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Thread: Uh, I never said hi.

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    Uh, I never said hi.

    Hello and merry meet. I guess I am not a new pagan but new to witchcraft and occult studies. I love this place. I have been here a few weeks but I never introduce myself. Just to warn you....I am moody and exasperating at times so I hope I don't drive anyone nuts. I am in a hurting time and trying to cope and am finding some comfort here.
    I was baptised Catholic but that was the extent of that. I developed my own attitudes and ideas about religion and the other world. I also have some rudimentary psychic talents which are raw and underdeveloped,heard and seen ghosts, among others. I am pagan in my ideas but not in a religious sense. I guess. I don't worship anything but I am connected to everything. I am of Norwegian decent and am starting to study the old myths of the region and probably soon the history as well. I have lots of magick books ranging from the lighter fare of EMBRACING THE MOON to the darker side..THE BLACK ARTS. I am interested in studying all the trads and when I find one that fits going more into depth. I am both light and dark and brooding. I love faeries, the light sprities to the mean nasties. For now I am studying the ASTRAL and not getting anywhere. I am convinced I have a husband who never thought aobut the occult meditated once and found himself bouncing on the ceiling. Phah@!
    I am learning Tarot as well and want to study runes. Oh the glee!!! I can't imagine where all this branching will take me but it makes me absolutely giddy!!
    Anyway here I am and your stuck with me.
    Bright Blessings,
    Storm Thunderhawke

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    I live in SC

    Thank You, CloakofStars9 and WynnJera for the beautiful banners!

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    Welcome Storm.... I'm glad you are here... ( even though you have been here longer than Like you... I too am searching for my path... I am glad to know I'm not the only one unsure of the way ahead... Good luck to you on your journey!

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    Flaire-FireStar Guest
    welcome to MW

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    Welcome to you both Storm and Rainn...heehee me thinks we are in for some interesting weather!! LOL!!

    We have all been where you are...the uncertainty and the searching. It is an exciting and somewhat fearful time, and in some ways it never ends. I, personally, have learned to love that fact. I love to study and build up my knowledge base and fill my spiritual cup or chalice as it were. I hope I never reach a time when I feel I have nothing left to learn.

    Once again welcome to the family. We are glad you found us.

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    Hello and welcome!
    what if everything around you
    isn't quite as it seems?
    what if all the world you think you know
    is an elaborate dream?
    and if you look at your reflection
    is that what you want it to be?
    what if you could look right through the cracks
    would you find yourself--
    find yourself afraid to see?

    what if all the world's inside of your head
    just creations of your own?
    your devils and your gods all the living and the dead
    and you're really all alone
    you can live in this illusion
    you can choose to believe
    you keep looking but you can't find the woods
    while you're hiding in the trees

    ~ Nine Inch Nails : Right Where It Belongs

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    back in baby's arms...;)
    ~Sweet Merciful Crap!~
    Freyja is my Valentine, sweeter than the sweetest wine.
    my adopted smilies

    It is not that which is on the outside, but that witch is on the inside!
    T.L.F. Trey Liberation Front!
    flar7 "The Wrong One"

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    "The Triple Goddess as Maiden, Mother and Crone, is a relatively new concept which was made popular during the 20th century. Hekate is today most often equated to the Crone aspect of this triplicate archetypal image, but this idea of Hekate as Crone Goddess is one which would have been completely alien to the people of ancient Greece. The only possible explanation for the continued association today is that somehow the darker, scarier aspects of Hekate has been equated to wisdom in old age, which is, when you think about it rather ludicrous." -- Sorita D'Este. Read more in the book: Hekate: Keys to the Crossroads.

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    Welcome to MW!
    Hail to the Shnenz... the goddess of the Red Headz, Princess of Perfect Grammar and the SWAT team!

    When I find myself fading, I close my eyes and realize Stitch is my energy.

    Visit The Eternal Fyre BB!

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    Both be welcome and enjoy your discoveries...
    "One out of every four people in this world is mentally unstable. Think
    of your three best friends. If they seem normal, you're the one." --- Ann Landers

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