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Thread: Non-Theist quiz

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    1) Ethical Culture
    2) Agnostic Church
    3) Unitarian Universalism
    4) Deism
    5) Rationalism
    6) Scientific Pantheism
    7) Secular Humanism
    9) Atheistic Paganism
    10) Church of Free Thought

    Never heard of some of those.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lightdragon View Post
    My #1 is: Atheistic Paganism Books, etc.
    My #2 is: Deism Books, etc.
    My #3 is: Taoism Books, etc.
    My #4 is: Scientific Pantheism Books, etc.
    My #5 is: Transhumanism Books, etc.
    My #6 is: Ethical Culture Books, etc.
    My #7 is: Unitarian Universalism Books
    My #8 is: Agnostic Church Books, etc.
    My #9 is: Rationalism Books, etc.
    My #10 is: Freethought

    my guess came in at #1
    ok about 6 years later here are my results

    1. Taoism
    2.Atheist paganism
    3.Scientific atheist
    4.Agnostic Church
    5.Ethical Culture
    7.Unitarian Universalism
    9.Theravada Budhism
    10.Secular humanism
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    Agnostic Church (100%)

    Atheistic Paganism (99%)
    Taoism (99%)
    Unitarian Universalism (91%)
    Pantheism (87%)
    Secular Humanism (82%)
    Deism (78%)
    Theravada Buddhism (76%)
    Ethical Culture (73%)
    Scientific Pantheism (72%)
    Zen Atheism (58%)
    Rationalism (46%)
    Transhumanism (46%)
    Freethought, Church of (37%)
    Atheism a la American Atheists (31%)

    Randism (Objectivism) (22%)
    Confucianism (16%)
    Relativism, moral/cultural (0%)

    I knew Taoism was gonna be in the top rankings lol. Will have to look at the top two.
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