... as well as Roman Nose state park....I just returned from Roman Nose and felt GREAT.... till I got home of course... (but that's a different story)

    There are a few other areas... I really like my front yard when the moon is directly above, and everyone is asleep... it's great to just sit on the porch or lay in the grass... (would be better if any of the rocks I throw at the street light would hit the target.... )

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    My university has a lot of very old/ancient trees scattered throughout campus. There's one that draws me too it and I call it the wise tree....when it is nice out I like to sit on the bench by it or go over and say hi (touch) it. Makes me feel at peace.

    When I was younger, my grandmother's garden was my haven.

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    I have a dear friend and mentor.. Janie is in her late 60's, she is a Buddhist, nautropath, and herbalist.. She has refurbished an old log cabin on the edge of a clearing.. her home is so peaceful and serene.. she has gardens everywhere and hidden platforms for meditation.. she has this crazy wild white hair and ice blue eyes, her voice is strong but soft.. she is the wisest person I know.... being there with her, even if it is pulling weeds makes me so calm and content... another thing.. she always knows when I am going to visit.. she has my favorite tea made and the door is wide open....

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    My pagan haven is my stone circle. It is not much, it is small and has a large stone in the middle for libations. I have hallowed it so many times it is energetic to step into. And I live in the desert, but normal forest trees grow in my backyard and I have found a nice thicket where it is. It is wonderful to meditate and think in that small place where I have invited many Gods.

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    My childhood home has a green belt and park just behind it. As a kid I would wander into the 'light' parts of the park (the playground and walking paths). There is a single, majestic tree that grows just off the paved path. I often think of it as a guardian of the park. Sometimes I find beer bottles there, but it's not as littered as I would have thought.

    Then there is the 'dark' part of the forest. The city uses them as orienteering terrain, so the trees were left to grow as they saw fit, and the trails are indistinguishable from the regular soil. I used to walk around there and feel how quiet it was, picture how the land was before humans moved in. There is also a small hill that crests onto a small plateau FULL of ferns. I could picture myself alone, and would watch the trees and insects as they made shadows against the thin streams of light.

    Nowadays, I can't walk into that dark, or even the light, portions of that forest. More housing developments have destroyed the quiet shadows, and the ones that are left have been used by the homeless to set up tents. I can't begrudge someone who doesn't even have a home...but I miss those silent yet full afternoons, like walking in and out of time.

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    When I first discovered Paganism, I was living in the mountains of NE Washington state. There was a small state park at the edge of town. I had one spot where I'd walk to, do rituals, or just read books. It was magnificent. I moved away, and I hadn't been back for 14 years. I returned about a year ago. It was horribly changed. There was trash all over, most of the trees were gone, there was even a carcass of a buck someone had shot and sawed the rack off of and left on the trail. The energy was... sick.

    Another place I have only been to once. In the Snake River National Park in Utah, there is a large aspen stand. When I went there, it was amazing. Truly enchanted. I later learned that aspens grow by spreading the root system, and that basically that aspen stand was a single living entity... 20,000 years old. It makes me truly grateful for our national park system, and all those who work to preserve the magical and beautiful places.
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