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Thread: Faeries -- on my mind alot!!

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    Faeries -- on my mind alot!!

    I recently started become aware of the Fae over the past year. As I analyize my life, I wonder if it wasn't the Fae that were constantly there.

    When I was living in klamath falls, there was this singing chorus that would awaken me each morning. My mother never had a soothing type of voice, so I know it wasn't her. It was something that couldn't be seen. This lasted several years, but only while we lived in that house.

    There have been instances in my life where I felt I was protected by an unseen force, and I never can find my keys, my wallet, sundry of other items I know I put someplace and was in a complete different room. Alot I put off to my forgetfullness, my kids, but some I can't put off as that.

    I recently had a dream about faeries in my home, building things (roads and railroads throughout the house), causing a bit of mischief, and of course, some mahem.

    Since the dream, I feel a need to definitely get to know these beings. Any suggestions on how to make them feel welcome (of course, we'll leave out some sweetened milk tonite) and help protect the house from negativity?

    My roommate has the ability to feel and see things I can't. But most of her experiences with beings of different realms hasn't been pleasant. Most of those beings were there through what I call the black realm, there to scare, terrorize, and steal souls. She see's the flashes of movement (as I do from time to time -- and we're mouse free), the feeling she's not alone when she is, etc. I want these little critters to behave and make her feel comfortable in their presence, instead of afraid . . .

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    A small cloth with thyme, mint and nutmeg tied together and put into the for corners of your house well help set a friendly mood for faeries.

    To protect against negative ones try sprinkling some rosemary/salt mixture on your window sil.



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