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Actually it is the beginning of Dec. 07 and Saturn and Uranus are in loose conjunct. Below is part of an article about what to expect from these times. To read the whole article goto:


In 2008 the planets Saturn and Uranus will make an aspect of opposition between each other. What is interesting is that it happens around the time of the American election. Saturn in the sign of Virgo, around 17 degrees will oppose Uranus in Pisces, marking a real strong, controversial political campaign.

Saturn in Virgo shows over concern for the details because the tendency of Saturn towards perfection puts too much weight on Virgo's natural sense of order. It can brings obsessive concern for undue details. What is essential and what it is not, will be a main issue on the individual and national level. Saturn is conservative, limiting, structuring, stabilizing the form-aspect in life.

Uranus in Pisces, on the other hand, can act in both directions scattering the two fishes on opposite side, or trying to synthesize the two in a common orientation.

Often the results are in a "washing away of the status quo". The Old versus the New - Consolidation versus Intuition. It is very much expected a strong activist protests, all over the world, challenging the prevailing social conditions.