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Thread: Tobacco's use in magick

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    I always keep some tobacco with in hands reach for such purposes. I was a smoker in my teens, but quit because of financial constraints. (Lucky enough it seems to not have been blessed with the gene requisite for addiction to nicotine) But I either keep a pack of Camel Unfiltered or at least a pouch of Bugler around, something without filters at least.
    Anyway, I use it for both method and ceremony. Seeing as its use as a stimulant and as an herb of peace, me and my colleagues have found it indespinsible when engaging with entities one-on-one or as a group.
    But that is just from this one guys perspective.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darbla View Post
    Tobacco is just about the most commonly available herb to us, and I'm wondering about it's use in magick? Any of you use it regularly? What are some of it's correspondences?


    From my experience and training, over the past 20 years or so, from what Iknow of, and have also used for successfully, tobacco is used for hexes, as well as banishing spells.

    It has a very hot, fiery vibration to it. It's best to get it in a bag form, not from a cigarette, unless you intend to use it against a person, then it should be used from the person's cigarette itself, as this would make an excellent relic.

    As any more information on this should go in the MW Dark forum, I'll leave it at that.

    I won't get into the actual uses, and practices of it, as for one, I am oathbound not to, and two, it's just not very good manners. And I've never just started teaching someone a spell that I don't even know, much less is not my Acolyte.

    But there is my 2 pence.

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    I don't know about it's use in spell work, but I know it's valued in some shaman practices for it's mind altering effects.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darbla View Post
    Tobacco is just about the most commonly available herb to us, and I'm wondering about it's use in magick? Any of you use it regularly? What are some of it's correspondences?

    Two words:


    Crossroads (Any entities associated there with, as well as gatekeepers, or any entity whose sigil is mostly four right angels making a cross-section)

    It is used to traverse the barrier between worlds,
    Also for practices that would fall under "Samadhi"
    To go beyond distinctions, barriers and categorizations.

    Induces much contemplation, an herb of philosophical merit.
    Existential thoughts.

    Quote Originally Posted by HedwigHarfang View Post
    Hello Darbla - Louise did a reading for you back in the spring under her old account. How are the birds?

    I know people who use tobacco, and I know some of them cast spells, but I think the people who consciously use smoking as a way of channelling or in magick spells use something stronger than tobacco. Some do it to get rid of the beings in their head too, but they are safely where they should be now so you can rest easy on that score. A friend of mine was glad to get out of politics into an asylum and come off the weed at the same's that bad sometimes. When I was in office I also used to have to have regular amnesties, but I think the only magickal thing they got from using it was a craving for crisps and chocolate.

    I don't smoke, because I have asthma and my father died of cancer, but I don't stop people smoking around me (mostly because they hit me if I try).
    That is correct, we use a plant called Nicotiana Rustica, Tobaccos wilder non-commercially cultivated kin.
    It is a lot more potent it its affects of relaxation and contemplation though I would not say it is as addictive.

    Commercial tobacco is Nicotiana Tobaccum, which obviously has a calming affect but it is much more subtle whereas with Rustica, it is excellent for meditation.
    Also, a little of it goes a long way.

    Quote Originally Posted by LadyCelt View Post
    I don't use it regularly, but you may want to loko up Shamanism and Native American beliefs. Maybe something with the peace pipe and the Buffalo Woman (woman associated with the white buffalo and providing the sacred pipe.) Maybe it could work to offer to air? You'd want to look it up but since it's blown out into air it could be related, but research first cause its a guess from me.
    Different tribes have different stories about the pipe.
    The Cherokee story involves a huntress, a giant antlered snake and a a hidden mystical lake.
    Some might tell you we didn't have a tribal ceremonial pipe like that, that the closest thing was the seven-fold pipe of the council of old and that
    Cherokee all carry their own pipe. That is true now and we do carry our own pipes, Tobacco is used in much medicine but we did have a 'Peace Pipe' ounce
    we still have stories about it. It was made a certain way, different from the personal pipes you see in that it was kept as two pieces, put together only during certain times.
    Fire and Air, Tobacco is very much of the fire but it is also very much of air in its use in prayar.
    Both are messengers. Fire is considered extremly extremely sacred by most tribes and air is often seen as a messenger between fire/spirit here on earth and the heavenly fire of
    <insert supreme being here>

    Quote Originally Posted by RunningRiot View Post
    A few of my tribe mates from Cherokee use tobacco as offerings to the nature people, and leave extra if they take anything from the forest. It can also be smoked, and the rise can read like tea leaves for future predictions.
    Yep, we leave it for the little folk, plants, ancestors you name it. Tobacco represents tradition. Hummingbird brought the tobacco back, brought tradition back and when others share traditions with us we offer them some tobacco. It is an ackowledgement of the meaning that they have shared. There are various names for tobacco just as Tsola and Agvyvla - "Ancient One". It was the first herb given to us, to be consulted before learning about any other herb or entity even. Tobacco brings clarity, of were to go on journeys to find what you need to help yourself or others. It is used to know what medicine is needed, to be in tune with the way of things. It helps bring Tohi, a state of deep liberation and peace, the attainment from the practice of Dyugodv - the way, the balance and the truth, the guiding principle by which all ways, virtues, true wisdom of things beyond illusion and honor of our people are derived.

    So Tobacco is incredibly, incredibly sacred.

    There are special medicine words to consecrate it,
    That's all I'll say here about that.

    Quote Originally Posted by omar View Post
    I leave loose pipe tobacco as an offering. But the sacred NA pipe tobacco is a mix. You can get it from
    Not all tribes prepare their tobacco the same way, if it does not signify a tribe or any kind of such indication it is most likely not a legitimate native blend.
    It may indeed be good stuff but beware claims of historical authenticity.
    Tsalagi Nvwoti Didahnvwesgi Ale Didahnesesgi
    (Cherokee medicine practitioner of left and right hand paths) - The Anikutani Tradition

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    I'm pretty sure it has uses in Voodoo and Santeria.
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