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Thread: How many non-tarot / Oracle decks do you have?

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    Healing With The Fairies
    Want that one so bad! :D

    The Greenman Oracle deck
    Sounds fun I'll check this out.
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    I am not very adept at Tarot, so I try to keep it fairly simple.

    That is my main deck that I use. I love this deck and do not ever regret getting it. Having the Goddesses featured on the cards makes it *very* easy for me to interpret them.

    I also have the Harmony Angel cards that I do not use much anymore:

    As the reviewer stated in the page, one thing I don't like about the packaging is that the book and cards are contained in a book case. Inside this case is a well to put the cards (which are also in a flimsy cardboard box), and the 128-page book is literally glued to the casing. So you have to pick up the entire outer casing to look at the book. It will not slide out, as it's literally glued on and would likely tear up the back cover of the guidebook if you took it off. It bites, which is why I probably don't use it often.

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    I have about 15 oracle decks...I LOVE them! My favourite is the Fairy Ring Oracle, by Anna Franklin and Paul Mason. I find these cards overwhelmingly accurate and comforting.

    I also have the Healing with the Fairies deck, as well as the Healing with the Angels one.
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    I only have one: Animal Messages by Susie Green

    I'm also planning on getting a Goddess oracle deck in the future :D
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    I do not have any tarot decks.

    I have 12 Oracle decks, and plan to get more as well.

    I can't remember all the names, but they are mostly Doreen Virtue decks:

    Angel Messages
    Fairy Messages

    etc, etc, etc

    at the moment I have only three none DV decks:

    Spirit Wheel
    Fairy Ring
    Bela Sara (Pony Trading Cards)

    I know, I know, the Bela Sara Cards are NOT exactly Oracle cards because they are kids video game trading cards, but I just get great readings using these cars as an Oracle deck, so now every time I see a pack of Bela Sara in the store I grab them up and add them to my ever expanding pony deck.

    I seem to be drawn to cards with horses on them, because my very first Oracle deck was the Unicorn one, and every time I see My Little Ponies at yard sales and flea markets I buy them up! I think the ArchAngels and the Unicorns decks are the two I get the best results with, esp if I use both decks side by side during a reading.

    I also use the Fairy Ring deck a lot, but for some reason I get really grim, dark, morbid readings whenever I use this deck, and it really scares my clients, so I don't use this deck unless people specificall ask me too, because I often get really creapy readings about death and misfortune and illness while using this deck and it really freaks people out. Normally my readings are very positive and uplifting, but for some reason, they just go all EMO whenever I use this deck. It's really weird.

    I buy a new deck about every 2 or 3 months, so sooner or later I'll end up with a pretty big collection and eventually I'll probably end up owning every single deck out there! LOL! I don't know why it is, but for some reason I am drawn like a magnet to Oracle Decks, but Tarot decks just do nothing for me at all. Is that weird?

    I've tried using Tarot decks before, borrowed some from a friend to sort of try before buying, and no matter which deck I tried I just kept "coming up dry". I'd just stare at the cards and get nothing from my Spirit Guide at all. Maybe he just doesn't like tarot cards? I don't know.

    With Oracle decks though, it's just BAM! I touch the cards and he's there and I suddenly know what to say.

    I guess I don't do readings traditionally or something, because I know you are supposed to "read" the cards, but for me it's more like I "hear" the cards instead of reading them. I'll start out by reading what it says on the card, they'll usually be a little phrase or quote on the card, and than I just let the Spirit guide me from there and say whatever comes to me. I just I do sort of "channled readings" as opposed to straight reading the card readings.

    So, in the end I never bought any tarot decks because I did not want to waste my money on something that just wasn't going to "work" using my method. Maybe someday I'll find a tarot deck that "speaks" to me, but for now I'll stick with Oracle decks, because they just work much better than tarot decks for me.
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    I have four decks:

    My first deck
    Angel Therapy Oracle Cards

    My favorite
    Ascended Master Oracle Cards

    My newest! Got it on the 17th (Birthday gift)
    Magical Unicorns Oracle Cards

    The deck needing more of my time to be familiar with
    Anubis Oracle Cards

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    I have:

    The Druid Plant Oracle
    The Druid Animal Oracle
    Messages From your Animal Spirit Guides
    Angel Therapy
    Enchanted Oracle


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    I have:

    The Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid
    The Enchanted Map by Colette Baron-Reid
    The Wisdom of the Hidden Realms by Colette Baron-Reid

    The Heart of Faerie Oracle by Brian Froud

    Magical Unicorn Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue
    Magical Messages From the Fairies Oracle by Doreen Virtue

    I've been learning tarot for several years and had purposefully stayed away from Oracle decks because they lacked what I percieved to be as 'structure'. I was also being a little snobby thinking they were in some way inferior to the tarot!

    Once I more or less mastered the basics of Rider-Waite imagery and found a deck that spoke to me, I realised I wanted to challenge myself again and thus moved onto some Oracle decks; just to have a try.

