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Thread: How do you view The Goddess?

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    How do you view The Goddess?

    This is something I'd be interested in hearing, I know very little about Dianic witchcraft and Goddess spirituality (BTW, are they seperate things, as I've heard there are some people who are Goddess worshippers but don't consider themselves witches?), but how do you view The Goddess?.

    Do you see her as a being who all other goddesses (and gods?) are aspects or faces of, or do you more focus on one specific goddess (e.g. lets say Isis), and if so, would you see her as an individual being ("hard" polytheism). I've always thought it was the former view that was held, but like I said, I'd be interested in hearing your views.

    Also, would it depend on the particular Dianic witch or Goddess worshipper (e.g. one might be a"hard" polytheist, another might see all gods as being aspects of The Goddess, etc).

    Thanks for any help, and I hope this doesn't sound like a dumb question.

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    It definitely isn't a dumb question!

    The Goddess worship and Dianic path tend to be separate, and some Goddess worshipers aren't witches either. It really depends on the individual involved and how they see their practice.

    I view the Goddesses as a representation of the energy that constantly surrounds us. I'm not a hard polytheist but I do believe they are separate and unique within themselves. It really depends on the individuals involved. The Goddesses and Gods I worship tend to be individual beings.

    One of the beautiful aspects of these paths is that there is no hard, fast rule on how deities are seen. I know some who hold the diamond analogy and I know others who are hard polytheists. Some Goddess worshipers, for example, can be reconstructionists because their path focuses on one Goddess.
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    Thanks for the reply .

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    I'm finding the idea of a poll on this humorous, for whatever reason...and yes, I did participate.

    I do not "believe in" Her, nor do I understand Her as "existing"; these things--believing, existing--are, so far as I can see, extrapolations from my own experience...the implication being that She is in the same way I am.

    That appears to me dubious. What I can say is that She is Her own, requiring nothing of me nor of any other.

    There's lots I'm tempted to say, but sometimes less is truly the final thing I'll add is to say that the metaphor of my "seeing" Her fits less well than that of my "hearing" Her. Somehow, listening seems to me more akin to devotion, worship, and the kind of yearning that is as at the heart of the religious journey.

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    This question can sometimes have me talking in circles, as the whole topic is rather complex to me.

    To me She is the spirit behind every living thing including myself. I would probably say I'm a little monotheistic in that I understand Her to be all divinity. I think, if my memory serves me right, I'd also be panentheistic in my views in that she encompasses the many aspects of the universe but is "whole unto herself".

    Personally I consider myself a Dianic Pagan or Goddess Worshiper, but not a witch as I am not an active user of witchcraft at this time despite it featuring heavily in many Goddess paths.

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    Pantheism, and aspects of one. That is why I chose other.

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    I find myself with a dual understanding of the Goddess/Divine. She is everywhere, in everything, from the smallest subatomic practical to the incomprehensible whole of the universe. She is also on of 1 million aspects, each whole and complete unto themselves. I don't claim to hold any one set belief of how the Goddess is expressed because it seems that I would be trying to describe something beyond my limited understanding. As you can guess, I follow an inclusive religion
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    I'm a panentheist - I see the Sacred as transcending the universe and our understanding, and completely immanent within all things. Not just deities, but all creatures are manifestations of the Sacred, IMHO. I don't feel this excludes the idea in polytheism that deities are individuals - I'm an individual too, but still an expression of the Divine. the ideas aren't mutually exclusive at all. In that way I'm henotheistic; I don't deny the existence of other gods. My focus right now is simply not on individual gods.

    And then finally I focus on the Goddesses because I am a woman and naturally feel connected with that energy.
    Om Namah Shivaya.

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    Hail The Goddess RainInanna...!

    Wonderful answer...I most heartily endorse
    your perception , and statement...

    And I have had direct and immanent contact
    with the universe , as , and through Her , in
    the synchronistic web of Self...

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    i couldn't really mark any of the answers.... my gut reaction was

    'in the mirror'

    but also.... in EVERYTHING else .
    Mitakuye Oyasin

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