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Thread: How many non-tarot / Oracle decks do you have?

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    I have two,

    The Druid Animal Oracle

    The Faeries Oracle. This is the main deck that I use and have the greatest connection with.
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    Edward Gorey 'Fantod Pack'

    Not an oracle set, but still very entertaining. A small deck with Gorey's Victorian macabre artwork and truly weird interpretations; one has a picture of a wooden leg, called The Limb which can indicate 'an accident at the theatre.'
    The best thing about it is that I can play around with it and nobody gets all medieval-satan-hellfire-nervous-breakdown on me. Har!
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    i have Jessica Galbreth's oracle cards

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    Smile Qty Oracle Decks....

    Hi..... here is my list of oracle decks....
    Decks have changed, even reduced in some aspect....(lol)

    Doreen Virtue (11)
    Healing with the Angels
    Ascended Masters
    Archangel Michael Oracle
    Archangel Raphael

    Toni Salerno (4)
    Crystal Oracle
    Blue Angel Oracle

    Crystal Ally Naisha Ashian
    Geometry Oracle Francene Hart
    Crop Circle Cards-Cariel Quinly
    The wisdom of Avalon Colette Baron-Reid
    Wolf Song pack by Jeanette Spencer and Lew Spencer
    Self Care cards-Cheryl Richardson
    The Goddess Oracle- Amy Sophia Marashinsky
    Chakra Labyrinth cards- Toby Evans
    Sacred Path Jamie Sams
    Fortune tea leaf cards.......
    Shaman Wisdom Deck
    The Secret language of Colour by Inna Segal
    Medicine Cards Jamie Sams
    Angela McGerr Harmony Angel cards
    Heart & Soul Angel cards
    Purple Angel cards
    Titiana's Fortune cards
    Goddess on the Go......
    Celtic Oracle

    oops forgot Enchanted this deck.......

    Bach Flowers......
    Soul Lessons by Sonia Choquette....

    can I count Crystal Wisdom Kit
    Spiritual Stones (Animal totem)
    I-Ching Cards.......

    Must make the total...Lost count............

    I think I am starting to be a small

    oops i knew I forgot something....

    Vibrational Healing Cards-Rowena Pattee Kryder PhD

    I think that's it makes my count see told you lost count...more Oracle plus Tarot ...approx....51 (give and take a few reduced tarot but increased Oracle ) That's what happens when you work in a store (own a store)... arrrggghhhhh
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    I have a Vadim's Lenormand on it's way to me via

    Darn them. My US amazon account works there.

    This could be bad.

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    I have between 80-100 oracle decks. Not sure about that count!

    Here they are:

    4 Colours of the Seasons Transformational deck
    Amy Brown Fairy Wisdom Oracle
    Ancient Feminine Wisdom: Of Goddesses and Heroines Oracle
    Angel Messages for Peace and Love (Lampert)
    Angel Messages (Lampert)
    Animal Messages
    Animal Powers deck (Farber)
    Answer Deck
    Ascended Masters Oracle
    Bird Cards: The Healing Power of the Bird Kingdom
    Bird Signs: Guidance and Wisdom from Our Feathered Friends
    Book of Doors (Ancient Egyptian Alchemy deck)
    Book of Runes (Blum)
    Celtic Messages
    Celtic Oracle (Nigel Jackson)
    Celtic Shamans Pack (1st edition, set)
    Celtic Tree Oracle
    Celtic Wisdom deck
    Chronata's Crow Stones (2 sets/Dark Red stones/Swirly blue stones)
    Dreaming in Color Luman deck
    Druid Animal Oracle (2)
    Druid Plant Oracle
    Edward Gorey's Fantod
    Enchanted Oracle (Galbreth, set)
    Faerie Wisdom Oracle (2, Kemp)
    Fairy Pack (Claire Nahmad, 2)
    Fairy Ring Oracle
    Flowers Speak (set)
    Frouds Faeries (2)
    Good Witch Bad Witch (Kemp)
    Graven Images Oracle
    Gypsy Fortunes Romany Cards
    Gypsy Oracle (LS)
    Gypsy Witch Fortunetelling cards
    Hawaiian Animal Oracle
    Healing with the Fairies
    Healing cards/Conspiracy deck
    Hidden Path
    I-Ching Tarot
    Irish Fairy Cards (+book)
    Key to the Kingdom (set)
    Little Czech Oracle
    Lord of the Rings Oracle (Donaldson)
    Love Box
    Madame Dora's Fortune-telling cards
    Madame Endora's Fortune-telling Cards
    Magical Menagerie
    Magical Unicorns Oracle
    Masters of Magic
    Medicine Cards
    Mermaids and Dolphins ~ Kemp
    Mlle. Lenormand Jeu du destin deck
    Mother Nature Oracle
    Mystic Glyphs: An Oracle Based on Native American Symbols
    Mystical Lenormand
    Mystisches Kipper
    Nature Spirit Oracle Cards
    Ogham: The Celtic Oracle (Peter Prancownik)
    Oracle of the DragonFae
    Playing Card Oracles (Ana Cortez book+deck)
    Power of the Runes
    Psycards (set)
    Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards
    Rune Cards (Brian Partridge)
    Sacred Geometry Oracle
    Selina Fenech's Fairy Guidance
    Selina Fenech's Oracle
    Selina Fenech's Fairy Philosophies
    Shakesphere Oracle (tho a Tarot really)
    Shaman Wisdom Cards
    Sophia's Fortunetelling Kit
    Spirit of the Wheel Cards
    Stargate Cards
    Symbolon Cards of Remembrance
    Tao Oracle
    Tree Affirmation Cards (set)
    Tree Angel Oracle
    Tree Magic (Kemp)
    Vertical Oracle
    Victorian Flower Oracle
    Voice of the Angels - A Healing Journey Spiritual Journey Cards
    Way of the Horse (set)
    Well-Worn Path
    Wicca Pack
    Wiccan Cards (LS)
    Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle
    Wisdom of Avalon
    Wisdom of the Elves and Fairies (Winter)
    Witches Runes (Nigel Jackson)

    I haven't updated my oracle list in awhile, I never keep on top of that like I do my Tarot decks!
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    I have 13 oracle decks, some used for work, some just for the info and images.
    I like the Osho Zen deck, 'cause it's the only one I've found that I can't make it give me the answer I want.
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    I have about 4 I think...

    The Faeries Oracle is my favorite of my oracle decks, and I have so many tarot-type cards I can't list them off the top of my head.

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    I only have two so far but plan on getting a whole lot more. I actually prefer oracle cards to tarot.

    - Enchanted Oracle by Jessica Galbreth.
    - Angel Therapy by Doreen Virtue.

    I use the Enchanted Oracle the most.

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    I've always leant towards tarot decks, and nearly replied 'none' until I remembered Titania's Fortune Cards - which I think are a great starter deck, or for younger readers, and will always be valuable to me for getting me through a rough time

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