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I observe the cross quarter, but not as Imbolc.

Winter Solstice feels like anything but the return of the sun to me. Days are still short and dark, and nights long and cold. By Feb 2...I am about pulling out my hair, I am so ready for Spring...but it isn't here yet. I feel like I am running out of resources...my coping mechanisms starting to wear thin. So for the past several years, I have come up with this version of "when life hands you lemons...make lemonade" to get me through to Spring Equinox when the world is a brighter place again.

On Feb 2 I begin my "season of austerity". I simplify things, strip my life down to essentials. For six weeks I get the chance to sort through what in my life is a need, and what is a desire...not because one is better than the other, but just for clarity. I fast from different things...sometimes food, sometimes thought processes, or actions. I allow myself to experience me without something in my life, and see what that is like.

I usually wear something on my person to remind myself...a ring, or bracelet, or something that keeps my intent in mind.

It is like an annual molt for me, shedding the old fur, feathers and skin...to see if a new pattern is emerging beneath.

I really like this idea cheddarsox! February 2nd often coincides with Lent in my practice. I may have to do something similar...