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Thread: Any Kabbalists here too?

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    Eric Orion - I find your concept of working with the Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil to be very interesting. If you could give further info, or a link to your book, I would appreciate it.

    As for Kab/Qab - allah, I've been into it off and on for about 15 years, 1st with an established "Order" and then as a solitary. I find it difficult to work with traditional hermetic qabalah, using the traditional Godnames and Archangel/Angel attributes, and yet also keep to a path of eclectic and often pagan practice as well. Once strikes me as being monotheistic and the other, polytheistic. Add to this the mix of the Enochian spirits, and Eastern disciplines, and you end up with quite a stew. Want to complicate it further....add a splash of Gnosticism. It can be a struggle, but I manage...

    Recently become even more intent of somehow fusing it all together into a cohesive "whole" without degenerating into a Chaos paradigm and let most of it fall by the wayside, thus learning the truth in the saying "some things cannot be left unfinished."

    As an aside, The Kabbalah Institute's series of publications, particularly "The Power of Kabbalah" by Yehudi Berg, are excellent and practical volumes for those who want to make a practice of basic Kabbalah without doing decades of study. They represent a fully functional and effectively working model of spirituality for those less magickally-inclined and for those who have years of study, they present a new way of looking at a vastly complicated subject.


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    Thanks for asking about it. My book is called Quantum Qabala. We had a website, but we are currently redoing it. You can find out a little about it at the Amazon page (search for Quantum Qabala) or my MySpace page (look for ericorion). I see that there have also been discussions on it here at MW, if you want to take a look here first. If you like I can email you (and anyone else interested) the first chapter of the book. It doesn't talk about the Tree, but it does share some wondrous tidbits about this reality in which we live. I use this chapter to show that reality isn't what our senses perceive it to be. Once this knowledge is gained and accepted, it can be used as a springboard to alter our reality through the practice of "magick". I detail in my book that we are not actually manipulating reality with magick, but rather, we are choosing our reality with it. Working with the Tree of KoGE allows such a conscious process in a safe manner. I do not go into too much detail about this Tree in the book. I just give the basics-enough for someone already versed in occult studies to figure out for themselves. I merely tell of the sephiroth and how they correspond with 12 astrological bodies, 13 astrological signs, the Tarot, and various godforms. Although I do provide some rituals tailored to the Tree, someone with a qabalistic background should probably know what the Tree can truly do.
    It is great that you incorperate so much into your practice. Everything that enters your life is a part of your reality and will fit together just for you. My book has been blasted by more traditional people as not being qabala because it has a different tree, it works with pagan deities, it relies too much on astrology, it is "chicken qabala", or whatever. The results speak far louder than the critics.

    SHAMELESS PLUG: I occasionally sell signed copies on Ebay for prices cheaper than Amazon. Check out the info and reviews there.

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