Konnichi Wa to All:

My opinion on how the Planets affect Astrology is based on a Book that I once Borrowed from the Vancouver Public Library in about 1984 or so.

In it, it stated that the Planets Positions in the other Astrological Houses of the Zodiac have a Major Impact on your Atrological Futures.

I remember that the Book said that the Planet's Positions in your Zodiac at the exact time of your Birth dictates how the First Ten Years of your Life will be like.

Then the Book said something like for eadch day after your Born, the Planets Position in the Sky for each Day (to a maximum of 10 Days or so) Dictate how each Ten Years of your Life will be like. So as the Moon and Planets Move through the Zodiac for each of your First Few Days of your Life is important as those movements dictate what your Life will be like.

Also, there is one other thing that this Book said that caused me to totally ignore Astrology Columns in the Newspaper.

Basically, the Astrology Columns in the Newspaper do not take into account the Important Informaton about how the Planets Movements in relation to your Astrological Sign from the moment your were Born.

Astrologers who try to make Generalized Predictions that they Print in the Newspapers do not take into the Account the Motions of the All Important Planets!

Basically, trying to make Divinations without consulting the Positions and Motions of the Planets is like trying to take a Tarot Deck, throwing away half of the Cards and then trying to do an accurate Celtic Cross Spread.

That sort of Celtic Cross Spread would be Totally Inaccurate!!!

So to make a Long Story Short, since Newspaper Astrologies do not take into account the Movements of the Planets, then those Newspaper Astrologies are Nonsense for the Planet's Meanings are just as Important to the Zodiac as the Zodiacal Signs as well.

And those Planets meanings are:

Of course, the Sun Shines before the Zodical Sign that is your Symbol. So when you are Born, you can not actually see the Constellation of your Zodical Sign as the Sun is in the way Blinding You from being able to see it.

The Sun dictates what sort of Personality and Ego we will tend to have during our Lives. It also indicates what sort of Creativity we will tend to have and how we all will cope with the Stresses of every day Life.

The Moon moves the Swiftest through the Zodiac, and thus is the Most Fluid and Emotional of all of the Zodiac. It mainly Governs our Emotions.

Governs Communications, Intellect and Awareness of our Environment. This Planets implores us to Express Ourselves and Well.

This Planet concerns itself with Love, Romance and Harmony in our Emotional Attachments, Marriages, and Friendships. It also governs how our Business Unions will help you Prosper in making a Money and a Good Living.

This Planet Governs ones Energy, Drive and Determination. Since it does Rule Ones Desire to Stand Up for oneself, Mars does rule the Military. It Empowers you to get up and get noticed and to get things Done!

This Planet Governs the Realms of Higher Learning. It bestows upon us the zeal for Exploring New Ideas, both Intellectually and Spiritually. Jupiter assists us in formulating Ideologies. In the Realms of Spirituality, this Planet Rules over Theological and Philosophical Thought Processes.

This Planet Commands us to Work Hard at our Choosen Professions. Discipline and Responsibility are important to this Planet. It also Governs the procession of Time and causes us to always be On Time for our Appointments. And since this Planet has a Major Aspect of Time withi it, Saturn governs Aging along with the Lessons that Life Teaches us.

Since this Planet moves soooo Slowly through the Zodiac, its affects are felt more Generationally than Individually. It brins with it New Way of Looking at Things. It brings on Originality, Inventions, and Major Future Events that affect all Living Things of the Earth was well as Human Beings. It causes us to see no need for the Status Quo of Outdated Ways, preferring instead to Break with Tradition and Create a New World Orders, sometimes with War and Violence.

Also Generationally Slow Moving. Its Symbol is the Trident of Poseidon and much about this Planet is concidered Fluid, and since Neptune Rules the Oceans of the Earth, it is Changeable and Illusory in Nature. Dreams, Abstract Thoughts are all Governed by this Planet. Spirituality is Important to this Planet.

It is similar to Uranus as it also indicates Generational Transformations as well as Regenerations and Planetary Rebirth. This Planet Loves to Destroy. This Planet Rules Destruction, Death, Obsession, Kidnapping, Viruses and Waste. It also Governs Crime along with many forms of Subversive Activity (Terrorism, Dictatorships and Totalitaristic Regimes).


One of the most recently discovered heavenly bodies it was first sighted in 1977 on its tTek between Saturn and Uranus.
The Planet was named after Chiron, the Centaur. In Greek Mythology, Chiron's Mother was a Water-Nymph who was pursued by Zeus and tried to get away by turning herself into a Horse. She is not get away and Zeus Impregnated her. When she gave birth, she found that her Baby was a Half Boy/Half Horse Centaur. She was so Mortified that she Wished to be changed into a Tree and her Wish was Granted. Without his Mother, Chiron was then a Orphan. But instead on Dwelling on this, he became Enlightened by his Sufferage and Studied Hard and became a Skilled Teacher and Healer. Then one day while he was handling a Poisoned
Arrow, it Dropped and Stabbed his Leg. Since he was a Demi-God, he was Immortal, so he could not Die, so he remained in Terrible Pain! He then Prayed to the all the Gods to find a way to let him end his Suffering. Zeus heard him and let him out of his Misery and Placed him in the Sky.

By being a Demi God who gained Enlightement through Pain this Planetoid is for everyone who, rather than giving in to Despair amid their own s
Suffering, reaches out so others will not have had to Experience Pain. Many people who have had a Painful Childhood Grow Up to be Psychiatrists or Therapists so that they can help other people get through the same things that hurt them.

Seeing as my Significator Card is The Hanged Man, and I am therefore Intimately Knowledgeable about The Hanged Man Card, I can not help to notice that the Meaning of Chiron is Very Similar to my Hanged Man Card.

KNR - 3X3