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Thread: What stone are your Rune Stones made from?

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    What stone are your Rune Stones made from?

    I would have made this a poll, but there are way to many to fit them all.
    I dont want to leave anyone out after all.

    Sooo... What stone are your Runes?

    I have only one set.
    Mine are made from Green Jade, the runes carved lightly into each stone and painted gold.

    No, I did not make them my self. I bought them at a store called Raven's World a few years ago.
    I looked at many different sets, but this one just would not let me walk away.
    Something about the Jade, just had to have them.
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    Wood. Birch, specifically...

    The term "runestone" refers to the large, sometimes even monolithic-sized memorial stones carved with runes & found across Europe, Eastern Asia, Northern Africa, & North America. There is no historical evidence of "casting" runes that were made out of stones.

    That said, our Ancestors were resourceful & adaptable. If plastic-polymer clay (aka, Sculpy or Femo) had been available to them, it would probably be a traditional material today. As long as one is being respectful of what runes are, where they come from, & what they represent, I can't see that it matters what material they are carved into, or painted or drawn onto, etc. Wood, stones, clay, bone, horn, antler, glass 'fish bowl' pebbles... all are fine. One can even draw or paint one's runes on construction paper or pasteboard squares, and that’s fine, too.

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    I made mine out of clay a few years ago, but one of them has broken because the bag I kept them in fell on the floor. Any new ones I make will probably be made out of clay as well... I like to work with it because it allows for mistakes and it is great to shape the clay as I see fit... and it dries on its own accord, so that's awesome too.
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    Mine are made from Green Jade, the runes carved lightly into each stone and painted gold.
    Sounds like a nice set.

    Mine are made out of various types of wood, glass, rocks and my crystal set that I was suppose to get at Christmas just was not meant to be. SO I will wait. And yes I have more then one set, one for divination, other for magikal uses and the others just because when I get making runes it is hard to stop :hehehehe:

    I can't see that it matters what material they are carved into, or painted or drawn onto, etc. Wood, stones, clay, bone, horn, antler, glass 'fish bowl' pebbles... all are fine. One can even draw or paint one's runes on construction paper or pasteboard squares, and that’s fine, too.
    Yep I have heard of all those being used as well as sea shells. The only thing that matters to me when I am making them is that the material I use is clean and feels right.

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    I don't know, I'm tempted to say ceramic. They are white with brown symbols engraved into them. I've made sets out of wood for people.

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    I have a set made from birch and one from amethyst.
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    Mine are simply made out of stones I found in the yard...appropriate or not, i donīt know, but they work fine for me...
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    The first set I made I made each aett out of a different stone (amethyst, sodalite, and serpentine).

    I've also made a set out of green plastic chips from the bead store that look something like jade. But my main set is palm-sized beach stones. They're not all the same kind of stone, just all grey.

    I also have a set made from antler slices and the set of drawn cards, but I don't use them much. I agree with Rick that it's the symbol rather than the material that's important.
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    My daughter made a set from clay, hand painted with a light colored spiral and a darker rune over that. They were very nice.

    The first set I made was small pieces of hematite - love that set. Since then I have made sets from river rocks and colored glass - didn't like them as well. I've also made several sets with the runes burned into wooden disks.
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    I'm a newbie...

    I'm a newbie at using runes, but a friend of mine got me thinking about them. He just bought a set of pewter ones. Last Friday night, after he showed them to me, I had a dream that I was tossing little glass beads onto a purple handkerchief. When I woke up, I found the handkerchief and some of those glass fish bowl beads (as they've been described)... I got out my dremel and carved the Finnish runes into them. (Almost identical to the more well-known Norse runes, as I understand it...)

    I also tried rune-binding. It's been a busy weekend for me! I've even started a notebook with the Futhark listed, with the given meanings from both the Finnish and the Norse traditions. I plan to record any castings I make and what the results were.

    And I suppose I should read the various "rune threads" here to learn more! It's funny how opening one little door to a new concept / tradition can open the floodgates. I was never interested in runes before, then I found out that the ancient Finns used them, and now I'm almost obsessed!

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