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Thread: Kundalini reiki attunements- negative effects

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    Im not a reiki person, but as far as the excess energy you are dealing about getting outside, dig in the dirt, plant new plants, pull know, things that will get you connected to the ground.

    My other question is, have you seen a doctor? An accupuncturist? It might be worth going...I wonder if your thyroid isnt being wonky..
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    So are you now?

    From my understanding, you went through six attunements in two to three weeks. While I agree with everyone else that the Masters shouldn't have agreed to do that, I also think that perhaps in future you should pace yourself more. Like cooking a good meal, these things can't be rushed.
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    This reply is late! it's been 3 years since I posted this question.

    I'm doing ok now, I think my energy field has adjusted to these attunements as well as it can. But I still have a lot of heat and redness on the palms of my hands and on the soles of my feet. They are always red and very hot. I also feel like I have too much energy in my head area. It's hard to explain, but it seems these attunements have changed the energy in my body in weird ways but I can't do anything about it now. I regret ever getting those attunements! I wish I could undo it.

    Thank you all for your helpful posts!

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    Hi Lisa,
    I realize This was written awhile ago and you were last month still having trouble with heat etc........Do You do any Reiki healings on others at all Reiki your food, crystals, water etc....? to Direct the energy?

    Do you do regular Chakra Cleansing, Balancing and realignment? Soul Energy Clearing May help if you are interested? Universal Balance also.....if you are still having trouble with this excess energy...

    I am also a Reiki Master and only apply each level Months inbetween unless already attuned and want to reattune to my lineage to further their understanding of Reiki....

    If YOu wish I can send you some healing to see if it can help on another level......PM me if need be.........

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