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    Ouija Boards

    Welcome to the Mystic Wicks Ouija FAQ.
    So what are they? What do people think? How do they work?
    Answers to all this and more can be found right here at Mystic Wicks,
    and I did all the dirty work for you. Follow the links to learn more. :D

    Ouija Boards Fact or Fiction POLL
    Ouija... again POLL

    How to Make one:
    Can you really make a Ouija Board?
    Reconstructing a Ouija Board

    Ouija Experiences:
    Ouija Board - Experiences
    Ouija Board... "Am I doing something wrong?"
    Another Ouija Board Experience Thread
    Ouija Board Spooky Encounters (or not so much)
    What do y'all think about Ouija Boards?

    Ouija Tips, Advice and So Forth:
    Ouija: HELP!
    Apparitions and Ouija
    Not another Ouija Thread Bad spirits and using the Ouija, what now?

    Did you know??
    A Ouija Board is also called a Talking Board or Spirit Board.
    Ouija works on the same basis as automatic writing and pendulum divination (dowsing).
    Parker Brothers bought the current version of the Ouija Board in 1966 from the estate of William Fuld. Fuld invented the board which he called Ouija in 1901.
    The Chinese had something resembling a Ouija Board dating as far back as 1200 BC.
    The name 'Ouija' comes from the french word Oui and the german/dutch word Ja, both meaning YES.
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