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  • Aries

    123 8.57%
  • Taurus

    112 7.80%
  • Gemini

    121 8.43%
  • Cancer

    117 8.15%
  • Leo

    141 9.82%
  • Virgo

    117 8.15%
  • Libra

    115 8.01%
  • Scorpio

    135 9.40%
  • Sagittarius

    114 7.94%
  • Capricorn

    107 7.45%
  • Aquarius

    116 8.08%
  • Pisces

    118 8.22%
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Thread: What's your sign?

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    Taurus 5/20

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    Post Sagittarius

    I am a Sagittarius and when I read this little description I was amazed because it fit me to a T. So in case you are interested here it is for your reading enjoyment.

    Sagittarius, the ninth sign of the zodiac, is symbolized by an archer. Sagittarius, a fir sign, is ruled by the planet Jupiter named after the ancient Roman God. Astrologers beleive Sagittarians have fun, loving, friendly, philosophical, intellectual, straightforward, and expansive natures. They are optimistic and sometimes have a naive beleif that everything will turn out fine despite any opstacles.
    Good luck often follows Sagittarians, and because whatever they need usually comes effortlessly to them, they tend to be generous and willing to share. They value frankness and honesty and their comments can sometimes be blunt. Typical Sagittarians dislike being confined or tied down. They seek change and require freedom of thoughts and ideas, but they otherwise tend to be conventional and respect tradition.

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    I'm a cap (capricorn) guy is a gemini....we're not supposed to match but looking deeper into our astrology I discovered that my rising sign is gemini and his is capricorn....which is supposed to mean we're perfect for each opinion...we are very much alike in alot of ways..but in the ways that we are different life gets pretty intense for both of us....
    blessed be....gratefulmom

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    I am an this where I can find out what exactly it means to be in the Aquarian age? An explanation or a ist eowuld be great!
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    100% cancer

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    Originally posted by mhrtwll

    nice info rye!
    However be careful of complementing an Aries too much. They tend to view such complements as the pathetic fawning of a lapdog. Also their egos will grow bigger than it already is (Aries rarely have small egos). I dont mean to insult all Aries people, not all of us are like that. It's ok to compmlement Libras, Leos, or Pisces, they'll appreciate it... but be careful complementing an Aries. Some might think in their heads "of course im smart/beatifull/talented, duh."
    Funny, I (a capricorn) was engaged to an Aries, who was very much your typical Aries.. Complimenting him went particularly far. On one hand he was\is very outwardly and in many ways inwardly secure, perhaps egotistical.. but he like all people had his insecurities.. he still has them. When complimented, he often was taken aback.. he didn't blush on the outside, but you could see him catch his breath.. because someone was telling him for a change, rather than him having to proclaim himself.

    But an Aries in love and Impassioned is perhaps easily reached by the person hes in love with.

    On the topic of me, I'm very far from the typical Capricorn, At least according to what all the reading I've done says. There are some things that are true, but mostly its bull in regards to me.

    I think I'm Capricorn with Pisces moon, theres a bunch of libra, a couple saggetarius, and aquarius in the venus place.

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    What is it?


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    I'm an Aries :D

    Defininately...I go head first into projects with out really thinking it through and I love beginning things and don't like continuing them out to finish (bad Aries...hehe).

    That's all I know at the moment.

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    I'm an Aries sun, Sagittarius moon, Capricorn rising.

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    Uh....I have to think now. I think I'm Aquarian Sun, Libra ascendant and Sagittarian Moon, but I could be wrong. It's a long time since I did my birthchart.
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    I'm a Gemini born on the Cancer cusp (or so I've been told) am a June 19th baby ~ I went to & put in my info & got this, although I don't understand much of it lol

    Sun in Gemini
    Moon in Taurus
    Ascendant in Libra
    Venus in the Eighth House
    Pluto Conjunct Ascendant
    Moon in the Seventh House
    Venus in the Eighth House
    Sun in the Ninth House
    Saturn in the Eleventh House
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