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Thread: Different phases of womanhood

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mithrea View Post
    Tigerlily, have you ever seen this book?

    It's Wild Girls: Path of the Young Goddess by Patricia Monaghan. It was written for teenagers mostly, but I read it when I was 26 or 27 and I still got a great deal out of it and it's still one of my favorite books. You might check it out. It gives you tons of practical tools, craft projects, meditations, writing prompts, suggestions, ideas and on and on and on to help you celebrate your womanhood.
    Thanks, I've added it to my wishlist.

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    It's not only a lack of celebration but society has developed a crass approach.. with labels like "the curse' and commercials about feminine products like tampons, douches and destroying feminine odor.. vaginal dryness , the list goes on and on...

    (Not trying to be a man basher)... but on the opposite side of the coin...the only ads i see for men are those for male enhancement and viagra/ cialas.

    My point is that somewhere along the way, the natural changes of women lost significance and importance... it's almost as if it is something to be ashamed of...


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