    To be perfectly honest I find the Doreen Virtue cards difficult to use when answering specific questions. They fall down in accuracy in this manner for me. I prefer to use them when doing a weekly draw for myself (one card for Mon-Tues, a second for Weds-Fri and the third for Sat-Sun) to give me a positive framework to focus on during the week -- rather like affirmations. I absolutely love my Magical Unicorn deck, it's so pretty. I've always liked unicorns and something told me to buy them even though her other deck I owned didn't work brilliantly for me. The weekly readings have been the best use for them I feel.

    Now, I'm a bit of a fan of Colette Baron-Reid. I bought Hidden Realms first and loved it but when I bought the Wisdom of Avalon deck I fell in love with it. It gives me the most precise and clear readings which is why I'm a bit of a fan of Colette; her decks just really speak to me. They're always clear and meaningful in a way that the tarot can be a bit murky and too deep almost. It's refreshing to have something simpler to cut through the crap as it were. The Enchanted Map is my most recent purchase and I adore it. It's beautifully whimsical and gives great advice for spiritual and career paths.

    I also own the Brain Froud Heart of Faerie Oracle. I was sceptical as to whether I would actually be able to read this deck but it works very well for me. I've found it to be scarily accurate!
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    Non-Tarot Decks?
    At last count I had 30 Oracle and 10 Tarot... I'll go and check now.
    51 Oracle/Non-traditional Tarot + 16 Tarot. I think I am a bit obsessed.

    Egyptian Oracle [Maya Heath]
    Sacred Path Cards [Jamie Sans]
    The Druid Plant Oracle [Philip Carr-Gomm and Stephanie Carr-Gomm]
    Spirit of the Wheel Meditation Deck [Jody Bergsma and Linda Ewashina]
    Creature Teacher Cards [Scott Alexander King]
    Oracle of the Pharaoh Deck [Norman Plaskett]
    The Lost Zodiac [Catherine Tennant]
    The Druid Animal Deck [Philip Carr-Gomm and Stephanie Carr-Gomm]
    Indigo Dreaming [Kelly Jervis]
    Magical Times [Jody Bergsma]
    The Palm Reading Deck [Frank C. Clifford]
    Sh*t Happens [Dawn Kelly]
    Angels of Atlantis [Stewart Pearce]
    The Energy Oracle [Caroline Centa]
    Messages from your Animal Spirit Guides [Steven D Farmer]
    The Liquid Crystal Oracle [Justin Moikeha Asar]
    The Transparent Oracle [Emily Carding]
    Messages: A deck for Channeling [Mary Nale]
    The Halloween Oracle [Stacey Demarco and Jimmy Manton]
    Blue Angel Oracle [Toni Carmine Salerno]
    Wisdom of the Golden Path [Toni Carmine Salerno]
    Oracle of the Dragonfae [Lucy Cavedesh]
    Kuan Yin Oracle [Alana Fairchild]
    Goddesses and Sirens Oracle [Stacey Demarco and Jimmy Manton]
    Gods and Titans Oracle [Stacey Demarco and Jimmy Manton]
    Messenger Oracle [Ravynne Phelan]
    Oracle of the Angels [Mario Duguay]
    Goddess Guidance Oracle [Doreen Virtue]
    Miracle Cards [Marianne Williamson]
    The Nature of Infinite Love and Gratitude Transformation Cards [Dr. Darren R. Weissman]
    Secret Women's Business [Rowena Hateley]
    The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards [Colette Baron-Reid]
    Omni Saca [Raihnon]
    Easy Astrology Oracle Cards [Maya White]
    I-Ching: Dead Moon [Luis Royo]
    Oracle Wicca [Elisa Poggese]
    Angel Oracle [Sulamith Wülfing]
    Konxari Deck [Paul Michael Kane]
    Oracle of Pyramids [Lo Scarabeo]
    Cartouche Oracle [Murray Hope]
    Mystical Lenormand [Regula Elizabeth Fiechter]
    Gilded Reverie Lenormand [Ciro Marchetti]

    Happi Cards [Frances Verbeek]
    The Thoughts of Buddha
    Values Cards
    Photo Graphis Playing Cards [Paul Michael Kane]
    Dark Hearts Playing Cards [Anne Stokes]

    The Sirian Starseed Tarot [Patricia Cori]
    Imperial Dragon Oracle [Andy Baggott and Peter Pracownik]
    The Kitchen Tarot [Dennis Fairchild and Susan Shie]
    The Psychic Tarot [John Holland]

    Necronomicon Tarot [Donald Tyson]
    Mystic Dreamer Tarot [Heidi Darras and Barbara Moore]
    Zombie Tarot [Stacey Graham]
    The Destiny Tarot [Jane Struthers]
    Thoth Tarot Deck [Aleister Crowley]
    Secret Tarot [Marco Nizzoli]
    Tarot of Transtion [C. Mundi]
    Royo Dark Tarot [Luis Royo]
    Shadowscape Tarot [Stephanie Pui-Mun Law]
    The Gothic Tarot [Joseph Vargo]
    The Gilded Tarot [Ciro Marchetti]
    Dragon Tarot [Peter Pracownik and Terry Donaldson]
    The Original Rider-Waite Tarot [A.E. Waite and Coleman-Smith]
    The Golden Dawn Tarot [Robert Wang]
    Steam Punk Tarot [Barbara Moore]
    Archeon Tarot [Timothy Lantz]
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