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Thread: Forest of Oak

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    For strength physically,mentally, and spiritually. May Earth ground me in the face of fear that is coming. May Air guide me and keep my reasoning pure. My Fire inspire me and keep me ever humble. My Water cleanse and prepare for for whatever may come to pass. By Spirit may these words have true power. Blessings to Oso and all my Spirit Guides. Honor to the Gods who are contantly guiding me and teaching me. May blessings fill my life as I revive my studies and may I see the magick in everything and one. Goddess give me the wisdom to keep true to myself and ti follow the Law of Three. May all the spirits of Summerland be at peace and those fallen in Haite find closure. May I learn in grow in the circle I call home. BlessÚd be.
    BlessÚd Be
    I think that the ideal space must contain elements of magic, serenity, sorcery and mystery.
    Luis Barragan

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    Blood of the serpent, struck by sun.
    Apollo's arrows in Python's flesh.
    At Delphi from the pit rise fumes.
    The incense of the Pythoness.

    The forest grove and ancient glade.
    So bright, so dark, so warm, so cold.
    Are fading, by the blight of Man.
    Yet still remain in tales told.

    Within the minds of deities.
    Forever changed, forever same.
    Do dwindle what remains of thoughts.
    Memories for all to claim.

    -Doesn't really mean much, just composed it randomly right now... Here's one I worked longer on:

    Long live the troll king in his hall of stone.
    Cut blood from the flesh and flesh from the bone.

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