Gardening Terms
You will find many terms that are used to describe plants that may be a little confusing so I have listed some of the most common terms.

Plants that complete their growth in one season and grown from seed the following year.

Hardy Annuals
These are the same as annuals but are able to withstand a light frost.

Plants that grow foliage the first year and flower the second year and then die, plants like Foxgloves do this.

Plants that lose their leaves in Autumn and winter

Plants that do not lose their leaves in winter and a re green all year round.

Half hardy
Plants that are able to stand temperature as low as 50 to 55F but no lower.

Plants able to withstand temperatures as low as 45F


Plants that grow for two years or more and will come back each year. Dicentra ( Bleeding Heart) is a good example of this, once it has finished flowering you cut it down to the ground and the following year it grows again.

Plants that prefer warmer temperatures and will only take temperatures around 60F

These sites will help you find other terms that you may come across.

Donít get too bogged down with this you will learn as you go along.