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Thread: How many non-tarot / Oracle decks do you have?

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    Jan 2008
    I have 2 so far.
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    Dec 2007
    the Netherlands
    Messages From Your Angels
    Druid Animal Oracle
    Water Crystal Oracle
    Inner Child Cards
    A Goddess oracle which seems to be really hard to find anywhere nowadays
    A cardset with positive affirmations for children
    Heart & Soul Angel Cards
    Harmony Angel Healing Cards

    Sheesh, I have more than I thought...
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    I have 2 so far. The Froud Fairy Oracle and The Graven Images Oralce.

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    where I choose...
    I have two one is the Angel Oracle the other is The Wisdom Of Avalon
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    Nov 2005
    2: The Moon Oracle that I've used lots and love and The Fairies Oracle that were just given to me as a gift very recently.

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    Jan 2005
    Philadelphia-ish, PA
    More, more, more ...

    I just joined One Spirit (again) and got three oracles along with my membership. The one I am having the most fun with currently is the Celtic Messages deck. Round cards with various celtic Gods, Goddesses and Heroes, Places, and Tools. The readings tend to be very to the point, and so far, very on target to the question. I haven't messed about with the book spreads much yet, but I will.

    I also got the "Goddess Dice," (can never remember the real name of the set, which is Goddess Guide Me) which is a repackaging of a Zerner/Faber deck that I got several years ago. It uses D&D type dice to select the Head, Heart, and Body of the reading. Each piece relates to a different goddess' powers. Good for quick readings.

    My third acquistion, still wrapped in plastic, is the 2013 oracle. It's by the same people who did the Medicine Cards. I think this one is based on the images from the Tzolkin calendar. I may take it along with me tomorrow when I have Jury Duty. If I'm going to be trapped in a room for 8 hours, I need to have something to keep myself occupied.

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    Oct 2004
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    My Oracles:

    Angel Blessings
    Celtic Book of the Dead
    Celtic Oracle (bit of a gift-shop dud, but it was a gift - er ha)
    Celtic Wisdom Sticks
    Creative Abundance cards (lovely self-published set)
    Faerie Oracle
    Fairy Ring
    Titania's Oracle
    Wisdom Well

    My wish-list:

    Bachbluten Devas, Die (special order) -
    Grossen Meister-Karten, Die - $40
    I Ging Orakel - (offline inventory)
    Jeu Divinatoire, Le (du Yaguel Didier) (sold out)
    Journey Cards - ??
    *Mansions of the Moon Deck - ??
    *Mme. Endora’s Fortune Cards - apprx. $25
    Orchideenbluten Devas, Die - ??
    Silver Branch - ??

    What have *'s next to them are at the top of the list!

    I have exactly 49 dex altogether - when I get my Alchemical Renewed, that will make a nice, round 50.

    (My info is from TG, btw. )
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    Feb 2004
    I have The Way of Cartouche by Murry Hope. I'm not a big fan of the pictures, they're so simplistic. But the deck has worked well for me.

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    Sep 2004
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    I have the Shaman Wisdom Cards:

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    Sep 2007
    Five, I think:

    The Celtic Tree Oracle

    The Tarot of I Ching

    The Faeries' Oracle

    The Druid Animal Oracle

    The Russian Gypsy Fortune-teller Deck

    Not counting the boards, runes, and Celtic wisdom sticks.

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