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Thread: Paganspace Vs. Covenspace

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    Just a note to those who did not see it Covenspace is moving so if you have an account there and want to get on the new site make sure you get your pictures and that off your old site before it closes In December.

    For the new site here is a new link for those who want to add their profile link to it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ~*Sacred*~ View Post
    Which do you prefer & why?

    Thanks for helping me decide the pro's and con's before I start mine
    I joined both. For a time i was kinda active on paganspace, but over time and after reading the forums I wasn't impressed with the overall kind of people there. Seemed like there was a whole lot of crazy & negativity & drama in a lot of forum postings. I also hated the way the forums were laid out...just not in a nice forum way...but all one long thread.

    So i moved on to coven space, which feels smaller and more pleasant. Not so active but people there seemed more genuine and nice and less drama.
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