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Thread: How to ask a geek for help! (Or: Why does it take two pages to get an answer?)

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    How to ask a geek for help! (Or: Why does it take two pages to get an answer?)

    Many many threads in this forum come from people asking for help.. unfortunately it takes a page or so of replies, counter-replys, and answers to get to the root of the problem.. so as the new forum guide (yay!), i figured i'd make this and sticky it, to maybe help out some.

    1) If you're having an error, please use the COMPLETE text of the error. That information makes it much easier to figure out what's wrong. Just posting something like "This thing is crashing, what do i do!?" doesnt help if we're not sure what's going wrong.

    2) Whenever possible, list any steps that you've already tried to do to fix the issue.. that way hopefully we can tell you what you missed, or if anything else got mucked up in the process.

    3) Patience is a virtue. There are several great people that come here with answers, but that doesnt mean they'll see your thread right away. Give it a day or two, before you start wondering why you havent recieved any answers.

    4) There is no spoon.
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    but i want a spoon it's my favorite past time and untensil.




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